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Addison lee driver portal: John Griffin created Addison Lee, a British transportation company, in 1975. It began as a tiny minicab company in Battersea, London, and has since evolved to become one of the largest private hire taxi firms in the UK, with over 4,800 vehicles in its fleet.

Addison Lee provides a variety of services such as airport transfers, chauffeured automobiles, and courier services. It has locations in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, and Edinburgh, among others. The company’s services have also been expanded to several international cities, including New York, Paris, and Madrid.

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Addison lee driver portal

Addison Lee has concentrated on expanding its digital capabilities in recent years, including a mobile app for booking rides and a web-based platform for corporate clients. Carlyle Group, a private equity group, paid £390 million for the company in 2019.

Addison lee driver portal


Addison Lee is a British transportation firm founded in 1975. It is primarily recognized for offering taxi and private rental services in London and other major cities throughout the United Kingdom. Over the years, the company’s services have expanded, and it now provides a variety of transportation solutions to its clients, including corporate travel, airport transfers, and courier services. Addison Lee has created a driver interface to enable its drivers manage their work and give a high-quality service to its customers in order to support their operations.

Information Details
Name Addison Lee Driver Portal
Provider Addison Lee
Website Official Website
Features Online platform for Addison Lee drivers
Driver Registration Create an account and complete driver registration
Shift Scheduling View and manage assigned shifts and availability
Trip Management Accept, manage, and track passenger trips
Earnings and Payments Access earnings information and manage payment details
Vehicle Management Maintain vehicle details, documents, and updates
Communication Receive updates, notifications, and messages
Support Access driver support services and resources
Performance Metrics Track performance and driver ratings
Training and Resources Access training materials and driver resources
Safety and Compliance Stay informed about safety regulations and compliance
Contact Information Phone: [Insert Phone Number of Addison Lee Driver Support]
Email: [Insert Email Address of Addison Lee Driver Support]
Address [Insert Address of Addison Lee Head Office]


Benefits of the Addison Lee Driver Portal:

The Addison Lee Driver Portal offers a range of benefits to its users, including:

  1. Simple to use: The portal is meant to be user-friendly and simple, allowing drivers to quickly get the information they require.
  2. Real-time updates: The site offers drivers with real-time updates on bookings, jobs, and other vital information, allowing them to stay informed and responsive.
  3. Drivers can manage their schedules and availability through the portal, giving them more control over their jobs.
  4. Payment information: The site provides precise information about drivers’ earnings and payment history, helping them to better track their income and manage their money.
  5. Training materials and resources: The site includes a variety of training materials and tools to help drivers improve their abilities and provide better service to their clients.

How to Login to the Addison Lee Driver Portal:

To access the Addison Lee Driver Portal, drivers need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Addison Lee website ( and click on the “Driver Portal” link at the top of the page.
  2. In the login areas given, enter your username and password. If you do not already have a username and password, please contact Addison Lee to register for portal access.
  3. After logging in, you will be directed to the driver portal’s dashboard, where you may access all of the features and services accessible to you.

App Link:

Addison Lee also provides a mobile app for drivers to manage their work and access crucial information while on the road. The software is available for download from the various app stores for both Android and iOS smartphones. Here are the app’s links:

Social Page Link:

Addison Lee has a strong presence on social media, where it shares updates, news, and other information with its customers and drivers. Here are the links to its social media pages:

How to Use the Addison Lee Driver Portal:

The Addison Lee Driver Portal is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, but it can take some time to get used to all the features and resources available. Here are some tips on how to use the portal effectively:

  1. The dashboard is the portal’s main screen, and it provides a rapid summary of your upcoming bookings, jobs, and other critical information.
  2. Bookings: The bookings area lets you to monitor and manage your reservations, including pick-up and drop-off locations, passenger information, and work status.
  3. Schedule: You may control your availability and schedule via the schedule area, which includes establishing your working hours, holidays, and other time off.
  4. Payments: Your earnings are reported in the payments section, which includes a breakdown of your payments and deductions.
  1. Training: The training section has a variety of resources and information to assist you in improving your abilities and providing better service to your customers. Driver training classes, instructional films, and other materials may be included.
  2. Support: The support section provides access to Addison Lee help and support, such as contacting customer care, reporting concerns or problems, and finding answers to frequently asked questions.

Official Website:

The Addison Lee official website ( contains a variety of information on the company’s services, which include taxi and private hire, airport transfers, and courier services. It also details the company’s history, leadership team, and environmental initiatives.


If you need to contact Addison Lee for support or assistance, you can do so using the following contact details:

What is the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

The Addison Lee Driver Portal is an online platform designed to meet the needs of drivers participating in Addison Lee transportation networks.

How Can I Access the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

In order to gain access to the Addison Lee Driver Portal, it is necessary to be registered as a driver with Addison Lee. Once registered, the portal can typically be reached either through web browsing on a computer or mobile app.

What Can I Do in the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

The Addison Lee Driver Portal enables drivers to manage their account, receive job offers, track earnings, update personal details and communicate with Addison Lee support staff.

Can I see my assigned jobs on the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

Yes, the portal gives drivers a clear overview of their assigned jobs – pick-up/drop-off details, passenger details, estimated earnings – with ease.

Can I set my availability through the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

Yes, drivers can typically set their availability within the Addison Lee Driver Portal by inputting times and days they are free for job offers.

Can I update my personal details through the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

Yes, drivers have the capability of changing their personal details such as contact and bank account info via this portal.

Are There Messaging Features Available On the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

Yes, many portals include messaging features to allow drivers to communicate with Addison Lee support or receive important updates and notifications from them.

Can I access my earnings and payment details via the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

Yes, drivers have access to both their earnings and payment data through this portal, making it possible to track income as well as view payment details.

Are there any training resources on the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

Addison Lee may provide training resources such as videos or articles in its Driver Portal to assist drivers with sharpening their skills and maintaining up-to-date compliance with company policies.

Can I submit documents or update my vehicle information through the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

Drivers can typically submit required documents, such as driving licenses and insurance certificates, through this portal as well as update vehicle details.

Can I access my performance metrics on the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

Yes, drivers may gain access to performance metrics that help them track and improve service quality – such as customer ratings and feedback – that may allow them to monitor and enhance service delivery.

Can I access support and assistance through the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

Yes, drivers have access to a dedicated section in which they can find answers to frequently asked questions as well as get in contact with Addison Lee support if required.

Does the Addison Lee Driver Portal enable me to customize or add my profile picture?

While individual profiles may differ in level of customization, drivers typically are able to add a photo and update basic details via this portal.

Can I access my job history on the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

Drivers can generally access their job history on this portal, enabling them to review past jobs and their details.

Can I provide feedback or report issues through the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

Absolutely – drivers are encouraged to utilize the portal to provide their thoughts or report issues encountered, helping Addison Lee improve its services.

Are there rating systems in place on the Addison Lee Driver Portal that allow drivers to assess passengers based on their behavior or other relevant aspects?

– Addison Lee may offer such systems, enabling drivers to rate passengers based on these factors and more.

Can I access news or updates from Addison Lee through the Driver Portal?

Yes, our driver portal often includes an announcements section where drivers can find company announcements, policy changes and any other relevant details.

Can I access my schedule or upcoming bookings on the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

Drivers can easily view their upcoming bookings and schedule on this portal, giving them complete visibility over their assigned jobs.

Are there any rewards or incentives for drivers on the Addison Lee Driver Portal?

Addison Lee may provide rewards and incentives as part of its driver loyalty programs or based on performance; more details on these offerings can often be found within the portal.

Are You Wondering, Can I Access the Addison Lee Driver Portal Through Mobile Apps?

Possibly; Addison Lee may offer drivers a dedicated mobile app which gives them access to its features and functionalities on smartphones or tablets.


To summarize, the Addison Lee Driver Portal is a significant resource for Addison Lee drivers, providing them with a variety of tools and information to help them manage their work and provide high-quality service to their customers. The site is simple to use and has a variety of options for drivers to manage their bookings, timetables, payments, and training.

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