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Albany Law Student Portal: The acclaimed Albany Law School is situated in Albany, New York, in the United States. It was established in 1851, making it one of the country’s oldest law schools with a long history. Albany Law School is well known for its demanding legal curriculum, multicultural staff, and dedication to public service.

We will explore Albany Law School’s founding, significant events, illustrious alumni, and contributions to legal education in this extensive essay.

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Albany Law Student Portal

Albany Law School

Institution Albany Law School
Official Website Albany Law School
Contact Number +1 (518) 445-2311
Email [email protected]
Address 80 New Scotland Avenue, Albany, NY 12208, USA
Location Albany, New York, USA
Dean Alicia Ouellette
Programs Juris Doctor (J.D.), Master of Laws (LL.M),
Advanced Legal Studies (ALS), Dual Degrees
Specializations Business Law, Criminal Law, Health Law,
Intellectual Property, International Law, and more
Bar Pass Rate Varies based on the year and jurisdiction
Notable Alumni Robert Abrams, William Kennedy, Judith Kaye,
Judith S. Kaye, and many more

Albany Law Student

Albany Law School was established in 1851 by notable attorney and educator Amos Dean, together with Amasa J. Parker, who served as the institution’s first president, and Ira Harris, who ultimately rose to the position of U.S. senator.

The institution was first founded as a division of Union University, and its inaugural courses were held at the Albany, New York, legal offices of Amasa J. Parker. There were 14 students in the inaugural class at Albany Law School, and the common law and legal procedure were the main topics of study.

Milestones in Albany Law School’s

History: Throughout its long history, Albany Law School has achieved several significant milestones:

  1. First Law School in New York State: Albany Law School was among the first law schools to be founded in the United States and the first to be formed in New York State. Its establishment was a critical turning point in the nation’s advancement of legal education.
  2. Early Adoption of Legal Scholarship: Albany Law School was among the earliest institutions of higher learning in the United States to place a strong emphasis on the study of law and the value of research and writing. This focus on legal studies is still a defining feature of the curriculum and academic offerings at the institution.
  3. The first law school clinic in the US was created in 1923 by Albany Law School, giving students the chance to get real-world legal experience while serving impoverished areas. This pioneering endeavor served as the cornerstone for clinical legal education in the United States, and clinical education is still an essential component of the curriculum of Albany Law School today.
  4. Albany Law School was accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) in 1928, and since then, it has expanded in both size and stature. The school has created a solid staff, a diversified student body, and increased its academic offerings.

Notable Alumni of Albany Law School:

Albany Law School has a long history of distinguished graduates who have made important contributions to the legal community and beyond. Among the distinguished graduates of Albany Law School are:

  1. Franklin D. Roosevelt: In 1907, Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, received his law degree at Albany Law School. Roosevelt is renowned for his New Deal initiatives and leadership throughout the Second World War and the Great Depression.
  2. Chester A. Arthur: Chester A. Arthur, the country’s 21st president, earned his law degree at Albany Law School in 1853. Arthur is renowned for his work to modernize the U.S. Navy and restructure the civil service.
  3. Judith S. Kaye: Judith S. Kaye earned her law degree from Albany Law School in 1962 and went on to become the first female Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals. Kaye was a trailblazing person in the legal field who fought for judicial reform and gender equality.
  4. Former New York Attorney General Robert Abrams earned his law degree from Albany University in 1960. Abrams was noted for his work on behalf of consumer protection and environmental preservation during his more than ten years as attorney general.

Albany Law Student Portal

Students at Albany Law School in Albany, New York, have access to a student portal that offers a variety of advantages and services. This article will go through the advantages of the student portal at Albany Law School, how to log in, links to apps and social media sites, how to utilize the portal, the official website, and how to get in touch with the portal.


  1. Students have access to their course schedules, grades, and assignments through the student portal.
  2. Financial assistance: Through the site, students may examine their financial aid status, including their awards and payments.
  3. Access to a variety of student services, including as academic counseling, career services, and health services, is provided through the portal.
  4. Communication: Through email, message boards, and other features, the portal gives students a platform to interact with professors, staff members, and other students.

How to Login:

Students must first get their login information from the school’s IT department in order to access the Albany Law School student site. Once credentials have been obtained, students can log in using their username and password on the school’s website.

App Link:

Albany Law School does not currently offer a mobile app for its student portal.

Social Page Link:

Albany Law School maintains an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Students can follow these pages to stay up-to-date on important announcements and events.

How to Use:

Students can use a variety of tools and services available on the Albany Law School student portal to improve both their academic and professional outcomes. The following are some of the portal’s important attributes:

  • Syllabi, assignments, and other course materials are all accessible to students via the site.
    Access to financial assistance data, such as award letters and payout schedules, is made possible through the portal.
  • Services for students: Through the portal, students may make appointments with academic advisers and personnel from the career services department.
  • Communication: Through email, message boards, and other features, the portal gives students a platform to interact with professors, staff members, and other students.

Official Website:

The official website for Albany Law School is The website provides information on the school’s programs, admissions requirements, and student services.


If they need help login onto the student portal, students can get in touch with Albany Law School’s IT staff. Additionally, the website of the school provides contact details for a number of divisions, including admissions, financial aid, and student services.


Students have access to a variety of perks and tools through the Albany Law School student portal, which can improve their academic and professional experiences. Students may access a variety of student services, examine their financial aid information, and keep up with their course schedules and grades by utilizing the portal. The school’s website and social media accounts also provide students with useful information and tools.

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