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AUGC Student Portal: In Chittagong, Bangladesh, there is a legitimate, independent, international institution called the Asian institution for Women (AUW). It was established in 2008 and is committed to giving women from various backgrounds in Asia and beyond access to high-quality higher education.

AUW provides undergraduate degrees in subjects including economics, environmental sciences, politics, public health, computer science, and more. The university adheres to a liberal arts and sciences curriculum.

The academic programs at the institution are meant to help students develop their critical thinking, leadership, and social awareness. Additionally, AUW provides a program called English for Academic Purposes (EAP) to help students who need to strengthen their English language abilities.

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AUGC Student Portal

Asian University for Women (AUW)

The distinctive objective of AUW is to educate and empower women in order to advance social change and gender equality. The institution targets young women who have limited access to educational opportunities because of financial, cultural, or other constraints when recruiting students from Asia and the Middle East. To guarantee that all qualified students may access its education regardless of their financial situation, AUW offers scholarships and financial help.

Name Asian University for Women
Location Chittagong, Bangladesh
Establishment Year 2008
Type Private, non-profit
Affiliation Independent
Vision Empowering women through education
Mission Fostering leadership and social change
Academic Programs Undergraduate programs
Focus Areas Liberal arts and sciences
Disciplines Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Business Administration
Curriculum Interdisciplinary and rigorous
Learning Approach Critical thinking and problem-solving
Faculty Diverse and internationally renowned
Research Opportunities Available for students
Internships and Community Engagement Encouraged and supported
Commitment to Public Service Emphasized through education
Campus Facilities State-of-the-art infrastructure
Student Body Women from diverse backgrounds
Leadership Development Integral part of the curriculum
Global Network Extensive partnerships and collaborations
Impact Promoting gender equality and social change
Official Website
Contact Number +880-31-2854980
Email [email protected]
Address Asian University for Women, 20/A, M.M. Ali Road, Chittagong 4000, Bangladesh


With students from more than 20 nations representing different racial and religious origins as well as socioeconomic statuses, AUW is renowned for its welcoming and varied community. The institution places a strong emphasis on social impact, leadership development, and community involvement, inspiring students to become agents of change in their local communities and beyond.

Women may succeed intellectually, socially, and personally in a supportive learning environment, which AUW is strongly committed to providing. In order to educate students for leadership positions in a variety of sectors, including academia, industry, government, and civil society, the institution also places a strong emphasis on research, internships, and experiential learning opportunities.

AUGC Student Portal

Overall, the Asian University for Women (AUW) is a legitimate institution of higher learning that gives Asian and international women of all backgrounds access to higher education. It is renowned for its dedication to empowering women through education, advancing gender equality, and developing students’ leadership and social awareness.

Students of the Asian University for Women (AUW) Global Network can access the AUG Student Portal online. Students who use it get quick access to a range of academic and administrative services, such as news about the university, financial assistance, and course registration.

To access AUG Student Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of the Asian University for Women (AUW) Global Network.
  2. Click on the “Student Portal” link at the top of the homepage.
  3. Enter your username and password in the login fields.
  4. Click on the “Login” button to access the portal.

App Link:

Any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, can access the AUG Student Portal through a web browser. No other software has to be downloaded.

Social Page Link:

There are no social media pages for the AUG Student Portal. To keep up with college news and events, students may follow the Asian University for Women (AUW) Global Network on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

How to Use:

Students must first check in with their username and password to access the AUG Student Portal. They may access the portal’s numerous functions, such as course registration, grades, financial assistance, and campus news, once they have logged in. Students may easily discover the information and services they require thanks to the portal’s user-friendly navigation and design.

Official Website:

The official website of the Asian University for Women (AUW) Global Network is Students can access AUG Student Portal from the homepage of the website.


For any queries related to AUG Student Portal, students can contact the Asian University for Women (AUW) Global Network through the following channels:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +880 31 285 4980
  • Address: Asian University for Women, 20/A M.M. Ali Road, Chattogram 4000, Bangladesh


For students of the Asian University for Women (AUW) Global Network, the AUG Student Portal is a handy and user-friendly website. It makes a variety of academic and administrative services easily accessible, assisting students in effectively managing their financial and academic issues. The gateway is a crucial resource for students who want to stay involved in campus life and get the most out of their time at school.

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