What do you mean by CAGD Payslip login portal? This portal is operated by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department of Ghana has created an exclusive Electronic payslip portal in order to meet the requirement of paying out to government employees readily accessible and to address the challenges which arise from the distribution of printed payslips.

Payslips can be read anytime and from any place at any time using your mobile device or any computer with the internet. CAGD is the acronym is the acronym for Central and Accountant General Department in Ghana.




The Central and Accountant General Department (CAGD) is a department within the government of Ghana which is responsible for the management of finances that the state. The CAGD is split into two sections The Central section as well as the Accountant General section.

This Central section is accountable to formulate and implementation of the government’s policy while the section of Accountant General is accountable for the management of financial government funds.

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If you are an employee of the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) in Ghana and you want to access your payslip online, you can do so by logging in to the CAGD E-Payslip portal. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the CAGD E-Payslip login page (
  2. Enter your employee number (or your assigned E-Payslip number) and password
  3. Click the “Login” button

Once you are logged in, you can view and download your payslip for any pay period. If you have forgotten your password, you can click the “Forgot Your Password?” link on the login page to reset it.

If you are having trouble logging in to the CAGD E-Payslip portal or accessing your payslip, you can contact the CAGD for assistance.


  • The portal gives you more information accessible from any location and at any moment.
  • Employees can log on to this self-service portal to manage their personal information , including the contact details, addresses as well as wrongful deductions, additional pay slips, as well as bank-related information.
  • This site also contains more details about the first-time login, the sign-in process and the method to reset the password that was forgotten.
  • You may even look at your old payslips, which were lost and lost.


To log in to the CAGD E-payslip, you need to enter the following details.

  • Employee Number or Staff I’d
  • Registration Code
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Contact details

The steps for registering on CAGD’s e-payslips portal are as follows: E-payslips of the CAGD online portal is as the steps below.

  • Visit the official CAGD epayslip login portal via browsing the link
  • Click on ‘Register for E-PaySlip’
  • Complete all necessary details such as Employee Number and Password the email address and contact numbers and enter the code displayed on the screen.
  • Click on Next
  • Click the Register button to finish the registration process.
  • After that, you’ll be registered to the CAGD portal. After that, you will be able to login easily into the CAGD official e-payslip portal after entering your registration information.


  • Employee Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Registration code


  • Visit the official CAGD payslip login portal via browsing the link
  • Enter your Employee Number and Password.
  • The code is displayed on the screen.
  • Click on ‘Login’


  • Visit the official website of the CAGD Epayslip
  • Log in to this portal using you Email Address along with your password.
  • Enter the code
  • Choose MyPayslip from the dashboard
  • Choose the month, then click on the print button.


  • Visit the official CAGD payslip login portal via browsing the link
  • Enter your Employee Number and Password.
  • You must enter the code
  • Click on login
  • Choose MyPayslip from the dashboard
  • Select the specific month or date you’d like to print and click”print” to print the epayslip from CAGD online.


  • Visit the official CAGD epayslip login portal via browsing the link
  • Select ‘Forgotten Password’
  • Enter your phone number
  • The code is displayed on the screen.
  • Click on Submit
  • The link is sent out the registered number, following which you will be able to reset the password to your CAGD Epayslip portal.


In this, we shared the Contact number regionally, you can verify the number given below:

Region Office CAGD Payslip Contact Number
Greater Accra Region Accra 0302 228721
Eastern Region Koforidua 03420 22571
Volta Region HO 03620 26271
Central Region Cape Coast 03321 32551
Ashanti Region Kumasi 03220 22903
Northern Region  Tamale 03720 22604
Western Region Takoradi  03120 46007

What is CAGD?

Ans The Controller and Accounting General’s Department of Ghana have designed a unique Electronic payslip portal that will meet the requirement of making the payslips of government workers easy to access and addressing the issues that arise with the printing of payslips.

What is the CAGD Payslip Portal?

Answer:To have a standardized method for handling the huge number of employees in the government and their families, the CAGD Payslip Portal has been designed. Employees can access their pay slips’ details and change their personal details.

How do I log in to the CAGD ePayslip Portal?

Ans If you’re an employee of the government and want to log into the CAGD ePayslip Portal by entering the required credentials in the official login page for the CAGD.

Do you have a contact information to CAGD Payslip Portal? CAGD Payslip Portal?

Ans The number to call is CAGD Payslip Portal at 03220-22903 or Payslip Portal at the CAGD Payslip Portal by calling 03220-22903 and 0330-27269

How do I reset my password to CAGD Payslip Portal? CAGD Payslip Portal?

Ans The user are able to reset the password to CAGD Payslip Portal by resetting your password. CAGD Payslip portal by selecting the ‘forgot password’ button located at the top of your login screen of this portal.

Q: What is a Payslip Portal? A: A payslip portal is an online platform that enables employees to securely access and view their payslips electronically.

Q: What information can be found on a payslip? A: Payslips usually include details such as an employee’s gross salary, deductions (such as taxes, insurance and retirement contributions), net salary as well as any allowances or benefits they might be receiving.

Q: How can I access the CAGD PAYSLIP Portal? A: Accessing the CAGD PAYSLIP Portal may depend on the individual employer or organization involved, although in general you will require login credentials provided to access this platform.

Q: Can I download or print my payslip from the portal? A: Most payslip portals enable employees to easily download and print their payslips for record-keeping purposes.

Q: Am I able to access previous payslips through the portal? A: Yes, payslip portals usually allow employees access to previous payslips so that they may view and download historical salary information.

Q: Is My Payslip Portal Secure? A: Payslip portals typically prioritize data security by employing measures to safeguard employee information such as encryption and secure login processes.

Q: Can I access payslips on mobile devices? A: Depending on the design of the payslip portal, some may offer mobile-friendly functionality allowing employees to view and access their payslips from smartphones or tablets.

Q: Am I able to view an account of my earnings and deductions through my payslip portal?
A: Yes, most payslip portals provide employees with access to an overview of earnings and deductions on their payslip, providing greater transparency regarding salary components.

Q: Am I able to update my personal information through a payslip portal?
A: It depends on which payslip portal it is being used – some offer options that enable employees to update personal details, such as contact details or bank account data, for accurate payroll processing.

Q: Am I able to access tax-related information via my payslip portal?
A: It depends on its features; some pay slip portals allow access to information related to taxes such as deductions and year-to-date earnings to assist with filing your return.

Q: Am I able to access leave balances or request time off through the payslip portal?
A: This information is typically managed through separate systems, such as an employee self-service portal or dedicated leave management software.

Q: Am I able to access other HR-related information through the payslip portal?
A: Payslip portals may sometimes provide access to additional HR information, including company policies, employee benefits or training resources.

Q: Am I able to access payslips for multiple pay periods using my portal? A: Yes, most payslip portals allow employees to view payslips from all pay periods – both current and past ones – through one interface.

Q: Am I able to access documents related to my payslip, such as tax forms or year-end statements through the portal? A: It depends on how the payslip portal’s functions are set up – depending on which ones they support you may be able to view and download additional files related to your payslips, like year-end statements or tax forms.

Q: Will my payslip portal provide FAQs or support documents related to payslips and common employee queries? A: Some payslip portals do provide these resources.


The CAGD Payslip Login Portal was designed for employees of the government by allowing them to easily access all information in a safe and secure way. The article above provides details about the CAGD electronic payslip Portal and its functions, login details and registration details.

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