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Cardiff University is an open exploration college situated in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.

The College is made out of three schools: Expressions, Humanities, and Sociologies; Biomedical and Life Sciences; and Physical Sciences and Building.

Established in 1883 as the College School of South Wales and Monmouthshire,

it turned into one of the establishing schools of the College of Wales in 1893, and in 1999 turned into an autonomous College honoring its degrees.

It is the second most established College in Wales. It is an individual from the Russell Gathering of driving English research universities.

The College is reliably perceived as giving fantastic examination based college training and is positioned 123 of the world’s top colleges by the QS World College Rankings,

And they are accomplishing the most elevated understudy fulfillment rating in the 2013 National Understudy Study for colleges in Wales.

Cardiff University

Information Details
Name Cardiff University
Established 1883
Type Public research university
Location Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
Chancellor Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas
Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Riordan
Academic Units Multiple schools and academic divisions
Programs Offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs
Research Focus Known for research in various fields including science, engineering, medicine, social sciences, and humanities
Student Enrollment Approximately 31,000 students
Campus Urban
International Students Welcomes a diverse student body from around the world
Athletics Competes in various sports and leagues
Official Website
Address Park Pl, Cardiff CF10 3AT, United Kingdom


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Cardiff Portal

Cardiff Portal University Mobile App Email sims and all Info

The College has an undergrad enrollment of 20,611 and an aggregate enrolment of 27,774, making it one of the most prominent colleges in Wales.

The College Understudies’ Union attempts to advance the hobbies of the understudy body inside of the College and further away from home.

The College’s games groups contend in the English Colleges and Universities Sport (BUCS) classes.

Cardiff University is a research university located in Cardiff, Wales, UK. The university provides a range of online services to its students through the Cardiff University student portal.

To access the Cardiff University student portal, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Cardiff University website at
  2. Click on the “Intranet & Email” link in the top menu bar.
  3. Click on the “Student Intranet” link in the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter your Cardiff University username and password.
  5. Click on the “Login” button.

Once you are logged in, you will be able to access a range of resources and services provided by Cardiff University, including course materials, timetables, exam results, and more. You can also use the portal to communicate with your lecturers and classmates and access the university’s support services and resources.

Overall, the Cardiff University student portal is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and provides students with a range of resources and services to support their studies and university experience.

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Official Website
Phone  +44 (0)29 2087 4000
Fax +44 (0)29 2087 4000
Address Cardiff University Cardiff Wales CF10 3AT UK
Office 24 hours


At Cardiff, you can look over more than 300-degree programs. We offer adaptability so you can tailor your degree to suit your advantage & professional aspirations.

Types of degree: Cardiff Portal – Cardiff University

1. Bachelor degrees

A Bachelor’s degree is a course of study that takes between three to four years to finish, contingent upon whether you pick a class which, for instance, incorporates a year abroad or a year in industry.

Also called a “first” or “conventional” degree, a four-year college education will give you an intensive comprehension of the course you are mulling over, and give you enter aptitudes to take into your expert.

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Cardiff Portal

2. Masters degrees

An undergrad master’s degree, as a rule, takes somewhere around four and five years to finish contingent upon regardless of whether you decide to do a sandwich course with a year abroad or a year in industry.

With one further year of study on top of your four-year college education, and expert degree gives you an all the more top to bottom information of your subject.

Preliminary or Foundation courses

1. Preliminary Year in Science

Preliminary Year in Science incorporates modules in Biosciences, Science, Maths, and Material science.

The specific modules mulled over-rely on upon an understudy’s former capabilities and the prerequisites of their picked degree program and will be concurred through dialogue with staff.

Understudies will start their degree once they have expertly finished the Preparatory Year program.

2. Part-time Preliminary Year in Science

It is gone for the individuals who can’t do a full-time duty to learning at present, however, who might want to seek a degree in science, prescription, or dentistry sooner rather than later.

Understudies have up to three years to finish the Preparatory Year program on low maintenance premises. The science and maths modules are taught in the daytime at Cardiff College.

3. Engineering Foundation Year: Cardiff Portal University

The School of Engineering offers an Establishment Year system intended to give understudies the essential fundamental information to empower them to adapt to a designing degree plan.

The Establishment Year incorporates parts of science, material science, and data innovation that are pertinent to Engineering.

English for Study and International Foundation Programmes

Cardiff University offers the English for University Study program and the Worldwide Establishment program for understudies who need to finish an arrangement program before beginning their learns at Cardiff University.

English for University Study Programme

The English for University Study project is a full-time course in Scholastic English at Cardiff University for global understudies who need to enhance their level of English dialect familiarity to learn at a college in the UK.

The project keeps running from September to June, with section focuses in September, January and May, so understudies can join the system at the stage that best fits their level of English.

Understudies mulling over on the project advantage from a severe English dialect course with an academic center, which serves to plan for a smooth move into scholarly learn at the establishment, undergrad or postgraduate learn at Cardiff University or another UK foundation.

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International Foundation Programme

The Worldwide Establishment project is a full-time one-year scholastic system at College for understudies who need extra scholarly and English dialect abilities to learn at an undergrad level in the UK.

The system has three pathways, offering the main linear movement courses into college degrees in Business, Designing, and the Wellbeing & Life Sciences at College.

Understudies can likewise apply for movement to different courses at College and will get advising and backing from the IFP office.

Understudies join the investigation of English dialect modules and study abilities with subject-particular modules taught in our academic schools.

Why Cardiff?

Career prospects

Our graduates are among the most looked for after by executives – more so than their partners from most other major UK colleges.

A degree conveys incredible weight in the occupations advertise as executives esteem the College’s graduates for their academic capacity, inspiration, and cleverness.

“Cardiff understudies exhibit the ability, inspiration, and excitement that head honchos are looking for.” Paul Davies,

Accomplice at Macfarlanes LLP (global law office) Understudies advantage from an empowering study environment, examination drove instructing, and cooperation with scholastics who are working at the wildernesses of information in their field.

All of the serves to energize discriminating thinking and supports both confidence and cooperation.

“EY is satisfied to work with Cardiff College and backing the Recompense as we trust it will help understudies understand their potential and qualities as well as figure out how to convey these viable to potential executives.”

Laura Smith, Graduate Enrollment Officer, EY (Ernest Youthful, Cardiff).

Careers & Employability

Careers & Employability urges understudies to add to a wide variety of employability abilities, including parts of self-administration, group work, critical thinking, business & client mindfulness, correspondence & education, numeracy and IT.

A large portion of our degree projects have a component of work experience manufactured in, and we have a group of Work Experience Guides who effectively advance the advantages of work experience.

Understudies included in additional curricular exercises and work experience can likewise take an interest in the Cardiff Honor Program, which gives formal acknowledgment of employability abilities increased amid these.

Does Cardiff University admit students easily?

Admission requirements and competitiveness at Cardiff University depend upon your program of study, level and academic year. While some programs may be highly sought after, it is still essential that you research and meet any necessary entry requirements before applying.

Cardiff University is part of the Russell Group.

No, Cardiff University does not belong to the Russell Group but it does join its prestigious Russell University Group which is a separate body.

Cardiff University is widely considered to be an exceptional academic institution.

Yes, Cardiff University is widely recognised and esteemed. Consistently ranking among the UK’s premier institutions, Cardiff offers an array of high-quality academic programs.

How beneficial is Cardiff University for Indian students?

Cardiff University boasts an inclusive and welcoming community, including many Indian students. Cardiff offers international student support services to Indian students as well as student societies and cultural events that facilitate engagement and integration.

Cardiff cheaper than London?

Yes, Cardiff is generally considered more cost-effective than London in terms of living costs and daily expenses, such as accommodation and transport costs.

What languages are spoken in Cardiff?

Cardiff is known as the capital city of Wales and most residents speak English fluently; however, Welsh is spoken by some individuals within its population.

What are Cardiff’s hallmarks of fame?

Cardiff is widely known for many notable features, including its long and distinguished history, medieval castles, vibrant cultural scene, and status as capital city of Wales. Furthermore, Cardiff stands out as an impressive sports stadiums like Principality Stadium as well as being featured as a filming location for popular television series such as Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Which city in the UK is the most costly?

London is often considered one of the UK’s most costly cities, boasting an increased cost of living when compared to many other cities, and higher costs associated with housing, transportation and general expenses.

Which UK city offers the ideal living experience?

Identifying the “ideal” city to live in depends entirely upon personal preferences and priorities, with Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, Oxford and Cambridge often considered top quality of life destinations. Each has their own distinctive appeals.

Are Cardiff prices too costly for students?

Cardiff is considered more affordable for students compared to some other UK cities, offering more student accommodation options and having a lower overall cost of living than larger cities.

Where is the least-expensive place to reside in the UK?

Finding an affordable living option in the UK depends on a number of factors, including regional differences in housing and living costs. While certain cities and regions in North East, North West Wales, Scotland or Wales might seem more affordable at first glance, it is always advisable to research specific locations as well as take personal circumstances into consideration when looking for suitable affordable living solutions.

Which city in the UK provides the greatest job opportunities?

London is often considered to have the highest concentration of job opportunities in the UK due to its international financial and business hub status, yet other cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Bristol also boast robust job markets with ample career options across various industries.

What UK city offers the lowest tuition costs for international students?

Cost of living for international students varies widely depending on both city and individual circumstances, however cities such as Sheffield, Newcastle and Leeds in Northern England tend to offer more cost-effective living arrangements compared to larger metropolitan areas like London; they also boast vibrant student communities that make life easy!

Which UK city boasts the cheapest houses?

Housing can vary in terms of affordability depending on where it is situated and market conditions. Cities in the North of England such as Liverpool, Sheffield and Hull tend to offer more cost-effective options compared with London or Oxford – for accurate information regarding housing costs it is wise to research specific cities by consulting local real estate agents or using online property search portals.

Cardiff University Intranet System
Yes, Cardiff University maintains an intranet system which gives its students access to resources, information, and online services.

Cardiff applicant Portal Yes, Cardiff University provides an applicant portal specifically for prospective students who have submitted an application form and provide updates and information regarding their application process.

Cardiff intranet? Yes, Cardiff University maintains an intranet system to serve as a central hub for students, offering them access to various resources, information, and online services.

Cardiff University application Portal
Yes, Cardiff University provides an application portal through which prospective students can submit and manage their applications.

“Cardiff Uni” is an abbreviated term used to refer to Cardiff University.

Cardiff University makes use of SIMS (Student Information Management System) portal to effectively organize student data and information, giving access to academic records, timetables, module registration details and any relevant administrative details.

Cardiff University uses SIMS (Student Information Management System) to manage student data and information, such as academic records, timetables and module registration.

Cardiff University provides its students with access to resources, information, and online services through their student intranet system.


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