What is the ikhedut portal? And how do I sign up online? Like other land records, ikhedut has become a one of the most famous land record sites located in Gujarat. It is an online portal created by the Agriculture and Co-operation Department, Government of Gujarat.

This site is specifically designed for the online subsidy process and also for farmers from Gujarat. If you’re seeking the same, then you’ve come to the right place. If you read the following information carefully, you can find all the information about the Ikedut 2023 Portal. Gujarat is a place where many people are aware about the process of paying GSPC bills online.

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We have discussed that ikhedut can be described as an internet-based platform that helps farmers from Gujarat to estimate their land’s details. In its initial stage the portal was used to help with Animal Husbandry, Agriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries. The Ikedutportal was developed in the year 2015-16, and was known in February 2015 under the name ikisan. In February 2015, the name was has been replaced by the ikhedut name by the Gujarat government. Gujarat.


If you’re an agriculturalist, but still aren’t registered with the ikhedut online portal, follow the steps below for simple registration steps.

  • For registration, first, you need to visit the official site of Agriculture, farmers welfare and Co-operation Department of Gujarat or go to this link ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in
  • After that, click the link to apply for the different schemes for 2015-2016.
  • Select one of the options available for scheme, and begin filling up the form.
  • Complete the application form in full with all the details that are correct and print the form in a hard copy. application form.
  • You must then give the application Form printout to the Gramsevak of your village.
  • Take the acknowledgement from Gramsevak when you submit an original copy from the completed form.


In this section , we have included all the crucial details about the ikhedut portal 2023 online registration Application status, helpline number listing of yojanas, and much more.

iKhedut Portal Details
State Gujarat
Launched Year 2016
Developed by National Informatics Centre, Gujarat
Department Farmer or Agriculture
For Farmers
Application Mode Online
Website Ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in

Ikhedut Portal is an online platform launched by the Government of Gujarat, India, to provide information and assistance to farmers in the state. The portal provides various services related to agriculture and rural development, including access to government schemes and subsidies, information on weather and market conditions, and assistance with farming practices and techniques.

To access the Ikhedut Portal, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Ikhedut Portal website at www.ikhedut.gujarat.gov.in
  2. Click on the “Login” button in the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Select the “Farmer” option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter your registered mobile number and password.
  5. Click on the “Sign In” button.

Once you are logged in, you will be able to access a range of resources and services provided by the Ikhedut Portal, including information on government schemes and subsidies, access to agricultural loans and insurance, and guidance on farming practices and techniques. You can also use the portal to communicate with other farmers and access information on weather and market conditions.

If you are a farmer in Gujarat, India, you may be eligible to register on the Ikhedut Portal and access its services. You can contact your local agriculture department or government office for more information on how to register and use the portal.


Once you’ve completed the application form After you have completed the application form, after completing the application, Government of Gujarat takes time to accept your application. If you’d like to find out the status of your application follow the steps below.

  • To begin with, to check for errors, make sure you visit the official website ikhedut.
  • Click here to verify the status of your application link.
  • You then redirect to your new webpage.
  • Then, select the plans you want to use from the drop-down.
  • Select your status for the application via the application or using your receipt number.
  • Enter the Application number or receipt number as well as security code.
  • Then, click the”check the status” of the application.


As we all know, i-Farmer is the official portal that aids farmers in Gujarat to grow their farming. To apply, visit the village panchayat and fill out the application with the necessary documents. If you aren’t sure which documents you require to apply then we’ll provide you with a list of required documents.

  • Bank passbook Xerox
  • Caste Certificate Xerox
  • Aadhar Card Xerox
  • 8/A, the new original
  • Every document that you sign

Main Services of i-Khedut Portal:

  • Online Application: The Ikedut portal is offering the option of submitting an online application to farmers to use for agriculture and welfare purposes. This program was developed by different organizations like companies, government institutes cooperative societies and many other. The portal offers a variety of plans and schemes offered by Gujarat’s Farmers. After submitting an online application, one can print an application and verify their status.
    i Khedut Portal
  • Details about WeatherThe Government of Gujarat i- khedut portal provides an online forecast of weather for its farmers. Through this facility, the farmers are able to prepare for construction, irrigation and insect control.
  • Agriculture MethodologiesThe site I-Khedut also offers a variety of farming techniques for farmers. These methods of farming have their roots in the climate zone, pest-control, the latest techniques of agriculture, etc. Choose your farming method using the guidance of the ikhedut portal.
  • Answers to queries:Many of Farmers have lots of questions concerning the i-khedut program as well as pesticides, plants methods of farming and other issues. Farmers will receive complete answers for all their questions through this website.
  • Farm Land account details
  • Information on the equipments in crude form that are available to dealers
  • Market prices of various APMCs for agricultural products
  • Information on the bank that lends to farmers
  • New information about agriculture and technical information


If you’re a farmer and are in search of a tractor, by visiting i-Kisan website, you could apply for the purchase of a tractor. This subsidy can also be used to purchase the tractor. If you’re looking to purchase an agricultural tractor that has subsidy, be sure to read the below-described parts.

  • The subsidy is available to farmers who earn less than 25 percent or 45 thousand for the cost of tractor in the period of 40 PTOHP.
  • 40 PTO HP higher than the tractor’s 60-PTO horsepower will cost 25 percent or 60 thousand less, whichever of the two He Subsidy will be provided.
  • You are able to apply through the Schemes of Ketiwadi section and click on the link.
  • You can also make an application for a tractor that has the subsidy section.


If any farmer wants to apply online on the khedut portal, they should be able to provide the following documents:

  • Aadhar card
  • Farmer ID
  • Bank passbook


As the state government announced the i khedut portal, a district-specific contact numbers in the following manner:

  • Ahmedabad IKhedut helpline 079 27500529
  • Anand the contact number for ikhedut is 02692 261327
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Q1. What Is Ikhedut Portal?
A1: Ikhedut Portal is an online platform created by the Government of Gujarat in India to offer various agricultural and rural welfare schemes and services to farmers and rural citizens.

Question 2: Who Can Access Ikhedut Portal? A2: Farmers, agriculturalists, rural citizens and individuals living in Gujarat are eligible to use Ikhedut Portal.

Q3: What services are provided through Ikhedut Portal? A3: Ikhedut Portal offers services like information on agricultural schemes, application submission, eligibility checks for scheme eligibility checks, tracking application status monitoring and access to relevant agricultural resources.

Q4: Can Farmers Apply for Agriculture Schemes Through Ikhedut Portal? A4: Yes, farmers can utilize Ikhedut Portal to apply for various agricultural schemes offered by the Government of Gujarat through online applications submitted on Ikhedut Portal.

Q5: Are any subsidy schemes available through Ikhedut Portal? A5: Yes, the Ikhedut Portal provides access and application facilities for various subsidies related to agriculture, farm equipment, irrigation, animal husbandry, horticulture and more.

Q6: Can users track the status of applications submitted through Ikhedut Portal? A6: Yes, applicants can easily track the progress of their submission using their Application Reference Number or other details provided.

Q7: Does the Ikhedut Portal provide information on farming practices and techniques?
A7: Yes, the Ikhedut Portal may offer resources, guidelines and information regarding modern farming techniques such as crop cultivation methods, organic agriculture practices, pest management issues as well as related topics.

Q8: Does the Ikhedut Portal contain educational resources for agriculture, rural development and related sectors? A8: Yes. The Ikhedut Portal may offer training materials, videos and publications relevant to these disciplines.

Q9: Can users gain access to weather-related data through the Ikhedut Portal?
A9: Depending on its implementation, the Ikhedut Portal may offer weather information relevant to farmers and agriculture such as forecasts, rainfall data, and meteorological updates that pertain to agriculture.

Q10: Can financial assistance be obtained via the Ikhedut Portal? A10: Yes, the Ikhedut Portal offers information and application facilities for various forms of financial aid programs that support agriculture and rural development such as loans, grants and credit programs.

Q11: Can users locate market information for agricultural produce on the Ikhedut Portal? A11: Yes. The Ikhedut Portal may offer market information related to price trends, demand patterns and access to marketing resources to aid farmers in making informed decisions regarding their produce.

Q12: Does Ikhedut Portal Offer Online Training Programs or Workshops? A12: Yes, the Ikhedut Portal may provide online training programs, workshops, webinars or e-learning modules on various agricultural and rural development topics.

Q13: Can users gain access to government schemes and policies through Ikhedut Portal? A13: Yes, the Ikhedut Portal offers information about various government plans related to agriculture, rural development and welfare initiatives.

Q14: Is Ikhedut Portal equipped to enable users to engage with agricultural experts or seek expert advice from agricultural specialists?
A14: Depending on its capabilities, Ikhedut Portal may provide features allowing users to interact with agricultural experts, seek expert advice or participate in forums and discussion boards.

Question 15: Can users gain access to information regarding farm equipment and machinery through the Ikhedut Portal? Its A15: Yes, the Ikhedut Portal provides users with details regarding farm equipment, machinery and tools available through various subsidy schemes or loan programs.

Q16: Does Ikhedut Portal Provide Language Translation Services or Multilingual Support? A16: Depending on implementation, yes – depending on user preference for alternative languages other than their default one, Ikhedut may offer language translation or multilingual support to meet user demands for languages other than their default setting.

Q17: Can users download application forms and documents from the Ikhedut Portal? mes A17: Absolutely; users can utilize this platform to obtain application forms, scheme-related documents, guidelines and any necessary resources they may require for submissions or use of this scheme.

Q18: Does Ikhedut Portal allow for user feedback or suggestions?
A18: Yes, Ikhedut Portal may offer a mechanism or support system where users can provide their thoughts on using it or report any issues they come across when accessing it.

Q19: Can users gain access to information regarding agricultural research and development through Ikhedut Portal? A19: Yes. Ikhedut Portal may offer access to data regarding research projects, innovations and best practices related to agricultural sector advancement.

Q20: Does Ikhedut Portal Offer Mobile Applications? A20: Depending on its availability, Ikhedut Portal may have its own dedicated mobile app that gives access to its services and features on mobile devices.


We hope you can find all the information regarding the ikhedut portal 2023. After reading this article, you can quickly check the status of your application to ikhedut and the ikhedut registration process. We are open to suggestions in relation in this post.

Please submit your valuable suggestions by way of comments using the below comments box. To read more about other state land records such as, Anyror, apna Khata, Banglarbhumi and meebhoomi then visit the upnews 360 portal frequently or bookmark our website to get up-to-date information.

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