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Keiser University, established in 1977 and located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida since 1977, offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs across several fields of study such as business, healthcare, criminal justice, information technology and more.

Keiser University takes an academically focused, career-centric approach to education. Students enrolled at Keiser are prepared for successful careers in their chosen fields through flexible scheduling options including online classes. Keiser also provides convenient scheduling options that accommodate lifestyle and work commitments so they may pursue their education without disruptions to daily routine.

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Keiser University


Keiser University stands out among universities with small class sizes, personalized attention from faculty, and an engaging learning environment. Furthermore, this university specializes in practical hands-on training through internships or externships to give its students real world experience.

Keiser University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. This certification ensures that our university adheres to certain academic standards that will be recognized by other institutions and employers alike.

Certainly! Here’s a table providing some general information about Keiser University:

Keiser University
Location Various locations in Florida, United States
Ownership Private
Founded 1977
Accreditation Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)
Programs Offered Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs
Focus Areas Health care, business, technology, criminal justice, and more
Campus Type Primarily campus-based, but also offers online programs
Student Enrollment Over 20,000 students
Student-Faculty Ratio Varies depending on the program
Athletics Member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)
Mascot Seahawks
Tuition Varies depending on the program and campus location
Notable Feature Career-focused education with hands-on training and small class sizes


Note that my knowledge cutoff was September 2021; since then there may have been updates or modifications made to Keiser University. For the latest and most up-to-date information I suggest visiting their official website directly.

Keiser University address

The address of Keiser University’s main campus is as follows:

Keiser University 2600 N. Military Trail West Palm Beach, FL 33409 United States

Keiser University official website

The official website of Keiser University is:

Keiser University contact

To contact Keiser University, you can use the following contact information:

Phone: 1-888-KEISER-8 (1-888-534-7378) Email: [email protected]

You can also find specific contact information for different departments or campus locations on the official Keiser University website.

Are You Wondering If Keiser University Is Good?

In general, Keiser University is widely considered a reputable institution; however, opinions can differ greatly on the quality of any institution, depending on individual preferences, program offerings, accreditation status and other considerations when assessing whether or not it suits a student.

What is Keiser University’s Ranking in the World?

Unfortunately, an exact ranking for Keiser University cannot be provided as this can depend on which criteria and methodologies used by different ranking organizations. Rankings may primarily consider research-intensive universities and may not cover all institutions or specialty areas.

Keiser University is a private university founded as a private institution in 1977 and operating as a non-profit university.

What Entrance Exam Does Keiser University Require for Undergraduate Admissions?

Keiser University does not typically require any specific entrance exams such as the SAT or ACT for undergraduate admissions; rather, applicants will be evaluated based on factors like GPA and educational background as part of their assessment for admission consideration. Admission requirements can differ depending on program/degree level consideration; it is advised that you research this carefully prior to making an application for admissions considerations.

Keiser University is recognized and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). This recognition ensures that its academic standards meet certain expectations while its degrees are recognized by other institutions and employers.

Keiser University was originally founded in Florida but now operates campuses all across the U.S. Its main location is Fort Lauderdale in South Florida but other campuses can be found across other states as well.

What Is Keiser University Known for?

Keiser University stands out with its career-centric education approach and extensive selection of programs across fields like business, healthcare, criminal justice and information technology. Keiser emphasizes practical hands-on training via internships or externships to give its students real world experience; small class sizes ensure personalized attention and create a supportive learning environment – hallmarks that distinguish Keiser from its competition.

What Is Keiser University Scandal?

At my knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, no major scandals related to Keiser University had been widely reported or significant incidents had taken place as of that month; however it’s prudent to conduct further research or refer to recent news sources for updates on any specific scandals or incidents at Keiser.

What type of university is Keiser University?

Keiser University is a private university. Keiser University is nationally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), an agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

How many students attend Keiser University?

For the most accurate and up-to-date enrollment figures, it is advisable to refer to official data or directly contact the university.

What is the gender ratio at Keiser University?

The gender ratio can differ depending on your campus and specific programs at Keiser. To get an accurate depiction of this distribution of students, refer to recent statistics or get in touch with Keiser directly for accurate data.

Does Keiser University Offer Two or Four Year Degree Programs?

Keiser University provides both two and four-year degree programs. Associate degrees typically can be earned in two years while bachelor’s degrees require four years to finish study.

What Is 2-Year Graduation?

A two-year graduation refers to the completion of a degree program within two years – usually associate degree programs designed for this speedy completion period.

What is a two-year course?

A two-year course can be defined as any educational program or course of study lasting two years in duration. Examples may include associate degree programs and vocational training programs which generally take approximately this long to finish.

What is the Name of a Two Year Student?

Students pursuing two-year courses are commonly known as two year students or associate degree students.

What does a third-year student go by in undergraduate programs?

Third year students are often referred to as juniors in this regard. This reflects how most 4-year bachelor’s degree programs divide into four academic years: freshman (1st year), sophomore (2nd year), junior (3rd year) and senior (4th year).

What are first-year students called?

First-year students enrolled in undergraduate programs often refer to themselves as freshmen.

How old is a fourth-year student?

This number can vary widely. On average, college and university students begin their academic careers between 18 to 19 years of age; therefore a fourth-year student would typically be around 21-22 years old depending on individual circumstances, academic progression, and other considerations.

What Grade Do 17-Year Olds Attend in the USA?

In the United States, 17-year-old students typically enroll in 11th grade. However, this could differ depending on individual circumstances like academic advancement or delayed enrollment.

What is the maximum age limit for graduation in India?

No specific maximum age limit exists in India for individuals to pursue higher education and obtain their graduation degrees.

Are You 22 and Looking to Start College in India?

No, 22 is never too late to pursue higher education – many individuals pursue further study at various stages in their lives without regard to age restrictions.

Can I Study After  35?

Absolutely, adults of any age can study beyond 35. There are various opportunities for adult learners to obtain higher education – whether through traditional college programs, online courses or vocational training programs.

At what age do people start studying MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) degrees?

In India, most individuals begin their MBBS degree studies after finishing high school – typically around 17-18. The duration of an MBBS degree typically lasts five and a half years including one-year internship training.

Are You Wondering If Keiser University Is Good School?

Keiser University is generally considered a reputable institution known for its career-based learning approach and strong emphasis on providing its students with skills necessary for success in their chosen fields. While opinions regarding whether or not a school is “good” can differ based on individual preferences and programs of interest.

When determining if Keiser University meets your educational goals it is advisable to research its program offerings, accreditation process, faculty members’ credentials as well as facilities services as a measure against potential options such as program offerings, accreditation faculty credentials facilities student support services before making up your mind!

Are we accredited at Keiser University?

Keiser University is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to grant associate, baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral degrees. Accreditation ensures that our programs and degrees meet certain quality standards that will be recognized and valued by other educational institutions and employers alike.

Where Can Keiser University Be Found?

Keiser University maintains several campuses primarily within Florida. Its main campus can be found in Fort Lauderdale and additional campuses are found in cities such as Miami, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville. In addition to Florida campuses, the university also boasts locations in Texas Georgia as well as Nicaragua – for more details please refer to their official website or their Campus Locator app for a comprehensive listing.

Does Keiser University fall under Division 1 classifications of NCAA athletic divisions?

No, Keiser University does not fall under NCAA Division 1 athletic classifications but competes at an NAIA level of competition.

Why Is Keiser University Expensive?

Tuition at Keiser University and many private institutions is typically higher compared to public universities or community colleges for various reasons, including quality of education, small class sizes, specialized programs, modern facilities, faculty expertise and student support services. Furthermore, private universities rely heavily on tuition fees as their main source of revenue while public universities often receive government funding as an added expense compared to Keiser.

Therefore when considering its value and costs it is essential to factor these aspects in when making any comparisons between institutions when making comparisons of costs when making comparisons of tuition charges between institutions when making evaluations between institutions when making comparisons of costs that should take into account when making comparisons of costs between institutions compared with each institution in terms of what constitutes an appropriate cost analysis of tuition charges at Keiser.

Are there dorms at Keiser University?

Keiser University does offer on-campus housing options at some campuses; availability will depend on which campus location. For more information, contact the campus directly or visit its website.

How Much Is Keiser University?

Tuition costs at Keiser University may depend on factors like program of study, degree level and campus location. For the latest and most accurate tuition and fee information it is wise to refer to either their official website or contact their admissions office directly.

When does classes begin at Keiser University in 2023?

Exact dates for classes to commence may differ depending on your program and campus location, so to find out exactly when classes commence in your desired program it is advisable to refer to Keiser’s academic calendar or contact their Admissions office directly for this information.

Can I transfer credits from Keiser University?

Credit transfers depend on several factors, including the receiving institution’s policies and program requirements, compatibility of coursework between institutions, as well as any articulation agreements and transfer partnerships Keiser has with other colleges or universities to facilitate credit transfers.

It is always wise to reach out directly to each institution that you plan to transfer credits to in order to determine transferability of credits. For best results contact their admissions or registrar’s offices before proceeding with transfer requests.

Does Keiser University accept FAFSA?

Keiser University does accept the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), through which students may qualify for various forms of federal financial aid including grants, work-study opportunities and loans.

For the best experience completing and understanding available options for federal aid it’s advised that they complete both steps of this application process – filing an FAFSA and reaching out to Keiser’s financial aid office directly for more details on available aid options.

Does Keiser University Accept Financial Aid?

Keiser University accepts various forms of financial aid, such as federal aid, state aid, scholarships and private loans. Eligibility requirements may determine which financial aid options may be available. To gain more information regarding this matter, it is advised that prospective students reach out directly to Keiser University’s financial aid office.

Are Keiser University credits transferrable?

The transferability of Keiser University credits to other institutions depends on various factors, including the policies of both institutions as well as coursework compatibility.

Keiser University has several transfer partnerships in place with colleges and universities for easy credit transfers – for further inquiries about this topic please reach out directly to them and consult their admissions or registrar’s offices directly for advice regarding transferability.

is keiser university division 1?

Keiser University does not currently field a Division 1 football program, as mentioned earlier. Instead, Keiser is part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and competes at this level for all athletic activities.

Are Tuition Fees of Keiser University Fair?

While attending Keiser University can be more costly than public universities or community colleges due to factors like its quality education, smaller class sizes, specialized programs and student support services; tuition costs will depend upon program, degree level and campus location – thus it’s wise to compare tuition fees between institutions before making your final decision about Keiser.

Are You Wondering If Keiser University Is Real?

Absolutely, Keiser University is an authentic and accredited institution recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), a reputable accrediting body. Established more than 25 years ago, it offers programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels for its diverse student population.

Are You Wondering If Keiser University Is Regionally Accredited?

Absolutely, Keiser University has received regional accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

Accreditation provides an important measure of academic quality as it shows whether institutions meet specific standards set forth by accrediting bodies.

What division does Keiser University compete in football?

Keiser University currently competes at the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics). This organization features its own divisions and championships that operate separately from those found within NCAA competition.

Can I Study in the USA at Age 45?

Its Yes, studying in the USA at any age beyond 45 is certainly possible and universities and colleges in America welcome students of all ages for studying opportunities including undergraduate and graduate programs, professional certificates and continuing education courses.

What Grade Do I Need to Pass at Keiser University?

The passing grade for Keiser University depends on both its program and course requirements, but generally speaking a grade of “C” or higher would be considered passing; for specific criteria in each class it would be wise to refer back to its Grading Policy or ask instructors directly.

How big is Keiser University campus?

The size of Keiser University campuses varies based on your location. As Keiser operates multiple campuses throughout Florida and other states, their sizes can differ. For accurate information regarding one specific campus size it is advised that you visit their official website or directly contact them.

How Much Are Tuition Fees at Keiser University?

Tuition fees at Keiser University vary based on program and degree level. For the latest and most accurate tuition fee details, it is advisable to refer to their website or contact them directly for accurate and up-to-date information on tuition.

Are You Wondering If Keiser University Is Real?

Keiser University is indeed a legitimate university – it’s a private, non-profit educational institution offering various undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Are You Wondering If Keiser University Is Public or Private?

Keiser University is a private university founded as a non-profit entity.

Who owns Keiser University?

Keiser University is owned and managed by the Keiser family, led by Arthur and Belinda Keiser who are among its key individuals responsible for its administration and ownership.

Are the degrees awarded by Keiser University accredited?

Absolutely, degrees awarded from Keiser University are accredited. Keiser is recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), an esteemed regional accreditation body in the US that certifies universities as meeting certain academic standards; their degrees will also be acknowledged by other institutions and employers.

Why Is Keiser University Considered Good?

Keiser University is widely considered to be a quality university due to several reasons. First and foremost, its career-focused education emphasizes aligning its programs with industry needs.

Furthermore, small class sizes with personalized attention provide hands-on training so students gain practical skills. Moreover, student support services and nursing and healthcare programs at Keiser are highly acclaimed by alumni and prospective students alike.

What are some interesting facts about Keiser University?

Keiser University was established by Arthur and Evelyn Keiser in 1977, becoming Florida’s second-largest independent university. Today it offers programs in business, healthcare, criminal justice, IT, and many other disciplines.

Keiser University provides an innovative online learning platform, enabling students to earn degrees remotely. Keiser also places great importance on community involvement and service, with over 20 campuses located throughout Florida alone and additional sites in other states.

University of North Alabama boasts a large percentage of non-traditional students and provides support to adult learners as they pursue educational pursuits.

Are Keiser University credits transferrable?

Keiser University credits may be eligible for transfer to other institutions; however, their transferability depends on their policies and agreements of the receiving institution.

Therefore, students looking to transfer them are strongly advised to consult both Keiser University and their desired destination institution regarding eligibility criteria and requirements before proceeding with any transfers.

Can I transfer credits from college to university in Canada?

Absolutely, credit transfers between institutions in Canada can take place. Ultimately though, their transferability depends on several factors including specific institutions involved, similar courses offered and accreditation of both college and university – as such it’s wise to check with each one’s transfer credit policies in order to ascertain eligibility of transfers.

Can I transfer credits between Canadian universities?

Transferring credits between universities is generally possible. Transferability will depend on factors like receiving university policies, program requirements and course equivalencies from previous university. Therefore it’s wise to contact each specific institution regarding its policies for credit transferability before attempting this transfer.

What is the acceptance rate at Keiser University?

Keiser University’s acceptance rate may depend on multiple factors, including program and degree level. For the latest updates regarding acceptance rates, it is best to contact them directly or visit their official website.

What Entrance Exam Is Needed at Keiser University?

Keiser University does not typically require an entrance exam like the SAT or ACT for undergraduate admissions, however requirements may differ depending on your program and degree level. Therefore it’s advisable to review these specific admission requirements prior to enrolling at Keiser.

Does Keiser University Offer Housing Options for its Students?

Keiser University does provide students with housing options. Some campuses may provide on-campus accommodations while others may assist in finding off-campus options.

For more information about the various housing options at Keiser, it is best to reach out directly or visit its website for specific details about what options may be available at each campus of the university.

Does Keiser University Charge an Application Fee?

Keiser University may levy an application fee; the exact amount and policies may differ between schools; therefore it’s wise to check their website or contact their admissions office in order to get accurate and updated information on what that fee entails.

What are the enrollment numbers at Keiser University?

Enrollment numbers at Keiser University may change from time to time; therefore, for accurate and up-to-date enrollment information it’s best to refer to official data provided by the university or reach out directly.

What type of university is Keiser University?

Keiser University is a private university which specializes in offering undergraduate and graduate-level programs with an emphasis on career-driven instruction with a practical orientation.

What is Keiser University ranked?

Best Colleges is National Universities, #219. Keiser University can vary depending on which organization and criteria are being evaluated; therefore it would be prudent to refer to trusted ranking publications or visit Keiser University’s official website to view any possible rankings or accolades available to it.

What city is Keiser University located?

Keiser University boasts multiple campuses located across Florida, with its headquarters being in Fort Lauderdale. However, Keiser also maintains campuses in cities such as Miami, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville – depending on which campus location you refer to when answering this question.

Does Keiser University Pay Well?

Keiser University can vary in its salary or pay scale depending on several factors such as job position, experience, qualifications and industry standards.

Salaries for faculty, staff and administrators may differ significantly; for more accurate data regarding salary or pay scale please reach out directly to their human resources department at Keiser University.

How many students are currently enrolled at Keiser University?

Student enrollment numbers at Keiser University can change over time; to get the latest and most accurate figures on student numbers at this university, please refer to official data provided by them or get in contact with them directly.

Is Keiser University located in other states?

Keiser University boasts campuses in multiple states. While its main presence lies within Florida, other locations include Texas and Georgia as well. For a comprehensive list of locations please visit their official website.

Is Keiser University a medical school?

Keiser University provides various health-related programs through its Colleges of Nursing and Health Science; however, it should not be mistaken as solely offering healthcare-related degrees; rather they also offer programs in areas like business, criminal justice, information technology and more.

Can You Live at Keiser University?

Keiser University does offer housing options at some campuses, however these may vary depending on where the campus is located. To determine housing availability at Keiser, contact your campus directly or visit their website for information.

Keiser University Florida?

Keiser University’s headquarters is in Fort Lauderdale, and multiple campuses can be found across Florida. Florida was where Keiser was established, so most of its campuses can be found here.

Keiser University transcript request?

Keiser University transcript Request In order to request an official transcript from Keiser University, it’s usually best to contact their Registrar’s Office.

They can provide instructions and forms necessary for you to place your request for one directly with them. Alternatively, visit their website or reach out directly for further guidance in regards to the transcript request process.

Keiser library?

Keiser University boasts libraries at each of its campuses. These libraries provide resources such as books, online databases, journals, study spaces and study support services for its students. Each campus typically offers its own library facility so students can take advantage of all services and resources tailored specifically for that campus.

Keiser University Athletics?

Keiser University features the Keiser Seahawks athletics program. Competing at the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) level, this university team competes in sports such as basketball, soccer, golf, tennis and volleyball – offering something for every sport enthusiast!

Keiser University home page?

Keiser University can be reached by visiting their official website and searching for “Keiser University.” Their homepage should appear amongst the first results, providing details about programs, campuses, admissions processes and any other pertinent details about them.

Keiser University portal?

Keiser University provides its own Keiser University portal called the “MyKU Portal.” Here students can access various services and resources related to their education – course information, grades, schedules, financial aid packages and much more! Registered users may log on using their provided login credentials.

Keiser University programs?

Keiser University Programs Keiser University offers both undergraduate and graduate level programs, with specific offerings varying depending on campus location.

Keiser offers programs in fields like business, healthcare, criminal justice, information technology education. For a full list of programs at each campus it’s recommended visiting either their official website or contacting them directly for details.

Keiser University current student?

As an AI language model, I do not have access to personal data or specific details about individuals unless it has been shared during our conversations.

Therefore, I don’t know about specific students at Keiser University if you need assistance as an active student there. In such an instance, it would be best to contact Keiser directly or utilize resources specifically provided to current students as soon as possible.

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