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75,000 students in more than 150 schools. The district is located in the city of Milwaukee and is committed to providing high-quality education to its students and preparing them for college, careers, and beyond.

MPS offers a wide range of educational programs for students of all ages, including traditional academic programs, magnet programs, charter schools, and career and technical education programs. The district’s educational programs are designed to meet the needs of a diverse student population and to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a global economy.

In addition to academic programs, MPS offers a variety of support services for students, including counseling and mental health services, health and wellness programs, and after-school programs. The district is also committed to technology and innovation, and has implemented a number of programs and initiatives to enhance learning and teaching in the classroom.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in a Milwaukee Public School, you can visit the district’s website to learn more about the enrollment process, school options, and other important information.

Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) is focused on quickening understudy accomplishment, building positive connections in the between of youth and grown-ups and developing authority at all levels. The area’s dedication to change keeps on showing the results:

  • More MPS students are meeting specific standards in Nation.
  • The MPS Class of 2015 earned $36 million in scholarships to students and continuing.
  • MPS is home to 7 of the state’s top secondary schools as indicated by U.S. News and World Report and The Washington Post.

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My MPS Portal Homepage

Milwaukee Public Schools

Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), established in 1846, is the largest school district in Wisconsin, serving Milwaukee city. Serving an ever-diversifying student body within Milwaukee community.

Scope and Size: MPS operates as a comprehensive school district, offering educational services for students in early childhood through grade 12. This district contains elementary, middle, and secondary schools as well as special needs programs to meet varying educational needs.

Diversity and Inclusion: MPS represents the city’s diverse demographics by enrolling students from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic statuses. MPS places great emphasis on inclusion; its goal is to foster an environment in which every child feels valued, respected, and empowered.

Educational Opportunities: MPS offers its students an array of academic and extracurricular programs, such as arts education, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), bilingual education and career and technical education. MPS strives to prepare its students for success in college and careers while actively contributing to their communities.

Information Details
School District Name Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS)
Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Superintendent Dr. Keith Posley
Number of Schools Over 150 schools
Grades Served Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade
Enrollment Approximately 70,000 students
Official Website


My MPS Portal 

MPS offers the best assortment of schools and instructive projects in the city. Our schools highlight educational modules fixing to the Common Core State Standards, which plan students to succeed in school and professions.

Milwaukee Public Schools is home to the country’s using centralization of students taking part in the Project Lead the Way, which uses hands-on learning chances to open students to designing, math, science and innovation in primary and secondary school.

Milwaukee Public Schools additionally celebrates the country’s most significant number of open Montessori schools — a large portion of which leads the area in test score midpoints.

We are glad for our primary offerings of high-performing forte schools, with mains running from human expressions to bilingual training, Career and Technical Education (CTE), skilled and gifted, dialect submersion, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement and preliminary school projects.

Phone number

Official Website
Contact eMail [email protected]
School lunches 480-472-0900
Special education 480-472-0710
Address 63 East Main Street · Mesa, Arizona 85201

Milwaukee Public Schools

Milwaukee Public Schools has been and keeps on every day on working eagerly to enhance understudy accomplishment. More Milwaukee Public students are meeting perusing models, with the most grounded development found in the secondary school.

  1. The College and Career status group is striving to guarantee students over the region to pick up the learning.
  2. Rigours required for achievement and to giving authority chances to students outside the classroom.
  3. Milwaukee Public Schools’ two College Access Mains o offer administrations.
  4. And directing intended to advance secondary school consummation and school availability.

A Learning Journey Milwaukee Public Schools offers elite open doors for students. This incorporates our Learning Journeys that associate education programs and our students to group learning opportunities including Discovery World, the Milwaukee Public Museum, Junior Achievement Kohl’s Education Main and a working ranch.

The locale has made a significant interest in expert-taught artistry, music and physical training in the course of the most recent three years, including more than 140 instructor authorities to schools.

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My MPS Portal Homepage

MPS’ late powerful changes have included far-reaching arrangements to strengthen stable educational modules at schools over the locale.

The backing of the G.E. Foundation has prompted the advancement of schools that are being utilized as models for school and vocation availability. MPS has additionally extended and repeated schools that are succeeding scholastically and drawing in families.

Showing and learning Every MPS School has a guardian facilitator to fortify the association in the middle of families and schools to enhance understudy accomplishment.

Milwaukee Public Schools has effectively actualized PBIS (Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports) in our schools to advance a stable school atmosphere, and more than 70 Milwaukee Public Schools have been respected as PBIS Schools of Distinction or Schools of Merit.

The wellbeing of our students and staff is critical to us. Milwaukee Public Schools has a mechanized informing framework set up that permits us to achieve all area families inside of minutes to give essential messages and redesigns.

MPS Primary School:

MPS schools put students on the way to scholarly accomplishment through stretched out proficiency squares to manufacture and strengthen perusing abilities; the thorough h the direction in main subjects; and access to artistry, music, physical training and innovation. Numerous primary schools additionally offer coaching, mentoring, character improvement and initiative chances to reinforce interpersonal and social advancement.

Neighbourhood schools offer strong educational programs and are strong grapples in their groups. Claim to fame schools permits students to concentrate on a specific part of their instruction.

Forte school alternatives incorporate human expressions, bilingual, skilled and capable, dialect submersion and Montessori. Families may consider evaluation compasses in their school determination — K-5 for families who need their youngster to move to the primary school; K-8 for folks who need their kid to stay in one setting until secondary school.

MPS Secondary School Education:

Leading schools open students to more elevated amount coursework and an assortment of extracurricular exercises that set them up for the rigours of secondary school. Whether students are learning in K-8, 6-8 or 6-12 schools, families can locate the right environment to coordinate their youngsters’ capacities.

MPS leading schools contain the country’s most significant grouping of students taking an interest in the inventive and broadly perceived Project Lead The Way (PLTW), with classrooms giving direction in science, innovation, building and arithmetic.

PLTW students unequivocally beat area midpoints on state government-sanctioned tests. Claim to fame school choices at the primary school level incorporates expressions of the human experience, bilingual, skilled and capable, dialect inundation and an International Baccalaureate pre-school program.

MPS College and Careers

Milwaukee Public Schools is home to seven of the top secondary schools in the state! New this year, MPS is putting forth early admissions to all students interested by going to any MPS school offering evaluations 9-12.

MPS secondary schools give the thorough, school and profession prepared establishment that students need to succeed past graduation in the 21st century.

Educational modules are adjusted to the Common Core State Standards, which set objectives for what students realize at every evaluation level. Graduation prerequisites incorporate credits in internet learning, administration learning or group administration.

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From scholastics and games to music, theatre, verbal confrontation and incalculable clubs and improvement exercises, MPS secondary schools offer a balanced instruction that rouses and tutors learners.

MPSs secondary schools offer Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and respects courses that give students leeway in advanced education. MPS Career and Technical Education projects are adjusted to the current work market and open students to regions of concentrate,

For example, propelled assembling, designing, transportation/car, development/building design, health, business, data innovation, advertising, media/illustrations and urban agribusiness.

Through companion tutoring, scholastic bolster and administration/authority opportunities, MPS graduates are readied to be all around adjusted youthful grown-ups who may seek after school, a vocation or other preparing.

MPS Student Portal

Milwaukee Public Schools has another student data portal, The Infinite Campus student data portal has managed us with an excellent chance to better associate with our families using its new Parent Portal.

The Parent Portal will permit you all day, everyday access to see your kid’s data, which will help you in supporting his or her instruction in Milwaukee Public School.

  • MPS Contact Address:
  • Milwaukee Public School
  • 522 W. Violet Street
  • Milwaukee, WI 53208
  • Switchboard : (414) 475-8393

Visit MPS Portal

Alan Borsuk

This was the first sentence of a letter written by an educator who had been with the school for a long time northwest side of the school to members of the Milwaukee School Board.

She then explained the reasons why “heartbreak” was justified. Five other teachers from the school also wrote letters to describe the shocking conditions at the school.

The six were then along with 18 other staff members to sign an open letter requesting the school’s board members to take action regarding

“the extremely serious concerns about the environment, culture and safety that have been affecting our school during the past year

What is the MPS Parent Portal?

The MPS Parent Portal is an online platform designed to allow parents/guardians to gain access to information regarding their child’s education and school-related activities.

Does Milwaukee boast high-performing public schools?

Milwaukee’s public schools vary in performance and quality, from those considered good to those facing greater challenges due to factors like funding, resources, or community engagement that impact education quality.
Milwaukee boasts an abundance of public schools for elementary, middle, and secondary students ranging from elementary through to tertiary education levels. To view a complete listing, visit Milwaukee Public Schools official website.

Milwaukee public schools are funded through tax revenue and various sources, and each child’s cost depends on factors like grade level, school resources available and programs being offered.

Is Milwaukee an ideal place for raising children?

Milwaukee may or may not be suitable as a place to raise children depending on individual preferences and circumstances, such as educational options, safety considerations and community amenities.

What rank does Milwaukee hold when it comes to crime rate?

Milwaukee’s crime rate ranking can fluctuate over time; as of my last update, Milwaukee was known for higher crime rates compared with some other cities in the US. mes

Which public school in America ranks first?

The top public school in the U.S. may vary depending on which ranking criteria are used by different organizations, with Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and BASIS schools both previously earning high rankings in public rankings.

How is Milwaukee rated regarding poverty levels?

Milwaukee has experienced higher poverty levels compared to some other cities, though these figures can change and specific data can be obtained from government sources.

Where in the US can one find some of the top public schools?

Perceptions of “the best” public schools vary widely depending on factors like academic performance, extracurricular offerings and resources available to each school system. Areas known for strong school systems can include Massachusetts, New Jersey and some parts of California –

What makes Milwaukee notable?

Milwaukee is well known for its rich brewing heritage, cultural festivals, historic neighborhoods, contributions to music – including being the birthplace of Harley-Davidson motorcycles – as well as contributions to education.

Where exactly does Wisconsin rank when it comes to education?

Education rankings of states may depend on various criteria; Wisconsin’s educational ranking can change year to year.

Do Milwaukee public schools provide air conditioning?

At my last update, not all Milwaukee public schools were equipped with air conditioning; this information may have changed; to get up-to-date information it is recommended to contact the school district directly for this matter.

Does Wisconsin offer quality education systems?

Wisconsin’s education system differs across districts. Wisconsin boasts both high-performing schools and areas facing unique challenges, but one district stands out as being particularly noteworthy.

Who is Wisconsin’s #1 school district?

Wisconsin school districts that stand out can differ based on various ranking criteria, with Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District and Elm Grove School District having received recognition for providing quality education.

Which Wisconsin district offers the richest education?

The richest school districts can vary depending on property values and funding sources; districts with higher property values often have more funds available for education than their lower property value counterparts.

What does private school cost in Milwaukee?

Private school tuition costs in Milwaukee can vary widely depending on factors like reputation, grade levels and extra services offered by each institution. To obtain accurate tuition information for specific schools it’s wise to conduct some research beforehand.


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