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Pointclickcare is a software program that assists physicians in recording the patient’s progress without apprehension of complications or errors.

It is the PointClickCare Cloud offers secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud solution that provides users with access to the PointClickCare service from virtually any connected to the internet device.

PointClickCare Cloud PointClickCare Cloud is an economical way for companies to ensure conformity with regulations and ensure that their data is safe and protected.


PointClickCare is a leading cloud-based platform that provides an all-encompassing solution for long-term-care providers to manage the administrative financial and clinical elements of providing healthcare for senior residents.

With its sophisticated features and a focus specifically on care for seniors, PointClickCare is now an industry-leading electronic medical record (EHR) platform designed specifically for the specific requirements of senior care professionals.

Information Details
Company Name PointClickCare
Founded 1995
Headquarters Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Industry Healthcare Technology
Target Users Long-term and post-acute care providers, including skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, senior care centers, and home health agencies
Solutions Electronic Health Records (EHR), care planning, medication management, billing and financial management, quality and compliance tracking, analytics and reporting, and more
Integration Integration capabilities with other healthcare systems and third-party applications
Benefits Streamline workflows, improve care coordination, enhance communication, increase billing accuracy, ensure regulatory compliance, and provide data-driven insights
Customer Support Provides customer support, training, and implementation services
Official Website www.pointclickcare.com
Contact Contact information available on the official website


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PointClickCare Login

PointClickCare Login

One of the most notable characteristics that is unique to PointClickCare can be its management of medications capabilities that allows caregivers to easily track and manage medications for every resident. This unique tool assists caregivers make sure that patients get their medication in time, reducing the chance of errors in medication and improving the overall health outcomes.

To log in to PointClickCare, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the PointClickCare website (www.pointclickcare.com).
  2. Click on the “Login” button located in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
  3. Select the type of user you are (e.g., Customer, Partner, Employee, etc.).
  4. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields.
  5. Click on the “Sign In” button.

Once you are logged in to PointClickCare, you can access a variety of resources and tools related to your healthcare organization, such as resident charts, medication administration records, and care plans. Please note that access to PointClickCare is typically restricted to authorized personnel within healthcare organizations.

How do I Access PointClickCare Login Online Portal

  • visit the PointClickCare Login page at https://login.pointclickcare.com/.
  • enter your login credentials. That includes usernames and passwords ( that was provided to you by the facility’s PointClickCare administrator)
  • Click on”Log In” and click the “Log into” button to login to your PointClickCare login

Be aware that PointClickCare offers two ways to login that are single sign-on (SSO) as well as Direct Login. The administrator at your facility will have advised you on the best method for login to PointClickCare.

How do I the login page to Pointclickcare POC CNA Login Module Page?

  • Go to login.pointclickcarel.com and login using your credentials.
  • On the homepage, select the menu and choose Clinical option.
  • Then, click on the Modules and select.
  • From Modules Click on Modules POC link.
  • After that, you’re POC CNA dashboard will get displayed in the display.

In the webpage, you’ll be presented with three options

  • Home
  • POC Shift Dashboard
  • POC

How to Sign-Up for New PointClickCare Login Online

  • Visit www.pointclickcare.com/cna to access the PointClickCare CNA Login page.
  • On the left-hand corner of the website there is an icon that says “Create the account.”
  • Then, in the “Org Code” field, enter the code of your company.
  • Complete the spaces with your user name, Email Address along with other information.
  • To sign up for registration on the PointClickCare login portal for CNAs, simply click the “Register” option.

PointClickCare App Link in the Mobile App Store

Customer Service

Telephone Number 1-866-735-2963
Wednesday, March 3rd 2020 from 10PM until 12 AM 10 PM – 12 AM EST
– Sunday March 8, 2020 between 2 AM and 6 AM (EST)
Social Links Facebook

Is this the official site for logging in to Pointclickcare?

Go to login.pointclickcare.com to login.

How do get my account back?

Log into the dashboard at pointclickcare and then click on My Profile. Change your password there.

What is PointClickCare? PointClickCare is an EHR and care management platform specifically tailored to the long-term care industry.

What are the key features of PointClickCare? Key features of PointClickCare include electronic health records, care planning and medication administration as well as billing/financial management as well as business intelligence/analytics capabilities.

Who Uses PointClickCare? Long-term care providers such as skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities and senior living communities primarily rely on PointClickCare.

PointClickCare enhances patient care by offering a centralized platform to manage resident health information, streamline care coordination and reduce errors while facilitating communication among care team members.

PointClickCare was designed to comply with HIPAA, safeguarding patient health information while protecting its security and confidentiality.

Do I Need Integration With Other Systems? Yes, PointClickCare integrates seamlessly with numerous third-party systems including pharmacy systems, laboratory systems and revenue cycle management software.

Can PointClickCare generate reports?
Yes, PointClickCare includes powerful reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling users to generate custom reports on various aspects of resident care, operations, and financial performance.

PointClickCare can be customized to meet the individual needs of long-term care providers by enabling them to configure workflows, forms, and assessments according to their preferences.

How does PointClickCare manage medication management? PointClickCare offers tools for electronic medication administration record (eMAR) management, reconciliation of medications administered on multiple occasions and barcode scanning; alerts can also be set off when interactions or discrepancies arise between medications prescribed to different individuals.

Yes, PointClickCare supports interoperability standards such as HL7 and CCD (Continuity of Care Document). These allow for the exchange of health data among other healthcare systems and providers.

Can PointClickCare manage my billing and financial operations? Yes. PointClickCare includes features for billing, claims management, accounts receivable management, financial reporting and reimbursement tracking – essential functions to effectively oversee long-term care operations.

PointClickCare can assist care teams with care planning by creating and administering personalized care plans for residents based on assessments, interventions, and progress monitoring.

Does PointClickCare Offer Mobile Applications? Yes, PointClickCare provides mobile apps that enable caregivers and healthcare professionals to quickly access resident data, document care activities, communicate while out in the field, and document resident activity while out and about.

PointClickCare can assist with regulatory compliance for long-term care providers by offering tools and features designed to ensure adherence with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements.

PointClickCare users have access to training and support resources such as online documentation, webinars, user forums and our customer support team for any assistance with questions or issues they might have with PointClickCare.

How Does PointClickCare Address Security and Data Privacy? PointClickCare implements security measures such as encryption, access controls, audit logs, and regular security audits in order to maintain patient data confidentiality and integrity.

Can PointClickCare assist with care transitions? Absolutely. PointClickCare helps smooth care transitions by streamlining resident information transfer between various care settings, ensuring continuity of care while reducing risks of error.

Are the capabilities of PointClickCare Telehealth-enabled? Absolutely; PointClickCare features integrations that facilitate virtual visits and remote consultations that enable residents to receive care when necessary remotely.

Can PointClickCare integrate with electronic health information exchanges (HIEs)?
Absolutely. PointClickCare can connect seamlessly with electronic HIEs to enable the seamless transfer of resident health data to healthcare organizations and providers.

How does PointClickCare support quality improvement initiatives? PointClickCare offers data and analytics tools that enable long-term care providers to track quality metrics, identify areas for enhancement and implement evidence-based practices to boost care quality.

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