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Reigate portal: In Reigate, Surrey, the UK, there is a sixth-form college called Reigate College. It was established in 1946 and serves students between the ages of 16 and 19. A-levels, BTECs, and vocational programmes in fields including business, media, and sport are among the many academic and professional courses that the college provides.

One of the top-performing sixth form institutions in the UK, Reigate College has a reputation for academic brilliance. It consistently sends students to prestigious universities, such as Oxford and Cambridge, and has produced a number of well-known graduates in industries including politics, entertainment, and business.

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Reigate portal

Modern campus amenities at the college include a performing arts complex, a science and technology center, and a sports center. It also provides a variety of organizations and extracurricular activities, including as sports teams, musical ensembles, and theatrical plays. Reigate College is dedicated to giving pupils a positive, welcoming environment that will enable them to reach their best potential.

Reigate College


Information Details
Name Reigate College
Location Reigate, Surrey, England
Type Sixth Form College
Age Range 16-19 years
Education Programs A Levels, BTEC courses, GCSE retakes, and Foundation Learning
Subjects Offered Various subjects across arts, sciences, humanities, and more
Extracurricular Activities Sports, clubs, societies, and enrichment programs
Student Support Academic and pastoral support, counseling services
Facilities Modern classrooms, laboratories, library, sports facilities
Admissions Application process, entry requirements, open days
Enrichment Programs University and career guidance, work experience opportunities
Alumni Network Engages with former students and offers networking opportunities
Contact Information Phone: [Insert Phone Number of Reigate College]
Email: [Insert Email Address of Reigate College]
Address: [Insert Address of Reigate College]

Reigate portal

You are referring to the Reigate Portal, which is one offered by Reigate College, a UK sixth form college in Reigate, Surrey. The portal is made to allow college employees and students access to a variety of resources and information pertinent to their job and studies.

Log In:

The college must first supply login information to students and employees in order for them to access the Reigate Portal. Users can access the portal by going to the college’s website at and clicking on the “Portal” link at the top of the homepage once login information has been provided. Users can then access the portal by entering their login and password.

App Link:

There is no mobile application available for the Reigate Portal at this time.

Social Page Link:

Reigate College keeps up-to-date social media accounts on websites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The college’s most recent news and events can be found on these pages, which is a valuable resource for students and staff.

How to Apply:

Students and staff can access a variety of tools and information relevant to their study or employment after logging into the Reigate Portal. This entails having access to announcements, schedules, timetables, calendars, and other information. The portal also gives users access to databases and e-books from the library as well as other support services like counseling for mental health and career assistance.

Official Website:

The official website for Reigate College is Information about the college, its programs, and its services is available on this page. Additionally, links to the Reigate Portal and other pertinent resources are provided.


Students and staff can get assistance from the college’s IT department if they have any queries or problems using the Reigate Portal. The college website contains the contact details for the IT department.

What Is Reigate College Portal?

Reigate College Portal is an online platform created to allow students, parents and staff of Reigate College to manage various aspects of college life from any computer connected to the internet.

How Can I Access Reigate College Portal?

In order to access the Reigate College Portal, you must be either an enrolled student, parent, or staff member of Reigate College and using either your computer browser or mobile device, access can usually be gained.

How Can I Access Reigate College Portal?

The Reigate College Portal enables students, parents and staff to gain access to essential information including timetables, attendance records, academic progress reports, assignments and college announcements.

Can I view My Timetable on Reigate College Portal?

Students may view their class timetables on Reigate College Portal to stay abreast of scheduled classes and any changes.

Does Reigate College Portal Provide Access for Parents?

Yes, parents often have their own login to access attendance records, progress reports, and communication from Reigate College.

Can I view my grades and academic progress through Reigate College Portal?

Students can typically access their grades, assessment results, and academic progress via this portal for a comprehensive view of their performance across subjects.

Can I submit assignments or coursework through the Reigate College Portal?

Yes. The portal may offer students an easy and centralized submission platform for assignments and coursework submission.

Are You Wondering If Reigate College Portal Offers Messaging Features?

Yes, the Reigate College Portal usually features an on-board messaging feature to allow students, parents, staff and faculty/administration members to communicate directly.

Can I access college documents and resources through the Reigate College Portal?

Absolutely. The portal may provide access to essential documents like college handbooks, policies, forms and resources essential for student life and academic studies.

Can I use the Reigate College Portal to request leave or report absences?

Students and parents may use the portal to submit requests for leave or report absences according to Reigate College procedures.

Are There Any Resources or Support Services Provided Through Reigate College Portal? Yes, the portal may provide information and access to support services like counseling, careers guidance, learning resources and extracurricular activities.

Can I access my college email through the Reigate College Portal?

Yes, the Reigate College Portal may include an email feature which enables students and staff to directly access their college email accounts directly through its interface.


For Reigate College’s faculty and employees, the Reigate Portal is a crucial tool. It offers a handy and user-friendly platform for accessing course materials, support services, and other resources with its extensive collection of resources and information.

The portal does not presently have a mobile application, however any device with an internet connection can access it. Overall, the Reigate Portal is a crucial tool for Reigate College students and staff, supporting both their academic and professional objectives.

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