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UiTM Student Portal Login today we are talking, After share about Ashford student portal and also Mypack portal now we just sharing about this. Welcome to Scholarly Undertakings Division, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM Student Portal).

As the most famous college in Malaysia, and one of the greatest in Asia, we confront the test of guaranteeing scholarly nature of the entire system of grounds all through Malaysia.

UiTM Student Portal produces the most elevated rate of expert human capital for the country, and this obligation requires unified duty from all subjects of this establishment, supporting our understudies to blossom scholastically and professionally so that when they graduate, they find themselves able to catalyze and add to the quick development of the country. lETS KNOW MORE ABOUT student portal uitm LOGIN.

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UiTM Student Portal Login

The Scholastic Issues Division is mindful to guarantee the soundness of our scholarly projects and additionally the powerful, uniform and standardized scholarly conveyance all through the entire UiTM Student Portal framework the country over.

To that impact, every unit inside of Scholarly Issues Division has particular parts to play right from the section of the understudies, our most vital partners, to their graduation enveloping every single learning stage and procedures in the middle. It is our most prominent honour to be the watchman of the academic heart of the college.

We move as an iron unit to drive the literary brilliance of UiTM Student Portal and will keep on doing as such in our push to create the best human capital for the nation as far as quality and amount.

Universiti Teknologi MARA, Shah Alam has 14 residential colleges are equipped with various facilities for the comfort of the occupants. The main policy penampatan students in college are to provide comfortable placement and campus environment conducive to the occupants.

Telephone: +603-55443159/3300/3509
Fax Number:  +603-55443510/3210/2820
Official Portal:
ADDRESS The Academic Affairs Division (BHEA),
Level 4, Chancellery Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin, 
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Malaysia, 40450 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

In pursuing these policies, all staff and management colleges play each fund obligation. The college has held various academic aspects of student activities accounted for, leadership, sports, social and spiritual regrease. The residential colleges are not only seen as student accommodation but also serves as a place of learning and student unity.

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UiTM Student Portal Login

Main Activities

The Scholarly Undertakings Division (BHEA) conducts the accompanying exercises:

  • Dealing with the college curricula
  • Giving counsel to program advancement at all resources/grounds
  • Encouraging the accreditation of projects by government organizations, national and global expert bodies
  • Guaranteeing that evaluations are substantial, reliable, reasonable and steady
  • Defining and spreading data on scholastic strategies, regulations and methods
  • Guaranteeing that scholarly approaches, rules and methodology are watched
  • Institutionalizing academic frameworks and procedures
  • Observing of automated scholarly administration frameworks
  • Solidifying scholarly data
  • Checking of educational systems and operations
  • Arranging and actualising scholarly improvement
  • Checking of speaker polished methodology & understudy input
  • Directing the execution of academic arrangements
  • Leading and starting scholarly projects for all resources
  • Overseeing academic arrangements
  • Giving procurements to long-lasting learning
  • Giving preparing, arranging and administration for nonstop comprehensive staff change and progression arranging
  • Giving a stage to e-learning
  • Driving the university towards internationalisation.

About UiTM Student Portal

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM Student Portal) is Malaysia’s biggest establishment of higher adapting regarding size and populace. It has encountered extraordinary development since its beginning in 1956 and it is as yet developing. Next to the fundamental grounds in Shah Alam,

The college has extended across the nation with 12 state grounds, 6 satellite grounds in Shah Alam, 11 state satellite grounds and 21 associated schools. With this inconceivable system and a workforce of 17,770, the college offers more than 500 scholastic projects in a favorable and dynamic environment. It is additionally home to nearly 175,200 understudies.

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  1. To oblige the expanding number of understudies, six new branch grounds were finished by 2014, in particular
  2. Stage 2 of Puncak Alam Grounds, Samarahan 2 Grounds in Sarawak, Jasin Grounds in Melaka, Pasir Gudang Grounds in Johor,
  3. Seremban Grounds in Negeri Sembilan and Tapah 2 Grounds in Perak.
  4. UiTM Student Portal’s arrangement to reinforce the administration of the college brought about the foundation of a framework called 1 College 2 Framework ((1U2S).

In light of this framework, which was endorsed by the Governing body in 2007, there is a grapple college and 12 state colleges. With the new arrangement of administration, the college can upgrade the utilisation of its assets to improve perfection in exploration, innovation and adapting and also group administration.

Local Students

Post Graduate

Applications to Graduate degree or Ph.D projects can be made specifically to UiTM Student Portal. For postgraduate projects, the data about the projects offered, section prerequisites, and affirmation data, can be found at the Institute of Graduate Studies site.


Selecting a course of learning at a college is an unusual choice. We encourage candidates to peruse the college outline and access the data by means of our site before settling on a definite conclusion.

Applications to our Recognition or Four year college education projects can be made through the College Center Unit/Unit Pusat Universiti (UPU) or online by means of the Understudy Consumption Organization Division,

Service of Advanced education. Applying online implies that you just need to present one application structure and UPU will send your application to your decision of colleges. Candidates are relied upon to meet all the passage necessities.

Data about the projects offered at the UiTM Student Portal can be seen at the Academic & International Affairs (HEA) official site.

Admission Requirements

  1. Certificate Programs -Go in SPM with no less than five credits in Bahasa Malaysia, Arithmetic and three other stipulated subjects. Candidates must have no less than a go in English.
  2. Four-year certification Projects -Go in STPM with no less than an evaluation C in 3 subjects or Recognition in the significant field with a base CGPA of 2.0 or Registration. For additional data in regards to understudies admission and admission to uitm student portal pengambilan pelajar, sympathetic contact:
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