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Dell Technologies today unveiled upgraded VXRail hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) systems that are based on Dell EMC’s latest PowerEdge servers. They offer improved performance, and better deployment and management.

Certain models come with the third generation of Intel Xeon Scalable processors, that have 42 percent more cores than prior generations and other models include the third generation of AMD EPYC processors with up to 64 cores per processor.

Vxrail configuration Portal

Other enhancements to the hardware include the option of NVIDIA A40 and A100 Tensor Core GPUs to the VxRail V Series, as well as up to 20 percent capacity increases in the VxRail P Series and 50 percent more PCIe slots in the VxRail E Series.

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Vxrail configuration Portal

VxRail from Dell EMC in partnership with VMware is a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution designed to make deployment and management of virtualized environments simpler, making it easier for organizations to build and scale their IT infrastructure.

VxRail helps organizations do just that! It combines computing, storage and networking into an integrated solution managed using one centralized software interface – with its simple deployment process and management software interface making VxRail an attractive option.

Here are a few key features and points of VxRail:

Integration: VxRail integrates VMware’s vSphere, vSAN, and vCenter Server seamlessly and optimizes an HCI solution using Dell EMC hardware, streamlining management while decreasing complexity. This integration simplifies management processes while streamlining solution development.

  1. Scalability: VxRail allows organizations to start small and increase capacity as needed, accommodating both linear and non-disruptive scaling options for seamless growth across workloads and business sizes.
  2. Simplified Management: Our management interface has been carefully created to be user-friendly, offering one pane of glass for overseeing compute, storage and networking resources.
  3. Performance: VxRail was designed to deliver optimal virtualized workload performance by employing VMware’s vSAN distributed storage technology for enhanced storage performance and efficiency.
  4. Flexibility: Our solution was designed to support various use cases, from virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), business-critical apps and remote office/branch office (ROBO) deployments – to VDI upgrades.
  5. Ecosystem Integration: VxRail is part of Dell Technologies’ wider ecosystem, which can offer organizations an array of products and services.
  6. Turnkey Appliance: VxRail is offered as a turnkey appliance, meaning all hardware and software components have been preconfigured and optimized for easy deployment.
  7. VxRail features data protection, backup, and disaster recovery features that enhance both its overall security and availability of infrastructure.

Dynamic Nodes

The latest VxRail dynamic nodes computer-only systems that utilize existing storage devices by the sharing of vSAN capacities across multiple clusters using VMware vSAN HCI Mesh. The idea behind them is to make it easier for operations, improve management of storage resources and cut cost.

VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail to serve as the foundation for a hybrid cloud can be configured using dynamic nodes to utilize Dell EMC PowerStore, PowerMax or Unity XT as primary storage and scalable computing, allowing customers to scale the storage and compute independently.

Attribute Details
Product Name VxRail
Manufacturer Dell EMC
Purpose Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solution
Key Features Integrated compute, storage, networking, and virtualization
Scalability Allows for easy expansion and growth
Management Simplified management through centralized interface
Official Website www.dellemc.com/en-us/converged-infrastructure/vxrail.html


Two new management elements that include the configuration portal as well as Node Image Management, are set to permit customers to self-deploy remotely according to their own timetables.

Dell claims that it’ll take just 5 minutes for the addition of a new node to an existing cluster. Customers are also able to change the location or reallocate clusters’ nodes. They can mix generations of nodes within a cluster. Lifecycle management software can recognize the firmware and software for each generation and handles the nodes in a way that is appropriate.

“One of the key things that’s really different about this VxRail system software is that it’s really about taking the burden off of the customer and off of the user,” said Nancy Hurley, senior manager of product marketing for HCI/CI.

“To have their environments in a ready state, we perform over 25,000 hours of tests on all the different components that are in both your hardware and your software to ensure that if you are doing upgrades, if you are doing patches, that everything has already been tested out, everything has already been sequenced and you can truly just push a button and do your upgrades.”

She added she believes that lifecycle management functions can be extended to other components like NVIDIA GPUs, console and VMware the NSX-T. These components can be upgraded in one upgrade process using VXRail HCI. VxRail HCI livecycle experience.


  • VxRail systems that are equipped with Intel 3rd Generation Xeon processors are expected to be in the market globally by July 2021.
  • VxRail systems equipped with AMD 3rd Generation EPYC processors are expected to be in the market globally by June 2021.
  • VxRail Dynamic nodes will become available globally in August 2021.
  • VxRail self-deployment services will begin access across North America through an early access program starting in August 2021.
  • VxRail HCI System Software updates are expected to be released globally by July 2021.
VxRail IP address in VLAN 4091.

VxRail Configuration Portal is an online platform designed for managing and configuring Dell EMC VxRail hyper-converged infrastructure systems. To access the VxRail Configuration Portal, you must have the necessary credentials and access rights.

Here are the steps to log in to the VxRail Configuration Portal:

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the URL of the VxRail Configuration Portal.
  2. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields.
  3. Click the “Login” button to access the portal.

If you are having difficulty logging in, you may need to check your login credentials or contact your system administrator for assistance.

Once you are logged in, you can use the VxRail Configuration Portal to manage and configure various aspects of your hyper-converged infrastructure system, such as virtual machines, storage, and networking. The portal provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly and easily manage your VxRail system, making it a valuable tool for IT administrators and other users.

How do I access VxRail?

  1. In a web browser join the iDRAC in the VxRail node, and then launch to the iDRAC online console.
  2. Within the ESXi DCUI, press F2 to sign in into VxRail. VxRail node using root. Its VxRail default password for login is Passw0rd!.
  3. Select Troubleshooting Options > Enable ESXi Shell and press Enter to turn on the shell.
  4. Press Esc twice to go back you to the primary DCUI screen.
  5. Press Alt+F1 for access to the shell of ESXi.
  6. You can log in with root.
  7. Configure the VxRail node to the primary position and then configure for the VxRail Manager IP address and gateway on the External Management network using the following command:

What Is VxRail Configuration Portal?

The VxRail Configuration Portal is a web-based interface for configuring and managing their VxRail hyper-converged infrastructure system. It provides a central point to perform initial setup, monitor system health, manage storage, networking, virtual machines as well as virtual desktop infrastructure systems (VDI).

How can I access the VxRail Configuration Portal?

To gain access to the VxRail Configuration Portal, first open your web browser and type in the IP address or hostname of VxRail Manager – the management component of VxRail system – into it. Once connected, the Configuration Portal can be found through its interface in VxRail Manager.

What can I do in the VxRail Configuration Portal?

With the VxRail Configuration Portal, you can perform various tasks, such as configuring network settings, managing virtual machines and storage policies; monitoring system health; updating software and firmware as needed and accessing diagnostic information for troubleshooting purposes.

Can I customize the settings in VxRail Configuration Portal?

A4: Yes, administrators can make adjustments to specific settings to meet their unique requirements for network configurations, storage policies, virtual machine templates, and user access controls.

Is the VxRail Configuration Portal user-friendly?

Yes, its intuitive design ensures easy management and configuration of VxRail systems. Featuring menus, wizards and dashboards designed specifically to aid administrators in performing their duties more quickly.

Can multiple administrators access the VxRail Configuration Portal at once? A6: Yes.

A6: Multiple administrators can typically access the VxRail Configuration Portal simultaneously. This portal facilitates concurrent user sessions for efficient management of VxRail infrastructure.

Does the VxRail Configuration Portal offer real-time system monitoring capabilities?

Yes, the VxRail Configuration Portal features real-time monitoring capabilities to give administrators real-time insight into their VxRail system’s health and performance, monitor resource utilization, receive alerts or notifications as they arise and assess historical data to spot trends or identify any potential issues.

Can I update firmware and software via the VxRail Configuration Portal?

Yes, the VxRail Configuration Portal offers functionality for updating firmware and software across your VxRail infrastructure. Typically it allows administrators to upload updates directly onto VxRail nodes for easier management, ensuring your system always runs the latest software versions.

Are any support resources available within the VxRail Configuration Portal?

Yes, the VxRail Configuration Portal often provides administrators with links or access to support resources like knowledge bases, documentation and technical support contacts which can assist them with resolving issues or providing answers to their inquiries. These resources may assist administrators with finding solutions or answers.

 Can I use the VxRail Configuration Portal to generate reports?

Yes, the VxRail Configuration Portal offers reporting features to assist administrators in gathering and analyzing information regarding their VxRail system such as performance metrics, capacity utilization rates, inventory counts and compliance status status reports.

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