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Attensi Portal: An online portal called Attensi Portal provides simulation-based training and assessment options. Businesses utilize it to enhance worker performance, engagement, and learning. We’ll provide you a detailed tutorial on how to use the Attensi Portal in this article.

We will go through everything, including how to access the portal, where to find the app and social media links, how to use its features, and where to discover contacts and information for the official website.

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Attensi Portal

Attensi Portal

A Norwegian software company called Attensi offers organizations gamified simulation training. Its products are made to assist businesses in increasing worker performance by offering fun, interactive training opportunities. Solutions from Attensi include leadership development, customer service training, and sales training.

Name Attensi PORTAL
Website Attensi
Purpose Virtual training and simulation platform
Target Audience Businesses, organizations, and employees
Training Simulations Customizable virtual simulations for various industries
Gamified Learning Engaging and immersive training experiences
Skill Development Enhance decision-making, leadership, and soft skills
Virtual Reality (VR) VR-enabled training experiences (optional)
Data Analytics Performance metrics and insights for training programs
User Management Admin controls, user profiles, and progress tracking
Mobile Compatibility Accessible on mobile devices and tablets
Integration Integration with existing learning management systems
Support and Contact Phone: +1 (123) 456-7890 (US)
Email: [email protected]
Address: 123 Main Street, City, Country


Access to Attensi’s materials and training programs is available through its portal. This article will provide information about the Attensi app, social media profiles, and official website, as well as instructions on how to log into the portal. We’ll also go over how to use the site, present some support contact information, and draw a conclusion.

How to Login to the Attensi Portal

To login to the Attensi portal, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Attensi login page at
  2. Enter your email address and password.
  3. Click on “Log In”.

If you don’t have an account, you can create one by clicking on “Sign Up” and following the prompts.

App Link

For iOS and Android mobile devices, Attensi provides a mobile app. Users can access their training programs while on the go thanks to the app. Visit the App Store or Google Play Store and type “Attensi” into the search bar to download the app.

Facebook Page Link

On social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Attensi is present frequently. For the most recent information on news, product updates, and business insights, follow them.




How to Use the Attensi Portal

The Attensi portal provides access to a variety of training programs and resources. To use the portal, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Attensi portal using your email address and password.
  2. Browse the available training programs and resources.
  3. Select the program or resource you want to access.
  4. Follow the prompts and complete the training.

The Attensi portal is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, you can contact Attensi support.

Official Website

The official website for Attensi is Here, you can learn more about the company, its products, and its services. You can also access resources like case studies, white papers, and webinars.


If you need support or have any questions about Attensi, you can contact their customer support team via email at [email protected] or by phone at +47 55 38 80 20.

What Is Attensi Portal?

Attensi has developed the Attensi Portal as an online platform specializing in gamified simulations for corporate training and learning.

Who Can Access Attensi Portal?

The Attensi Portal is intended primarily for businesses and organizations that have partnered with Attensi for training purposes.

What training options does Attensi Portal provide?

Our Attensi Portal features gamified simulations for various forms of training, such as sales, customer service, leadership and compliance.

How can I access the Attensi Portal?

Access to the Attensi Portal typically is granted through an invitation provided by your organization or through partnership arrangements with Attensi.

Can I create my own training simulations on the Attensi Portal?

Absolutely – our portal features tools and features for creating tailored simulations tailored specifically to your organization’s needs.

What industries does Attensi Portal work well with?

The Attensi Portal can benefit a wide range of industries, including retail, healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality.

Can I track trainee progress and performance on Attensi Portal?

Absolutely – our advanced analytics and reporting features enable you to monitor trainee performance, engagement, and progression through training simulations.

Are the training simulations on Attensi Portal interactive?

Absolutely – they utilize highly engaging gamification techniques for greater engagement and learning experiences.

Can the Attensi Portal be accessed using mobile devices?

Yes, the Attensi Portal was designed to be accessible across a range of devices – desktop computers, laptops and mobile phones alike.

Are there different difficulty levels available for training simulations on Attensi Portal?

Absolutely – each training simulation on Attensi Portal can be customized to include different difficulty levels for accommodating trainees with various levels of expertise.

Can Attensi be integrated with other Learning Management Systems (LMSs)?

Absolutely – Attensi offers seamless integration capabilities with many LMS platforms to allow for the seamless implementation of Attensi’s training simulations into your existing training infrastructure.

Are there predefined training modules available on the Attensi Portal?

In addition to custom simulations, the Attensi Portal may also provide predefined modules covering common training topics.

How Can I Provide Feedback or Submit Queries Through Attensi Portal?

The Attensi Portal may include features that enable trainees and administrators to provide feedback, submit queries or seek support from Attensi’s support team.

Are There Limits on Access to Attensi Portal?

Each organization may negotiate different user limits and licensing agreements with Attensi; to find out the specific details please reach out directly to Attensi or its administrators for more information.

Can I customize the appearance and branding of training simulations on Attensi Portal?

Yes, Attensi Portal usually provides customization features that enable you to incorporate your organization’s branding elements into training simulations.

Can Attensi Portal Support Multiple Languages?

Yes, Attensi Portal typically supports multiple languages to meet the needs of its diverse range of trainees.

Can I Access Support Documents and Resources Within the Attensi Portal?

Yes, the Attensi Portal typically provides users with access to support documentation, user guides and other resources that will help them make the most of this platform.

Can I collaborate with other trainers or administrators using Attensi Portal?

Yes, Attensi Portal features collaboration features which allow trainers and administrators to work together collaboratively on training programs, share resources, and coordinate training programs collaboratively.

Can I export training data and analytics from Attensi Portal?

Yes, Attensi Portal allows administrators to export training data, reports, analytics and reports for further analysis or integration with other systems.

How often are updates released on the Attensi Portal?

The frequency of new feature releases and updates varies; to stay informed of any recent developments it is wise to stay connected to Attensi through announcements or support channels.


Access to interesting and interactive training materials is available through the Attensi site. Attensi assists companies in enhancing employee performance and achieving results with its gamified approach to learning.

You may quickly log in to the Attensi portal and begin using their training resources by following the instructions provided in this guide. You can get in touch with the customer support staff at Attensi if you need assistance or have any questions.

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