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Today we again sharing a new post on Boston College Portal. Boston University founded in 1839, is right away home to scarcely 32,000 students also very popular Education Portal now days. The university has a story of inclusion, that is fitting, deliberation that Dr. Martin King, Jr. is an alumnus.

The university postulated a initial Ph.D. to a woman, as good as a initial Native American to consequence an MD complicated here as well. Although a university is in all good well known for a academics, a jaunty teams, a Terriers, additionally encounter with visit success.

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Boston College Portal

Boston College Portal

The men’s hockey group is a visit member in a inhabitant championships, good well known as a Frozen Four. A vital investigate establishment as good as a single of a nation’s largest in isolation universities, BU has something for scarcely everyone.

Address 140 Commonwealth Avenue, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467, USA
Support Live M-F 9am-5pm
Help 617-552-HELP (4357
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Boston University Academic Departments

  • College of Arts as good as Sciences

    • This is a largest college upon campus, with 7,606 students. They have been means to select a single of 70 concentrations amongst twenty-three departments whilst earning a BA, MA or Ph.D.
  • College of Communication

    • The 2,350 students who call this college home investigate advertising, open relations, film, radio as good as journalism. Degree options embody BA, MA, MS as good as MFA.
  • College of Engineering

    • The engineering propagandize was determined in 1950 as good as is right away home to 1,751 students. Students can consequence a BS, MS or Ph.D. in a single of 7 engineering disciplines.
  • College of Fine Arts

    • Within this college, that was founded in 1872, have been a schools of Music as good as Visual Arts. Students can consequence diplomas as good as certificates in further to BFA, MusB, MFA, MusM as good as MusAD degrees.
  • College of General Studies

    • Students in this college outlay their initial dual years investigate core magnanimous humanities subjects in a team-teaching environment. They might afterwards send to any alternative college inside of Boston University to consequence their bachelor’s degrees.
  • College of Health as good as Rehabilitation (Sargent College)

This propagandize offers courses in illness care, reconstruction services, jaunty training, earthy care as good as more. The some-more than 1,500 people enrolled can aspire to

    1. BS,
    2. MSOT,
    3. MS,
    4. DPT,
    5. ScD
    6. Ph.D.
  • Goldman School of Dental Medicine

    • Students have been investigate to turn dentists during this college given 1963. In further to DMD degrees, students can additionally consequence MSD, DSc, DScD as good as Ph.D. degrees.
  • Metropolitan College

    • This college is written for students who need coherence in sequence to consequence their degrees. Classes have been offering during night, online as good as in opposite off-campus locations. Students can consequence a bachelor’s or master’s degree.
  • School of Education

    • This propagandize has been precision teachers given 1918. The 1,102 students enrolled can consequence BS, MAT, EdM as good as EdD degrees.
  • School of Hospitality Administration

    • This propagandize is for undergraduates meddlesome in road house as good as grill management. As partial of earning BA degrees, students contingency investigate abroad as good as experience in 800 internship hours.
  • School of Law

    • Established in 1872 as good as home to 1,103 students posterior JD as good as LL.M degrees, a School of Law was ranked between a tip 12% of all U.S. law schools by U.S. News as good as World Report. A new category entered with an normal GPA of 3.6 as good as a LSAT measure of 164.
  • School of Management

    • This is a single of a incomparable schools upon campus, with a little 2,706 students. Degree programs embody BS, MBA, MS, MIS as good as DBA.
  • School of Medicine

    • Home to roughly 1,400 students, a propagandize has been open given 1873. Students can consequence a MD, an MA or a Ph.D. There have been most stretchable options for earning a MD.
  • School of Public Health

    • The 750 students in this propagandize aspire to master’s degrees along with Ph.Ds. There have been most dual-degree programs to collect from as well.
  • School of Theology

    • Founded in 1871, this is a oldest Methodist seminary in a country. Students can consequence an MDiv, MTS, MSM, STM or DMin degree. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was an alumnus of this school.
  • University Professors Program

    • The 154 well-developed students in this module emanate their own curriculum as good as write a comparison thesis. The idea of a BA grade in this propagandize is to mix educational disciplines to assistance see a incomparable picture.

City Information

Boston, MA, is a heart of New England as good as now a nation’s eleventh largest civil area. Known for being a preparation core of a northeast, Boston has most of a country’s excellent universities. The city is really abounding in story (from a 17th century onwards) as good as has most informative institutions as good as jaunty venues.

About Boston College Portal

The Boston College Portal (Agora Portal) is a executive place where a far-reaching accumulation of report or services from mixed sources have been accessible. The report accessible in a Agora Portal is formed upon your role(s) (e.g., faculty, staff, or student) during Boston College. Your role(s) determines your entrance for reading, searching, updating, as good as personalizing a report as good as services in your portal.

For example, a Boston College Portal can entrance report from Student Services, Library Services, as good as Dinning Services as good as arrangement a report from these 3 sources in a singular location.


The display of report in a portal can be customized by an individual. This allows a user to name as good as classify calm inside of a Boston college portal.

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