What exactly is BRDSHRMS web portal for service? It is the Government of Bihar established a rural development society in 1869. It is now known by the name of Bihar Rural Development society. Rural development societies of Bihar offers job opportunities as well as infrastructure built on foundations in rural areas. It also improves the living conditions of rural poverty families.

Bihar Rural Development Society (BRDS) Bihar Rural Development Society (BRDS) Rural Development Department (RDD) implements the most popular anti-poverty programs that include Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS), Indira Awaas Yajana Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY)/National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM), Bihar service and the BPL household census in rural areas across the 8442 Gram Panchayats spread across 38 districts in Bihar.




The program helps to develop skills and encourages self-employment opportunities for those who are eligible and self-help groups. This program is registered with the the society ACT.



These are the steps to complete you to follow for login process for Bihar Rural Development societyThe following steps are for the login process of Bihar Rural Development society

  • The first step is to visit the official site of Bihar social development organization for rural areas HRMS or the BRDSHRMS portal
  • Once you have done that, click the login menu and enter the login credentials.
  • Enter the Employee ID and password.
  • You can also opt to select a languages.
  • You can now turn on the accessibility mode within the BRDS login procedure.


These are the steps to follow for the login process for Bihar Rural Development society or BRDSHRMS:

  • Visit the official website for HRMS portal BRDS. BRDS HRMS portal.
  • After that, go to the login for service history option.
  • Then enter your login credentials on your login window.
  • Then , enter the Employee ID and password.
  • Input the code displayed in the block to finish the procedure.


Applications for Bihar Rural Development society arethe following:

  • Management of leave and vacation
  • Job Application Management.
  • Travel management.
  • Self-service for employees.
  • Responsibilities of the BRDS.
  • Set-up for organisation.
  • Manpower support in the headquarters.
  • Time schedule.
  • Services for training.


In order to ensure that schemes are implemented successfully and ensuring that benefits actually reach the recipients in rural regions. BRDS is currently working on setting up an office monitoring and help system for the level of the state. This will not only guarantee that timely reports are available from districts, but will aid BRDS or the RDD head office effectively employ the analysis of these reports for program review and policy-making, as well as improvement in the implementation of programs.

The advantages that accrue from Bihar social development organization for rural areas include to support research on policy offer capacity and institutional support for building, aid in the formulation of implementation strategies , and be the main force behind planning, implementation assessment and monitoring of programs , and many more.

It is the Bihar Rural Development also provides the master data of all staff of the Department to enter data and data migrations. They provide computers and Printers in Districts as well as Head Offices. The policy also requires Internet Bandwidth and Power Backups in District offices.

Bihar Rural Development Society (BRDS) was established to enhance the social and economic development of rural Bihar. The main objective of BRDS is to implement various rural development programs and schemes in the state of Bihar. Here are some of the benefits of BRDS:

  1. Infrastructure Development: BRDS is responsible for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure like roads, bridges, water supply systems, etc. in rural areas. This helps in improving the overall connectivity and accessibility of the rural areas.
  2. Poverty Alleviation: BRDS is responsible for implementing various schemes and programs aimed at poverty alleviation in rural areas. These schemes provide support and assistance to the marginalized sections of the society, thereby improving their standard of living.
  3. Skill Development: BRDS provides skill development training to the rural population. This helps in creating employment opportunities and also improves the quality of the workforce.
  4. Agricultural Development: BRDS provides support to farmers through various agricultural schemes and programs. This helps in improving the agricultural productivity and also increases the income of farmers.
  5. Women Empowerment: BRDS has various schemes and programs aimed at empowering women in rural areas. These programs provide training and support to women entrepreneurs, thereby promoting women’s entrepreneurship in rural areas.

Overall, BRDS plays a crucial role in the development of rural Bihar by implementing various schemes and programs aimed at improving the socio-economic conditions of the rural population.


BRDS HRMS Portal Details
State Name Bihar
Organization  Bihar Rural Development Society
Department Rural Development
Purpose A highly effective HRMS system for HR
Benefits  All employees of BRDS


The goal that is the goal of Bihar Rural Development Society is to increase the economic and social empowerment of rural people. Society is developing associations of producers and rural poor in order to allow them to gain access to and better negotiate for services. The Bihar government Bihar has appointed BRLPS ( Bihar rural livelihood promotion society) as the State Rural Livelihoods Mission (SRLM) for the implementation of NRLM ( National rural livelihood mission) within the state.

The goal in this Project is to enhance the monitoring system for the project and enhance the support for the office of the State Office of BRDSor RDD and district offices DRDAs by providing qualified personnel in various services described in the RFP.

This project will aid Government to build the Employees and Pensioners Database, which will keep the personal details of each employee, such as calculation of pensions and salary due, filing taxes, keeping track of the absence of other leave and attendance, Service Books and many other.


In this section, we have shared BRDSHRMS Service portal’s contact phone number along with the address that is in the following:

BRDSHRMS Contact Number: 0612 2233333

Address: Bihar Rural Development Society 2nd floor ,Indian Red Cross Building , North of Gandhi Maidan, Patna Bihar Pin:800001


How can I determine the index of rural development?

The answer: Many workers are engaged in a project for which they must compute the Rural Development Index in order to determine the degree of development within the region. The areas that are included in this index include:

  • Directly straight to the RDI.
  • Individual-level
  • Health facilities
  • Community asset
  • Family income per year
  • Group at the group level
  • New infrastructure is created
  • Road
  • Wealth Creation
  • Electricity
  • Markets that are regulated

What kinds of social impacts must be evaluated?

Analyze: Population Change, Healthful lifestyle or Quality of life, Social cohesion , feelings of belonging, Housing conditions, access to work and education, civic participation and empowerment.

How do I choose the correct questionnaire to be used to use for Rural Development in India?

Ans: The questionnaires are objective dependent. If you’re searching for resources that they have, then the question will be primarily based on the resources available and similarly, if the goal is to evaluate the mental state or attitude of the people living in the area towards a particular policy , then the questions will be determined by the policy.

What is the term “marginalised” in rural zones?

The answer is The term “marginalized” rural area is regions that have exhausted natural and social resources. For instance, due to the excessive use of water the quality or quantity of water is not suitable for use. Moreover, jobs are not possible as jobs have been taken and the size of farms has diminished and people are nearing the point of being in poverty.

Q1: What Is an HRMS BRDS Service Portal? A1: An HRMS BRDS Service Portal is an online platform created to offer human resource management services to employees and staff of an organization.

Q2: Which services can I access through the HRMS BRDS Service Portal?
A2: Typically, the HRMS BRDS Service Portal offers various services for employee self-service functions, accessing personal data, payroll management, leave management, benefits administration and performance evaluation.

Q3: How can employees access the HRMS BRDS Service Portal? A3: Employees can gain access to the HRMS BRDS Service Portal by visiting its website and logging in with their designated credentials, such as username and password.

Question 4 (Q4): Can employees update their personal information using the HRMS BRDS Service Portal? A4: Yes, employees can generally manage and modify their contact details, address details, emergency contacts and banking information using this portal.

Q5: Does HRMS BRDS Service Portal include payroll management features? A5: Yes, often including features to allow employees to view pay stubs, tax information and access other documents related to payroll management.

Q6: Can employees request and manage their leave through the HRMS BRDS Service Portal? A6: Yes, employees can generally submit requests for leaves, review their leave balances and track requests through this platform.

Q7: Does HRMS BRDS Service Portal contain features for benefits administration?
A7: Yes, the HRMS BRDS Service Portal may include features for administering benefits for employees. They can access information about their benefits plans and enroll or make modifications accordingly as well as access benefit statements.

Q8: Can employees access performance management tools through the HRMS BRDS Service Portal?
A8: It is possible that the HRMS BRDS Service Portal offers performance management tools, enabling employees to set goals, monitor progress, and participate in evaluation or feedback processes.

Q9: Does the HRMS BRDS Service Portal Offer Employee Help Desk Support Services? A9: Yes, HRMS BRDS Service Portal may include a helpdesk or support system to assist employees with any inquiries related to portal use and HR services.

Q10: Are employees able to access training and development resources via the HRMS BRDS Service Portal?
A10: Training and development resources available through HRMS BRDS Service Portal depend on its specific features offered by an organization. Some portals may provide access to training materials or learning modules.

Q11: Does HRMS BRDS Service Portal contain a company or employee directory?
A11: Yes, the HRMS BRDS Service Portal includes a company-wide directory or employee directory which enables employees to search for contact details of other staff members in their organization.

Q12: Can employees access company policies and procedures through the HRMS BRDS Service Portal? A12: Absolutely; employees can gain access to company policies and procedures through this portal as well as employee handbooks or any other important documents which need to be awared of by them.

Q13: Are There Features for Timesheet Management or Performance Tracking in HRMS BRDS Service Portal? A13: Yes, HRMS BRDS Service Portal may offer features to track performance or timesheet management so employees can record working hours, attendance records and track productivity.

Q14: Can employees access job postings and job opportunities via the HRMS BRDS Service Portal?
A14: It is likely that the HRMS BRDS Service Portal features job openings or internal job postings within an organization, providing employees with opportunities to explore career advancement within.

Q15: Can HRMS BRDS Service Portal be accessed via mobile devices? A15: Depending on its design and functionality, the HRMS BRDS Service Portal could likely be accessible from mobile devices either through an app or responsive web interface.

Q16: Can employees access their performance reviews or appraisal results through the HRMS BRDS Service Portal? A16: Yes, employees may use the HRMS BRDS Service Portal to gain access to performance reviews, appraisal results or any feedback received during performance evaluation cycles.

Q17: Are there communication features, such as chat and messaging capabilities on an HRMS BRDS Service Portal? A17: Certain HRMS BRDS Service Portals may include communication features like chat or messaging systems to facilitate employee-HR staff communications.

Q18: Can employees access their training history and certifications through the HRMS BRDS Service Portal? A18: Yes, the HRMS BRDS Service Portal stores and displays employees’ training history, completed courses, certifications or qualifications.

Q19: Does HRMS BRDS Service Portal allow for tracking and managing employee benefits claims?
A19: It’s likely that the HRMS BRDS Service Portal provides employees with a feature to manage and track their benefit claims, including submitting new ones or monitoring existing claims’ progress.

Q20: How can employees provide feedback or make suggestions regarding the HRMS BRDS Service Portal?
A20: Employees may provide feedback or suggestions regarding the HRMS BRDS Service Portal by communicating directly with their HR department, using designated feedback channels within the portal, or reaching out to its support team.


In the article above, we have provided information about Bihar Rural Development Society HRMS or BRDSHRMS service portal such as advantages that come with BRDS HRMS Portal, Mission & Mission. Additionally, we provided information on how to log into BRDSHRMS portal online, as well.

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