FWISD Portal Login with official site, How to use? Contacts for Help, Benefits

FWISD Portal Login: Fort Worth Independent School District, or FWISD, is a school district in Fort Worth, Texas, in the United States. The Fort Worth Independent School District’s students, parents, and staff have access to a variety of online resources and services through the FWISD Portal, a web-based platform.

Depending on the individual user type (e.g., student, parent, or staff) and the portal’s version or configuration, the precise features and functions of the FWISD Portal may change.

Evvie Portal Login with official site, How to use? Contacts for Help, Benefits

FWISD Portal

FWISD portal

The Fort Worth Independent School District in Texas has an online platform for its students, parents, and faculty members known as the FWISD Portal, also referred to as the Fort Worth ISD Portal. It gives users access to a variety of educational materials, such as course schedules, attendance logs, and academic progress reports.

The FWISD Portal’s features, advantages, and login instructions, along with its official website and contact information, will all be covered in this page.

It’s crucial to remember that the precise features and functions of the FWISD Portal might change in the future, and that only authorized individuals might be able to access it.

It is recommended to speak with the school district or the relevant school for information on how to login and utilize the portal if you are an FWISD student, parent, or staff member and require access to the FWISD Portal.

Features of FWISD Portal:

  1. Grades and Attendance: Students and parents may access their academic progress reports, attendance history, and class schedules on the FWISD Portal. They may monitor their academic progress and achievement thanks to this tool.
  2. Parent Communication: Through the site, parents may get in touch with instructors and other staff members. Additionally, they may receive crucial school news and updates and keep track of their child’s development.
  3. Online Resources: The FWISD Portal gives users access to a range of learning tools, including textbooks, online reference materials, and resources for exam preparation. Students’ learning is improved by this feature, which also offers more assistance with their academics.
  4. Dashboard Customization: The dashboard may be altered to suit the individual requirements of parents, instructors, and students. Users may alter their dashboards to display the data that matters to them the most.
  5. Mobile App: Users of the FWISD Portal may access their accounts and resources via the mobile app on their cellphones and tablets. Devices running iOS and Android can both use the app.

How to Login to FWISD Portal:

To log in to FWISD Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website at https://my.fwisd.org/.
  2. Click on the “Log In” button.
  3. Enter your username and password in the provided fields.
  4. Click on the “Log In” button again.
  5. You will now be logged in to FWISD Portal.

Official Website:

The official website for FWISD Portal is https://my.fwisd.org/. Here, users can access all the features and resources provided by the platform.


Users can reach the FWISD Portal support staff by dialing (817) 814-2000 or sending an email to [email protected] if they have any questions or need assistance. Additionally, they can go to the FWISD Portal Help Desk at the following location:

Technology Help Desk for Fort Worth ISD 100 N. University Drive, Suite #A1 Fort Worth, Texas 76107

In conclusion, the FWISD Portal is a fantastic online tool that gives instructors, parents, and students access to a wide range of learning materials and data. Its features include a mobile app, a configurable dashboard, online resources, and grade and attendance monitoring. Using the FWISD Portal has advantages such as enhanced communication.

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