Access Online Resources for Home Depot Associates Through the MyTHDHR Website

As a person who works for The Home Depot, it is possible for you to view your pay statements online. You can also access your work schedule information, your benefits information and a wide range other relevant/essential work-related resources online.

All these resources are available to you thanks to the website that The Home Depot has set up specifically for its associates: namely, the MyTHDHR website.

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Home Depot Associates

Home Depot Associates

Here is a table with some information about Home Depot Associates:

Attribute Details
Company Name The Home Depot
Employee Portal MyTHDHR – Home Depot Associate Login
Purpose Online portal for Home Depot associates
Features Access to work schedule, pay statements, benefits
Account Creation Available for Home Depot associates
Contact Home Depot Associate Service Center: 1-866-myTHDHR (1-866-698-4347)
Email: Available through the employee portal


MyTHDHR” refers to The Home Depot’s employee self-service portal, where associates (employees) of The Home Depot can gain access to various work-related resources and information. The portal was developed so employees have convenient access to their schedules, pay stubs, benefits information and any other pertinent details related to employment at The Home Depot.

Key Features and Functions Commonly Found in MyTHDHR Portal:

  1. Work Schedule: Employees can view their upcoming work schedule, including shifts, hours and days off.
  2. Pay and Compensation: Get access to pay stubs, pay history reports, withholding tax data and other payroll-related details.
  3. Benefits Information: Employees can review their coverage options, enrollment process and any other benefits-related details.
  4. Time and Attendance: Some versions of the portal enable employees to track their time worked, submit time-off requests, and manage attendance.
  5. Employees can manage or setup direct deposit information to receive their pay electronically.
  6. Career Development: The portal may provide resources for career development, training opportunities and advancement within a company.
  7. Communication: Sharing of announcements, news and updates regarding company events.
  8. Employee Assistance: Accessing employee assistance programs, HR support information, and help with work-related inquiries are all readily available here.


Through the MyTHDHR website, you can go as far as specifying how you’d like to receive your pay — say, by either opting for direct deposit or by using the payroll card. On the MyTHDHR website, you have a chance to view your tax information (through W-2 and W-5 statements).

Simply put, most of the things that would have previously forced you visit The Home Depot Human Resources offices are things that you can now access online, thanks to the MyTHDHR website.

MyTHDHR is an online platform provided by The Home Depot for its employees to access a range of human resources services and information. The platform allows employees to view their work schedules, pay stubs, and other important information related to their employment.

To access MyTHDHR, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the MyTHDHR website at
  2. Select “Current Associates” or “Former Associates” depending on your employment status.
  3. Enter your User ID and Password.
  4. Click on the “Sign In” button to access the platform.

Once you are logged in, you can access a range of services and resources, including your work schedule, pay stubs, benefits information, and more. You can also update your personal information, enroll in employee programs, and communicate with HR representatives.

If you are having trouble accessing MyTHDHR, you can contact the Home Depot Human Resources Department for assistance.

An overview of the procedure for accessing online resources for The Home Depot associates

The procedure for accessing online resources for The Home Depot associates simply entails going to the MyTHDHR website, and clicking on the link for the specific resource you are interested in.

Upon clicking on certain options (like, say, for your work schedule), you are immediately taken to the login page, where you are required to log in, in order to access that particular resource.

Upon clicking on the links for certain other resources (such as the link for your benefits), something different happens. You are taken to pages with links to other sites, where you can find those other resources.

Thus, some resources are not to be found directly on the MyTHDHR website. Rather, some resources are on external websites, thanks to other companies that The Home Depot partners with, for the benefit of its associates. In such cases, what you get on the MyTHDHR website are links to those external websites.

What you need to have, to access the online resources for The Home Depot associates

Firstly and most obviously, you need to have a way of connecting to the Internet, for you to be able to visit the MyTHDHR website and access the associate resources found there.

To access the personal resources that are available right on the MyTHDHR website (such as your work schedule), you need to have the required login credentials: namely the user ID and the password.

Where you need to go, to access the online resources for The Home Depot associates

To access online resources for The Home Depot associates, you need to go to the MyTHDHR website. The address/URL you can use to get to the said MyTHDHR website is given below, in the ‘useful links’ section

How to go about accessing the online resources for The Home Depot associates

You start by going to the MyTHDHR website. The address/URL you can use, to get to the MyTHDHR website is given below, in the ‘helpful links’ section.

Once you are on the MyTHDHR website homepage, check on the left hand side, and you will see a vertical main menu: with items like ‘Your schedule’, ‘Kronos – Time, Attendance & Schedule’, ‘Benefits’, ‘Pay’, ‘Life Events’… and so on. From that menu, click on the link for the particular resource that you are interested in.

For resources like your work schedule, you will be taken directly to a login page where you are can sign into the MyTHDHR website, in order to access that particular resource. For certain other resources, you may be taken to pages where there are links to other (external) sites, where those resources can be accessed.


Let’s say, for instance, that you click on the ‘benefits’ link from the main menu of the MyTHDHR website. In that case, you will be taken to a page on which there is a link to the website — where you can find your benefits-related materials.

Useful links

How Can I Join Home Depot as an Associate?

To become an associate with the Home Depot, you can apply online through its careers website or in person at one of their stores. As part of their application process – including interviews and assessments – applicants must meet specific qualifications before being considered.

What benefits can Home Depot associates expect to enjoy?

Home Depot associates enjoy numerous perks that include health and wellness plans, retirement plans, tuition reimbursement programs, career development programs and access to resources for personal and professional growth.

How can a Home Depot associate access their work schedule?

Home Depot associates can access their schedule through MyTHDHR portal. This online platform enables associates to view their schedule, request time off and manage their availability.

Can Home Depot associates receive employee discounts?

Home Depot associates are eligible to take advantage of employee discounts available both within their store as well as on certain products and services offered by partner companies.

How can a Home Depot associate access their pay stub?

Home Depot associates can access their pay stub through MyTHDHR portal. This portal provides pay stub details, such as earnings, deductions, and taxes owed.

Does Home Depot Provide Training or Development Programs for Associates?

Yes, Home Depot offers associates training and development programs designed to strengthen job skills, promote career advancement and open doors within the company.

Home Depot associates may take part in its 401(k) retirement savings plan to help prepare them for their futures, contributing a portion of their earnings into it – with some conditions met, the company providing matching contributions based on certain parameters.

Are There Opportunities for Career Advancement at Home Depot?

Home Depot provides numerous avenues for career advancement. Associates may explore various career paths within the company and Home Depot provides programs and resources to support this growth and development.

How can I access Home Depot benefits information?

Associates of The Home Depot can access their benefits information using MyTHDHR portal, providing access to enrollment, plan details, and other related materials.

Does Home Depot offer any employee assistance programs (EAP) for its associates?

Absolutely, the employee assistance program (EAP) at Home Depot offers confidential counseling services, referrals and resources to assist employees who face personal or work-related challenges.

Can Home Depot associates access their W-2 forms online?

Yes, they can access them online using the MyTHDHR portal, which provides access to electronic copies of W-2 forms that can be filed electronically for tax filing purposes.

How do Home Depot associates request time off?

Home Depot associates can submit requests, view approved time off and manage their availability through MyTHDHR portal. This feature enables them to submit time-off requests, view approved requests, manage availability and manage schedules all from within one convenient platform.

Are there employee recognition programs at Home Depot?

Yes, Home Depot has employee recognition programs designed to recognize and reward outstanding performance and contributions of its employees. These may include incentives, awards or celebration events.

Yes, Home Depot associates have access to online training resources through MyTHDHR portal and these may include product knowledge training, safety courses and professional development classes.

How can Home Depot associates report concerns or issues?

Home Depot associates can report any concerns through its “Speak Up” hotline or by speaking directly with their supervisor or management. Home Depot strives to create an inclusive workplace and encourages associates to voice any issues that they have about their experience at work.

Home Depot associates can easily access their attendance records through MyTHDHR portal, which provides access to attendance details such as clock-in and clock-out times.

Are any wellness programs or resources available to Home Depot associates?

Yes, Home Depot provides wellness programs and resources designed to promote the well-being of its associates. These may include health screenings, fitness challenges, wellness incentives and access to resources for healthy living.

Can Home Depot associates access their performance evaluations online?

Yes, they can. Through the MyTHDHR portal they have access to all performance-related information, feedback, and evaluations for easy viewing.

Does Home Depot Provide Educational Assistance for Associates?

Yes, Home Depot offers educational assistance programs for associates that may include tuition reimbursement for eligible educational expenses as well as partnerships with educational institutions to further their education and development.

Can Home Depot associates access their tax information online?

Yes, Home Depot associates can gain access to their tax documents online through MyTHDHR portal – including W-2 forms and tax statements.

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