Princeton University provides an HR Self Service portal for its employees to manage their human resource-related tasks and information. This portal can be accessed online by employees who have a valid NetID and password.

Once logged in, employees can view their personal information, such as their contact information and job details, and update them if necessary. They can also access and download important HR-related documents, such as pay stubs, tax forms, and benefits information.

Additionally, the HR Self Service portal allows employees to manage their time off requests, view their vacation and sick leave balances, and submit their time sheets online.

Overall, the HR Self Service portal at Princeton University streamlines many HR-related tasks and provides employees with easy access to important information and resources related to their employment at the university.

Princeton HR Self Service

Self Service HR university Self Service HR university is an excellent source to HR professionals. It provides a variety of training and resources which can assist HR professionals to improve their knowledge and skills.

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The main campus at Princeton University spans 600 acres. It has 9.5 millions square feet of area spread across more than 200 buildings. For student life on campus students can avail accommodation and dining choices.

There are dining clubs, residential colleges along with sports venues. Princeton University offers 55 interdisciplinary undergraduate certificate programs as well as 18 master’s degrees and 33 transdisciplinary programs and 42 doctoral programs. Also, be aware of the clay county ditrict portal for schools and.

Princeton University had a total enrollment of 5,267 students in the 2020-21. In contrast the number of graduate student registered. Students from abroad who were enrolled at the school were 638 and the number of international graduate students was 1,257. Princeton University provides financial assistance for international students based on their financial situation.

Students are offered stipends who are eligible in financial need. There aren’t any merit scholarships in athletics or academics at the University.

Princeton University promises on-campus accommodation for the entire four years. Each residential college has pupils from the four years of class along with some alumni. In the course of the academic year Princeton University residential colleges provide an environment that is welcoming along with a range of academic and social events.

Furthermore, many out of class educational events are arranged by the residential colleges, including shared meals with distinguished academics and film shows and foreign-language discussion tables and visits to the opera, theatre and ballet. Apart from that, colleges organize barbecues, dances and film night.

Princeton University has an impressive list of alumni. Over 94,000 Princeton alumni are still living. The most notable Princeton alumni include 18 Nobel laureates, as well as two ex- US presidents. Some alumni are James Madison (U.S. President), Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO and founder), F. Scott Fitzgerald (Writer), Toni Morrison (Novelist) along with Michelle Obama (Former First Lady of the United States) (Former First Lady of the US).


Human Resources is a vital part of the University’s mission. Human Resources Team is committed to the university’s mission and is committed to fostering a community of people who have a significant role to play in helping to further the mission of the University, increase knowledge, train the next generation of leaders, and influence the wider community. The Princeton employees, who are one of the greatest assets show every day that regardless of their status, they are motivated and engaged by their challenging and interesting work.

We are proud to be part of a group which values respect and teamwork, as well as collaboration, diversity and diversity. HR is committed to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of the information it is given. We’ve covered the Birmingham city university in our previous stories.

The Office of Human Resources forges innovative and strategic partnerships in order to draw and develop an experienced, highly skilled and active workforce. As an organization that provides services, accomplish these things:

  • Represent the rights of the University and its employees with fair, fair and legally compliant procedures and decisions.
  • Deliver outstanding, efficient and efficient results


To log into Princeton HR Self Service, login with Your University username and netID. In the near future you’ll need to use DUO to sign in.

Click Here for Login


To change your office telephone numbers, your fax phone number or office address, call the department’s coordinator for telephones.

When you retire, what information should one change on HR Self Service?

Retirees may update personal data including home and mail addresses, personal numbers and emergency contact numbers, as well as personal email addresses.


It is possible that you are unable to connect to technical issues related to your VPN or browser installed on your device:

  • You need to utilize Internet Explorer on a Windows computer , or Firefox and Chrome on an Mac to use HR Self Service. For more details, visit the University Business Applications supported browsers and the Settings.
  • It is necessary to allow pop-ups in your browser to perform specific tasks (for instance, checking your pay stub).
  • The ability to access HR Self Service from off-campus does not require an Princeton VPN connection. However it is possible that a VPN connection is possible in the event that your firewall is blocking the connection.
  • In the event that your firewall configured to allow only http connections using port 80, then you will not be able to access HR Self Service. This portal uses port 7002. HR Self Service portal, that uses port 7002. The Princeton VPN connection can be seen to resolve this issue since the firewall could be set to allow the use of a VPN connection, and it will transfer information to and from any port within the campus.


You can achieve these things:

  • Make sure you update your private information, including your address for your home and mail telephone numbers and emergency contact numbers and your email address.
  • Change your preferred and legal Name
  • Update your disability and veteran statuses.
  • Check out your benefit options.
  • Join the perks (if you’re a new employee)
  • In the open enrollment time it is possible to alter your coverage.
  • Make sure you update your payroll information including your W-4 direct deposit, W-4, as well as your paperless preferences for elections.
  • Renew your benefits (when you’ve had an event in your life that qualifies as a life event)
  • Make sure you have your current absence balances.
  • Print and review your pay slips and choose to use an electronic W-2 forms distribution.

Human resources departments must verify details that have changed (such as changes to the legal name or marital status) to ensure the accuracy of the information. In the end, you might not be able to notice any changes at first. After a thorough check the information you have provided will be up-to-date.


Princeton University, founded in 1746, as The College of New Jersey, is the fourth-oldest university of its kind in the United States. From the colonial era to the 21st century, the university was governed through 20 different presidents. After a period with Elizabeth along with nine months in Newark The College of New Jersey relocated to Princeton in 1756.

Princeton University was formally called the College of New Jersey in 1896. The school’s slogan is “In the Nation’s Service and the Service of Humanity,” the school has taught thousands of students who went on to work in the public sector and help communities around the globe, including in the United States.


Visit to the Contact Us portion of the Princeton Service Portal’s Information Technology website for technical queries.

  • Contact with the Office of Human Resources with any HR-related inquiries:
  • Phone: 609-258-3300
  • e-mail: 


So, princeton University is among the top universities in the United States, as evidenced by its ranking. Princeton University’s QS Ranking in 2023 is 20. It is among the top universities worldwide that is being ranked sixteenth in US News and World Report in 2023.

It is ranked 7th in Times Higher Education 2023 University Ranking. It is the top-ranked university on the National University Ranking by US News and World Report for 2023.

Q1. What Is HR Self-Service Princeton? A1: HR Self-Service Princeton is an online platform provided by Princeton University that enables employees to access and manage their HR-related information, as well as complete various HR tasks.

Q2: How can employees access HR Self-Service Princeton? A2: Employees can gain access to HR Self-Service Princeton by visiting its designated website or portal and signing in using their Princeton University credentials.

Q3: Which HR information can employees access through HR Self-Service Princeton? A3: Employees can gain access to their personal profile, employment details, compensation details, benefits enrollment information, tax forms and any other necessary HR-related documents.

Q4: Can employees update their personal information through HR Self-Service Princeton? A4: Employees can typically update their contact details, emergency contacts and any other pertinent details through HR Self-Service Princeton.

Q5: Are payroll-related services offered through HR Self-Service Princeton? A5: Yes, employees can generally view and download their pay stubs, access W-2 forms and manage direct deposit information through HR Self-Service Princeton.

Q6: Can Employees Request Time Off and Manage Leaves Through HR Self-Service Princeton? A6: Yes. HR Self-Service Princeton provides employees with functionality for requesting time off and managing leaves through HR Self-Service Princeton. Employees can view their leave balances as well as track the status of any leave requests they’ve made through it.

Q7: Does HR Self-Service Princeton offer resources for employee training and development?
A7: That depends on what features Princeton University is offering in their HR Self-Service portals. Some HR Self-Service portals may include resources such as online courses, learning materials or registration for training events.

Q8: Can employees access performance evaluation information through HR Self-Service Princeton? A8: Yes, employees may have access to their performance evaluation results, feedback or performance-related documents through HR Self-Service Princeton.

Q9: Does HR Self-Service Princeton offer features to manage benefits enrollment and management?
A9: Employees can typically enroll in benefits programs, review plan details, and make updates or changes to their benefit elections through HR Self-Service Princeton.

Q10: Can employees access information regarding company policies and procedures on HR Self-Service Princeton? A10: Yes, HR Self-Service Princeton allows access to company policies, employee handbooks, or any relevant documents regarding company guidelines and procedures.

Q11: Does HR Self-Service Princeton include a directory feature to locate colleagues?
A11: It may include this function, which would enable employees to search and access contact details of colleagues or other staff members in HR Self-Service Princeton.

Q12: Can employees access their performance goals or job descriptions on HR Self-Service Princeton? A12: Yes, employees may have access to these details through HR Self-Service Princeton.

Q13: Does HR Self-Service Princeton include features for tracking and managing employee training certifications or qualifications?
A13: This depends on your system capabilities – depending on how powerful they are, HR Self-Service Princeton may include features to track and manage training certifications or qualifications of employees.

Q14: Can employees access information regarding upcoming company events or announcements via HR Self-Service Princeton? A14: Yes, HR Self-Service Princeton may provide employees with details regarding forthcoming company events, announcements or any other pertinent news that is pertinent for them.

Q15: Can HR Self-Service Princeton provide employees with any kind of helpdesk or support system? A15: Yes. Employees can often find information about where and how to seek assistance through HR Self-Service Princeton, including contact details for HR support teams.

Q16: Can employees view or request shift changes via HR Self-Service at Princeton? A16: That depends on the features implemented by Princeton University – some HR Self-Service portals allow employees to do just that!

Q17: Does HR Self-Service Princeton offer employee wellness programs or resources to support employees’ health and wellbeing? mes A17: Yes, HR Self-Service Princeton may provide information about employee wellness programs, resources or initiatives available to employees to promote health and well-being.

Q18: Can employees access Performance Improvement Plans or Discipline Records via HR Self-Service Princeton?
A18: It depends on the policies and practices at Princeton University. Access to performance improvement plans or disciplinary records may be restricted and subject to HR guidelines.

Q19: Can employees find information about available career opportunities at Princeton University through HR Self-Service Princeton? A19: Absolutely, HR Self-Service Princeton is designed to give employees information regarding any job openings or internal career advancement opportunities available within Princeton University.

Q20: Can employees provide feedback or make suggestions about HR Self-Service Princeton? A20: Employees may have the ability to give feedback about HR Self-Service Princeton through designated channels such as feedback forms or surveys in order to help enhance and optimize this system.


Princeton HR Self Service is an online platform that allows University employees to log in and access their HR records.

To log in users must input the University netID as well as their password. In the future, students will also require DUO to log in.

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