MDCPS Portal Miami Dade County Public Schools Login

MDCPS Portal Login and also mdcps portal login student portal today we are sharing, After sharing about PowerSchool student login now we are talking about this. Miami-Dade County Public Schools ( MDCPS) is the most reputed school in the United States. MDCPS is having 392 schools working under it.

There are approximately 345,000 students, and also more than 40,000 teachers were employed for various branches. The Miami-Dade County Public Schools is situated at the southern end of the Florida Peninsula. It is the largest school with the school area extends more than 2,000 square miles.

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MDCPS Portal Miami Dade County

MDCPS Portal Miami Dade County Public Schools Login

The school is having different and dynamic groups going from local and rural to urban areas and regions. MDCPS has the services over offering education in 56 various languages. Nearly 160 Nations children were studying there under the MDCPS campus.

Director Alberto M. Carvalho has been leading the Miami-Dade County Public Schools from its orientation in 2008 to till now. Under his supervision, the MDCPS schools got national reorganisation from the United state of America. He has received appreciation for his determination and hard work in moulding the children to excel

Dade School Services :

  • SPED-ED Home
  • SPED Centers
  • FDLRS-South
  • Psychological Services
  • School Social Work Programs
  • Special Education

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MDCPS Portal Miami Dade County

The Office of Exceptional Student Education and Student Support serves youths and families all through the locale by creating, encouraging and managing activities that reinforce students with ineptitudes to ensure that instructive system, instructional and behavioural practices are modified to meet their information needs.

The Office is likewise committed to giving to upgrade scholarly accomplishment for all students’ access to age suitable school and gathering exercises that will advantage the individual needs of each student. Specific tasks and organisations fuse first unmistakable verification and intervention, psycho-informative evaluation, and game plan, move support and non-attendance hatred.

The Miami-Dade Schools screens each need of guardian and understudy, for example, implying parents about the entire school-related projects and exercises and insinuating the students about the locations, opportunities, exams, timetable and so forth.

Miami Dade Schools Employee Portal

Also, there is the separate page for its employees to serve the needs of Dade School staff. The page, is designed for Dade School employers, Miami.

Visit MDCPS Employee Portal

Dade Schools Division of Student Services

The Division of Student Services, its tasks, and school-based specialists give neutralising activity and intercession organisations to PK-Adult students in the manoeuvring of schools all through the District. Division framework organizations spin around the students’ capacity change and are passed on by a planned gathering of understudy organisations specialists who are astoundingly arranged to address the educational,

And also Singular/social, school and calling and wellbeing and wellbeing headway needs of all students. This is a systemic procedure that passes on organizations to students and their families. Lets read more about m dcps parent portal and also mdcps portal password.

MDCPS Services

  • Enhancing the learning environment.
  • You are maximising understudy scholarly potential and execution.
  • We are preparing students to accomplish with aptitudes for preparation to begin school.
  • You are increasing the graduation rate and availability for post-optional training and business.
  • Maximizing understudies individual, enthusiastic and social development and advancement.
  • I am promoting and upgrading a sound and safe learning environment.

The framework structure bolsters informational change exercises and considers the current social environment, and the different issues stood up to by the multicultural/multi-etymological peoples chose in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

School reinforce organizations gave by the method for the Division are a key and central bit of the District’s whole informative undertaking.

It is the mission of the Student Services area to give the benefits and the organization sponsorship to shield that Miami-Dade County Public Schools accomplishes its communicated targets and fulfils its primary objective to the extent of serving students.

  • the mdcps portal login student portal
  • MDC student portal
  • Comprehensive Student Services PK-Adult Program, Board Policy 2411
  • Articulation, Transition and Orientation Guide, Board Policy 2411
  • Florida’s School Counselling Framework

Every School Has a Student Services Team to Assist:

  • Elementary School Portal
  • Middle School Portal
  • Senior High School Portal
  • Parent Portal

MDCPS Student Portal and Purpose

The Dade Schools is arranged in the United States, which is putting forth its students, parents and different gatherings to make another record with the fundamental inconspicuous components which are required for the site. MDCPS Portal Benefits

They could check the status of the student’s scholarly evaluations and different activities. Additionally, the choice for the instantly recognisable get ready activities, and the courses are determined for the teachers and the parents. The clients should register themselves for getting the redesigns and the other related material about the studies and the courses on these records.

Instructions for Students How to Access the Student Portal

  1. Log in to the Miami-Dade Country Public School Website Official Page,

  1. Click on the Red Tab titled Students
  1. Click on “Log In to Students Portal” Button visible.
  1. New Users: If you are visiting the portal for the first time,

Username: Student Identification Number

Password: The Initial Password is students 2 digits birth month and 4 digit birth year along with the word ‘pw’, for instance, 032010pw


  1. Existing Users

Username: Student’s ID number

Password: Use Students Password

How to Change Password of Dade Schools Student Portal:

Visit the Student Portal Homepage of Miami-Dade County Public Schools,

  • Login with the Students Name and Password by entering the details like as above.
  • After that, the Student page will Open.
  • ‘Change Password’ Link will be visible on screen, Select that link.
  • Enter Old Password, after that new password you wish to change and enter the new password again for confirmation. And click on Submit button.
  • It will take 24 hours to activate the change of password.

MDCPS Portal Students Must Remember These Things Before Login

To add students to a new Parent Account, you must obtain the following:

  • Your child’s MDCPS student ID
  • Parent 6 Digit PIN (To obtain you must visit your child’s school)
  • Students Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Student birthplace State or Country
  • Zip Code

Miami-Dade County Public Schools Contact Info:

M-DCPS: 1450 NE 2nd Ave. : Miami,

FL 33132 :

Phone: (305) 995-1000

Important Links 

Visit mdcps Website
Visit MDCPS Student Portal Student Portal
Visit  MDCPS Employee Portal
Visit MDCPS Parent Portal

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