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Home education, Organizational Success, Accomplishments, School Registration Requirement, Immunization Requirements and all programs. Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) is the public school district for Jacksonville and Duval County, Florida. Duval County Public Schools My grade portal is the 22nd most significant school area in the country and the 6th most prominent school locale in Florida.

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My Grade Portal Mobile App Wayne Valley

The region is focused on guaranteeing that understudies are arranged for achievement in school or, and life. Moreover, the area will verify its central goal of giving instructive greatness is reflected in every school, in every classroom, for each understudy, consistently.

  • Starting in 2011, the region had an enlistment of more than 123,000 understudies,
  • Making it the 22nd most significant school area in the United States,
  • And the 6th most prominent school locale in Florida.

In 2010, it was home to two of the leading ten secondary schools in the United States: Stanton School Preparatory School and Paxon School for Cutting edge Studies.


It is vital to stay focused on instructive in every school consistently. Duval Province State funded Schools My grade portal depends on its engagement between understudies, educators, managers, folks and the whole group to surpass desires.

And takes a necessary region arrangement to help guide activities intended to deliver positive results. Recorded underneath are some late accomplishments by understudies, schools, guideline and organisation staff.

Organisational Success 

My grade Portal has a universal credit, and speculation evaluation rating of AA- per Standard & Poor’s Evaluations Administrations (S&P) and Fitch Appraisals; these evaluations are given good money related administration strategies and practices.

And low obligation proportion, duty base adjustment, satisfactory store offset, solid lease structure, substantial riches and wage, stable stores regardless of reductions in property charge income and state help, and executing a progressive planning methodology.

Duval County and the City of Jacksonville merged in 1968, making a single element representing all of Duval Area except for the shoreline groups (Atlantic Shoreline, Neptune Shoreline and Jacksonville Shoreline) and Baldwin.

The Duval Region State funded School Area incorporates the shoreline groups and the City of Baldwin. Jacksonville, Florida has situated in Upper east Florida and is the biggest city in the adjoining United States in area region.

We are positioned as the 14th biggest city in the United States in the populace with more than 800,000 occupants. The Jacksonville metropolitan region, including encompassing Mud, Pastry specialist, Nassau, and St. Johns areas, has a populace of more than 1,000,000 inhabitants.

Accreditation My Grade Portal 

My Grade Portal invites you toward the Southern Relationship of Universities and Schools Gathering on Accreditation and School Change (SACS CASI) and Advance-Ed general data.

This site has been produced to advise the DCPS staff better and give data to the group everywhere in regards to the new convention of the SACS CASI and Advance-Ed Region Accreditation as a Quality Framework process.

SACS CASI Area Accreditation is the most abnormal amount of accreditation that an educational system can get from this association, and we are anticipating this procedure.

Right now, the more significant part of the Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) My grade portal is wholly certified by SACS CASI. Through this since a long time ago settled technique for authorising schools, individual schools are into every year for accreditation qualification.

A Quality Affirmation Survey Group (QART) visits Duval District to assess and affirm our work. Getting area accreditation approves how well the training framework – the locale, school, and classroom – cooperate to address the issues of understudies. It gives a thorough system to ceaselessly enhancing understudy accomplishment and locale performance.

Locale Accreditation, as a quality affirmation procedure, has verified our region’s endeavours to give quality instruction to the more significant part of our understudies and perceive our achievements.

We welcome you to survey the data on this site, get to be acquainted with the procedure of value certification, and take in more about Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) My grade portal.

School Assignment 

All understudies are an area school given their personal residence. Focus your children’s) zoned range school by entering your place of residence in the School Locator or by reaching the Student Task Office at 904-390-2144.

To visit a school site, please pick a school through the “Select A School” button at the upper right on every website page.

School Registration Requirements

State law obliges all youngsters ages 6-16 to go to class. All registrants must give substantial documentation to include: confirmation of conception age, Florida certificate of vaccination or exception, the record of the physical examination, and evidence of residency.

A kindergarten under study must be five years of age at the very latest September 1st. Initially, review understudies must have expertly finished kindergarten and be six years of age before September 1st. Visit the Enlistment page for more data about obliged documentation.

School Transfers & Choice/Magnet Applications  

Transfers and applying, to different schools are in light of a mixed bag of elements, including space, accessibility, irregular determination, and holding fast to the Decision and Magnet School application process. Four points by point data, contact Understudy Task at 904-3902144 and the School Decision Office 904-390-2082.

Immunisation Requirements 

All Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) My grade portal understudies must meet the necessities for Florida affirmation of injection, or have a certificate of exception for restorative or religious reasons.

Different vaccinations are needed for particular evaluation levels. For a complete posting, tap on treatments, contact your kid’s school, doctor or the Duval Province Wellbeing Division’s Vaccination Center at 904-253-1420.

Exceptional Education & Student Services 

The region gives instructive chances to understudies who are physically disabled, rationally crippled, tactile impeded, candidly incapacitated, and additionally, talented.

As of now, Duval Region serves almost 24,000 extraordinary understudies. Folks intrigued by more data about a specific curriculum administration ought to contact the Remarkable Instruction & Understudy Administrations Office at 904-390-2071.

Community Education Programs

Duval has long been perceived as a pioneer all through the state for its creative group training projects. These projects include: developed day administrations at 83-grade schools, “Collaborate” after-school exercises at all centres and some primary schools,

“Graduation Activity” at all secondary schools, summer camps, and night classes in a mixture of fun and instructive themes. To take in more about these projects, contact the Group Training Office at 904-858-6080.

Immunisation Requirements 

Florida law obliges that understudies must have to document a Florida Affirmation of Vaccination (DH form 680) or have an exclusion on record at their school.

Hospital Homebound 

The objective of the Healing centre/Homebound Project is to help understudies keep up their instructive execution while restricted at home or the clinic.

Working nearly with relatives, the Upper East Florida restorative group and self-teachers, school region instructors give quality direction inflexible approaches to address the individual understudies’ issues.

Home Education 

Home Education is a guardian coordinated training option. Home Training permits the flexibility to investigate and learn at the pace of the individual under study.

Folks who give direction to their kids at home are asked for to peruse painstakingly and conform to the more significant part of the state statutes and regulations overseeing the operation of a Home Instruction Program.

This site contains data about the Home Training System. The materials will give you the essential data to start and keep up a Home Training System for your children).

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