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Panther taxi portal: Panther taxi portal is a website for Panther Taxis, a taxi company situated in the United Kingdom. Panther Taxis is a taxi company based in Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom. It provides a variety of services, such as local taxi rides, airport transfers, and long-distance taxi rides.

The company has a modern vehicle fleet that includes cars, vans, and minibuses. Customers can book rides online or via phone, and the company also provides a smartphone app for easy ride booking and tracking.

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Panther taxi portal

Panther taxi portal

Panther Taxi Portal is an internet portal that connects individuals and corporate organizations to taxi services. Among other things, the platform allows users to book cabs, track their travels, and pay for services in a straightforward and convenient manner.

This post will go over how to utilize the Panther Taxi Portal, including how to login, the app link, the social page connection, the official website, contacts, and a general conclusion.

Information Details
Name Panther Taxi Portal
Provider Panther Taxi
Website Official Website
Features Online access for taxi services and customer account management
Account Registration Create an account to access the portal
Taxi Booking Request and schedule taxi rides
Ride History View and track past taxi rides
Fare Estimation Get fare estimates for different routes
Payment Options Select and manage preferred payment methods
Loyalty Programs Earn and redeem loyalty rewards
Ride Feedback Provide feedback and rate the taxi service
Customer Support Access to customer support services
Privacy and Security Adheres to strict privacy and security standards
Contact Information Phone: +1-XXX-XXX-XXXX
Email: [email protected]
Addresses 1. Headquarters: 123 Main Street, City, State, Zip Code
2. Branch Office: 456 Elm Street, City, State, Zip Code
Location [City, State, Country] (e.g., New York, NY, United States)


How to Login:

To access the Panther Taxi Portal, users must first register an account by giving personal information such as their name, phone number, and email address. After registering, users can access the portal by entering their registered email address and password.

App link:

The Panther Taxi Portal is a mobile application that is accessible for both Android and iOS devices. Depending on their device, users can download the app either the Google Play Store or the App Store. The app allows users to order and track taxi services in a straightforward and convenient manner.

Social Page Link:

Panther Taxi Portal offers social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, among others. Users can follow the company on these networks to stay up to speed on the newest deals, discounts, and platform news.

How to Apply:

Using the Panther Taxi Portal is simple. After logging in, consumers can select their pick-up and drop-off locations, taxi type, and confirm their booking. Users can also track their taxi’s whereabouts in real time and make payments utilizing the portal’s numerous payment options.

Official Website:

The official website for Panther Taxi Portal is Users can access the portal’s various features and services, including booking, tracking, and payment, among others.


Users who encounter problems or have questions about the Panther Taxi Portal can contact customer service by visiting the Contact Us page on the portal’s website. The page offers consumers a variety of contact options, including phone numbers, email addresses, and a feedback form.

What Is Panther Taxis?

Panther Taxis is a taxi company providing transportation services in the areas specified on their website.

Where is Panther Taxis located?

Their exact location will depend on which region or city is specified on their website.

How can I book with Panther Taxis?

Panther Taxis offers several convenient methods of booking taxi rides: their website, mobile app (if available) or calling their contact number are all great ways to reserve a cab ride with them.

Are Panther Taxis Airport Transfer Services Available?

Panther Taxis may offer airport transfer services depending on their service area; to learn more, visit their website or reach out directly for further inquiries.

What types of vehicles does Panther Taxis operate?

Panther Taxis has a diverse fleet of cars, vans and larger vehicles to meet customer requirements and needs.

Do Panther Taxis Provide Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles?

Panther Taxis may provide wheelchair accessible vehicles upon request and it would be wise to contact them directly in order to discuss what options they offer in terms of accessibility.

What payment options does Panther Taxis accept?

Their payment options could include cash, credit/debit cards and possibly digital methods of payment – please consult their website or inquire for more details.

Does Panther Taxis Provide 24-7 Service?

Panther Taxis may offer 24-hour taxi service, allowing customers to book a cab at any time day or night. It is advised to contact them directly in order to confirm operating hours.

Can I pre-book a taxi ride with Panther Taxis?

Yes, Panther Taxis provides pre-booking services which allow customers to arrange their rides in advance for airport transfers or any time-sensitive journeys. This service may prove particularly useful in time-sensitive situations like airport transfer services.

Are Panther Taxis drivers licensed and trained?

Panther Taxis drivers generally meet all necessary licensing and training requirements of the region or city where they operate.

How can I reach Panther Taxis with my inquiries or needs?

For inquiries or assistance from Panther Taxis, you may visit their website and use the contact details available there – these could include their phone number, email address or even an online contact form.

Does Panther Taxis Offer Mobile Apps for Booking and Tracking Tax Rides?

To see if Panther Taxis offers mobile apps to make booking and tracking of taxi rides easier. Visit their website or app stores to determine their presence.

Can I track my taxi with Panther Taxis?

Panther Taxis’ mobile app and online booking system may provide a tracking feature which allows you to monitor the status and location of your taxi ride.

Do Panther Taxis Offer Corporate or Business Accounts?

Panther Taxis offers corporate accounts at special rates or billing arrangements for companies or organizations that often need taxi service, with special pricing or billing arrangements for frequent users of taxi services. Please inquire directly for more details.

Are There Loyalty or Rewards Programs With Panther Taxis?

Panther Taxis may have loyalty or rewards programs that provide benefits to frequent customers. You can visit their website or contact them for details regarding available programs.

Can I request a specific driver with Panther Taxis?

Panther Taxis’ policies and availability will determine whether customers may request specific drivers for their rides; it’s wise to inquire directly with them for confirmation of this request.

What safety measures does Panther Taxis implement to ensure customer safety during rides?

Panther Taxis has implemented safety measures such as background checks for drivers, vehicle inspections and adhering to local safety regulations in order to provide customers with safe rides.

Does Panther Taxis Offer Long-Distance or Out-Of-Town Trips?

Panther Taxis offers out-of-town trips depending on its service area and policies; please inquire as to their availability for such journeys by contacting them directly.

Can I cancel my taxi booking with Panther Taxis?

Panther Taxis likely has a cancellation policy that allows customers to cancel their taxi bookings. Please check their website or get in touch directly in order to understand this process and any associated fees.

Are Panther Taxis’ prices competitive?

Panther Taxis prices may depend on factors like distance, time of day and specific services requested; therefore it’s advised to compare their costs against similar taxi services in your area to assess whether their offering is competitive.


Panther Taxi Portal allows consumers to schedule and track taxi services in a straightforward and accessible manner. The portal, with its simple layout and real-time tracking capability, is a fantastic choice for both individuals and business organizations looking for dependable and economical transportation services.

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