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Peoplenet Login People Fleet Manager is an application for tracking vehicles that is run on cloud infrastructure. It offers various kinds of tracking services like vehicle tracking, logs speeds, the speed of your vehicle and idle time, fuel efficiency and navigation, among others.

PFMLogin can be described as an online platform that employees and drivers, customers, or customers are able to access all information and tools needed to gather data.

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Peoplenet Trimble provides transportation for companies. Trucks, goods, drivers transportation, and other services are offered through Trimble Peoplenet. Trimble Peoplenet.

PeopleNet offers fleet mobility solutions that is designed for use in customers in the North American trucking industry that allows for increased safety, reduced costs, compliance, as well as customer service.

PeopleNet’s precise mobility platform integrates the benefits of mobility, network communications and analytics to establish the new standard for technologically-based fleet performance and decision-making.

Information Details
Company Name Peoplenet
Founded 1997
Headquarters United States
Services Workforce management solutions, including time and attendance tracking, scheduling, labor analytics, compliance management, and mobile workforce management
Target Industries Peoplenet serves various industries such as healthcare, staffing, transportation, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, and more
Features Time clock integration, mobile time tracking, employee scheduling, absence management, labor analytics and reporting, compliance tracking, and more
Integration Can integrate with payroll systems and other HR software for seamless data exchange
Mobile App Offers a mobile app for employees to track time, view schedules, and access other workforce management features on the go
Customer Support Provides customer support and training resources for clients
Official Website


Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal

The company’s services, LTL Private fleets along with energy and fuel services, are utilized by more than 1,750 trucks across both the United States and Canada, including a number of Fortune 500 companies, and the company is constantly promoting innovative products that enhance the management of fleets. They aim to develop the next generation standard for technologically-driven and performance-based decision management.

Its services are employed by numerous freight forwarders in Canada as well as the United States. The company offers a range of products to help develop fleet management.

Name of the Software Fleet Management
Company PeopleNet Communications
Founder Ron Konezny
Founded 1994
Services and products Devices and software designed for commercial vehicle fleets.
The parent company Trimble Transportation
Official website
Service Vehicle tracking

Benefits of Peoplenet

  • Map to show the vehicles.
  • All vehicles are tracked on maps.
  • It is difficult to recognize the data by one.
  • You can send text messages via the car.
  • Download or transmit data from one device to the next.
  • You are able to access all details using your mobile login to Peoplenet Fleet Manager.
  • Know everything you can about the list of vehicles.
  • Search optimization lets you check the dates, locations and orientation of every vehicle.

How to Acess Peoplenet Login [PFM] Portal

  • Click onto the PFM Driver Center Login link on the bottom of the Pfmlogin page that you linked to above.
  • Enter the ID of your company typically four numbers.
  • Enter your driver ID.
  • Input your password which is typically comprised of four numbers.
  • Then click “Login.”

How to register/join at PeopleNet Online Portal

To register for PeopleNet Login, you can dial 866-919-6053. You can follow this guideline to make a registration and provisioning request:

  • To begin, go to the official website
  • Complete the necessary details on the contact form for request.
  • It is necessary to include details such as first name last name, last name, telephone number email address, status, etc.
  • Click Submit.
  • Wait for confirmation.

In the next few minutes, you will receive a call as well as an email confirmation within which you will be notified of the next step to register. After you have registered, you’ll receive login details to sign in to the PeopleNet portal to access numerous options.

How to Use Peoplenet Eld Login?

Peoplenet ELD (Electronic Logging Device) is a system used by commercial drivers to track and record their hours of service electronically. To use the Peoplenet ELD Login, follow these steps:

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to the Peoplenet login page (
  2. Enter your username and password in the appropriate fields on the login page.
  3. Click the “Log In” button to access your Peoplenet ELD account.

Once you are logged in, you can use the Peoplenet ELD system to record your hours of service, view your logbook, and manage your driving information.

It’s important to note that the Peoplenet ELD system must be installed in your vehicle and activated before you can use it to record your hours of service. If you are unsure how to do this, contact your carrier or the Peoplenet cus

Peoplenet App Link on the Mobile App Store

Customer Service

Phone Number (888) 346-3486.
Social Links Facebook

People Also Asked

How do I get access to this website? Peoplenet Login [PFM] Fleet Manager website?

Log on to your Peoplenet Fleet Manager website at There, you will need pick your Driver Center connection. Input Dart Company ID: 2606 Your Driver ID Password is the last four Social Security Numbers. Click Login. Utilize the drop-down arrows to choose the month you wish to print.

How how long has been in operation?

The domain has been in operation since eight hundred sixty-eight days and has been online for twenty-five days, four hours as well as forty-six mins. The domain is a variety of traffic all through the year. This website was first mentioned in a report on the 18th of October in 2004.

What are the most important features of PFM?

  • Management of inventory
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • Finance for vehicles
  • Management of declarations
  • Management of the driver
  • Control of the shipment
  • Fuel management
  • Maintenance of vehicles
  • PFM is not a maintenance program that requires annual charges.
  • You can upload your schedule online.
  • Navigation and routing
  • Travel check
  • Tracking of miles
  • Management of vehicles
  • Drivers can review the status of their timesheets and check the status.
  • You can also send reminder messages or emails to cars and drivers.
  • Fleet Monitor helps you manipulate the price of everything and earn the most profit.

Q1. What Is the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal? A1. The Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal is an online platform designed for fleet managers to efficiently monitor and oversee fleet operations.

Q2: How can I access the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal? A2: In order to gain entry to the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal, you require authentic credentials provided by Peoplenet and then accessing it from any web browser.

Q3: What features can I find on the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal?
A3: The Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal features real-time vehicle tracking, driver performance monitoring, electronic logging of hours of service (ELD), dispatch management messaging tools and reporting.

Q4: Can I track the locations of my fleet vehicles using the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal?
A4: Absolutely, using GPS technology you can monitor real-time location tracking of all of your fleet vehicles using the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal. Additionally you can see their routes, current positions, and historical data.

Q5: Can I monitor driver performance through the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal? A5: Absolutely, with our Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal you are able to effectively measure driver metrics such as speed, idle time, fuel consumption and compliance with safety regulations.

Q6: Can I manage dispatch and assignments through the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal? A6: Yes, the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal features dispatch management features to assign drivers to specific routes or jobs, optimize schedules, communicate with drivers, and assign upcoming jobs or trips for drivers.

Q7: Can I communicate with drivers through the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal?
A7: Absolutely, as the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal frequently includes messaging features allowing for two-way messaging between you and drivers, including instructions or real-time communication.

Q8: Can I generate reports and analytics with the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal? A8: Yes, the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal features reporting tools which make it possible to produce various reports related to vehicle performance, driver behavior, fuel consumption and other key metrics.

Q9: Can I access driver logs and electronic logging of hours of service (ELD) through Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal?
A9: Yes, the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal gives users access to driver logs and supports electronic logging of hours of service (ELD), helping ensure compliance with regulations while simplifying record keeping.

Q10: Can I set up geofencing and receive alerts using the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal? A10: Yes, geofencing features often included with this platform allow users to create virtual boundaries on a map and receive alerts when vehicles enter or leave those zones.

Q11: Can I use the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal to monitor fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance?
A11: Yes, the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal offers tools to track your fuel usage as well as vehicle maintenance schedules – helping optimize efficiency while ensuring timely upkeep.

Q12: Can the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal integrate with other fleet management systems or software packages?
Peoplenet provides integrations with other fleet management systems and software in order to streamline data flow and enhance the overall fleet management process. Different integration options may be explored depending on individual needs.

Q13: Can I access historical data and generate performance trends using the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal?
A13: Yes, Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal typically allows users to access historical data and generate performance trends over time – making it easier to identify patterns, make informed decisions, and improve overall fleet efficiency.

Q14: Can the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal assist me with managing driver compliance and regulatory requirements?
A14: Yes, Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal offers tools to manage driver compliance by monitoring hours of service for drivers and keeping accurate records while meeting regulatory requirements.

Q15: Can the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal be tailored to my particular requirements?
Peoplenet provides flexible configuration options that enable fleet managers to tailor the portal specifically to their fleet management needs, such as setting specific metrics to monitor or creating alerts tailored specifically for them.

Q16: Can I access driver performance dashboards and scorecards through the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal? A16: Yes, typically included within this tool are driver performance dashboards and scorecards that allow for you to assess driver performance based on predefined metrics and benchmarks.

Q17: Can I manage fuel card integration and expenses through the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal? A17: Depending on your fleet management setup, the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal may offer features to allow fuel card usage monitoring as well as expense control.

Q18: Can I access safety and compliance resources or training materials through the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal?
Peoplenet can offer access to safety and compliance resources such as training materials, videos, and best practices that support driver safety and regulatory compliance through the portal.

Q19: Can I receive maintenance reminders and schedule repairs via the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal? A19: Yes, the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal often features maintenance reminders and scheduling tools to assist with managing vehicle maintenance as well as planning repairs or services proactively.

Q20: Can mobile devices access the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal?

A20: Yes, the Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal can often be accessed on mobile devices through either a dedicated app or mobile-optimized version of its portal, providing fleet managers with convenient access and management of fleet operations through smartphones or tablets while on the move.

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