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PF Transfer online eligibility process: PF transfer is now on automation with the uan number. Anyway, be sure to check with the epfo. The provident fund is provided for the individuals are who are working in the organization for many years. The EPF is created for private-sector jobs.

The employee can access their provident fund after the retirement of the job. The EPF number is offered for each employee as a unique number. With the employee provident fund account number, one can transfer or withdraw money to another pf account.

Pf transfer online


EPF (Employees’ Provident Fund) is an employee social security scheme in India administered by EPFO under the Ministry of Labour and Employment of India. Here’s some more information about EPF:

Attribute Details
Name Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF)
Managed By Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO)
Governing Body Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India
Purpose Social security and retirement savings scheme
Applicability Establishments covered under EPF Act, 1952
Contribution Rate 12% of basic salary + dearness allowance
Employee Contribution Deducted from employee’s salary
Employer Contribution Contributed by employer on behalf of the employee
Withdrawal Eligibility Retirement, resignation, or specified circumstances
Additional Benefits Partial withdrawals for specific purposes
Online Portal EPFO Member Portal
Official Website
Contact Number 1800 118 005
Address Employees’ Provident Fund Organization
Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan, 14, Bhikaiji Cama Place,
New Delhi, 110066, India


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How To Transfer Pf Money From One Account To Another Account

If the employee changes their workplace from another city, they have the same account number. For registering this account, the employee must have the required paperwork to create a new account.

The employee provident fund account will be created with the help of the employee in the organization. When changing the job and joining as a new employee in another company, the employee does not have an option to open fresh or close the old account.

Advantages of PF transfer:

The employee closing the EPF account before five years, the amount in the report is taxable. If you simply transfer funds to another account, you can enjoy with your earned money.

For purchasing, you are constructing the new home, the marriage of your daughter, medical treatment, and more with the partial withdrawal amount of your pf funds. You can also earn a prevailing interest rate from the EPFO and becomes substantial to the power of compounding.

Transferring your Provident Fund (PF) from your previous employer to your current one offers several advantages, including:

  1. Consolidation of PF accounts: Transferring your PF account from your previous employer to your current one allows you to consolidate all your PF accounts in one place, making it easier to manage and track your retirement savings.
  2. Uninterrupted interest accrual: By transferring your PF account, you can avoid any interruption in interest accrual on your accumulated PF balance.
  3. No loss of funds: Transferring your PF account ensures that you do not lose any of your hard-earned money that was previously deposited in your PF account.
  4. Easy tracking of PF withdrawals: If you need to withdraw your PF balance, having all your accounts consolidated in one place makes it easier to track and manage the withdrawal process.
  5. Reduced paperwork: Transferring your PF account reduces the amount of paperwork you need to manage, as you only have to deal with one account instead of multiple ones.

In summary, transferring your PF account offers a convenient way to consolidate your retirement savings and reduce paperwork while ensuring that you do not lose any of your funds and that interest accrues uninterrupted.

Step by step guidelines for pf transfer

If you are new to transferring pf amount to another pf account, then read the following instructions.

If you already have UAN, then you can transfer the amount quickly. Otherwise, ask your employer to create a new UAN account.

  • First, you need to visit the official page and create the UAN login ID.
  • It will take to the page where you enter details of the current employer such as UAN, mobile number, and account number.
  • You must check if you are eligible for a transfer fund on the website. You have to fill your state, which given in the drop-down menu.
  • Click on check eligibility to check your status if you eligible or not.
  • Then the site displays the status. If you are eligible, then register on the website.
  • Now you need to submit ID proof like Aadhar cardPAN card, and more. The site will send a PIN to your phone number for verification.
  • You have to enter the PIN and continue the further process.
  • It takes you to the member claim portal. You have to log in with the document ID and mobile number. You can see all the options after login.
  • Go to the home page and click on the request for transfer of account.
  • Now you have to fill the pf transfer form.
    • In the form, you have to enter your personal details in the first part. Then enter the IFSC code and salary account number.
    • In the second part, you have to fill your old pf account.
    • Then fill the current pf account. After filling the form correctly, preview to check if you enter correctly. Click on agree after entering the PIN number, the PF money is transferred.


epf India >> our services>. for employees>> OTCP

After logging uan Portal. Dashboard>> transfer/calims>> made New claim. fill the claim form.

Pf transfer eligibility check

Members claim portal login

OTCP Portal for employees

  1. PF withdrawal,
  2. epf balance
  3. uan number
  4. uan portal login
  5. pf passbook
  6. pf claim status
  7. uan activation
  8. uan status.
  9. new unified portal
  10. epfo employer portal
  11. epfo login

According to EPFO’s tweets, subscribers are able to submit their transfer online using the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Unified Member Portal and login using UAN and password
Step 2: Visit Online services and select ‘One Member – One EPF Account’ (Transfer request)
Step 3: Check “Personal Information” and PF account for employment at present.
4. Click ‘Get Details Step 4: Click ‘Get details’, PF account details of prior employment will be displayed.
Step 5: Pick one or an earlier .

The grading report should be complete enough to include all details regarding the grading items, such as assignments, exams, attendance, and exam results.

What Is Provident Fund Transfer (PF Transfer)

A provident fund (PF) transfer refers to the process of moving an employee’s accumulated provident fund (PF) balance from one employer’s PF account to another when changing jobs.

Why Is PF Transfer Important?

By consolidating all employees’ PF accounts into one central account, PF transfer makes retirement savings easier to track and manage.

Can I transfer my PF when switching jobs within the same country?

Absolutely. Simply initiate the transfer process so your balance moves from your previous employer’s PF account to the one at your new workplace.

Can I transfer my PF when changing jobs internationally?

When making international job changes, the transfer process for your PF may depend on local regulations and agreements between countries involved. Therefore, it is wise to consult the relevant authorities or your employer about how best to proceed in these instances.

How can I initiate a Provident Fund Transfer (PF Transfer)?

In order to begin your PF Transfer process, fill out and submit all the appropriate forms provided by either your new employer or EPFO. These forms usually request information regarding your previous employer, their Provident Fund account details as well as current employer PF details.

Can I transfer PF online?

Many countries, including India, provide online PF transfer facilities. In India, you can utilize the Unified Member Portal (UAN portal) provided by EPFO to initiate and track your transfer online.

Are my PF funds transferrable directly into my bank account?

No. All transfers occur between different PF accounts only.

How many days will it take to transfer my PF account?

The timeline for transferring a PF account varies based on several factors, including employer and PF office efficiency and legal requirements. On average, it typically takes anywhere between several weeks and several months for completion.

What happens if PF is not transferred?

If PF is not transferred, your previous account will remain inactive, making it impossible to consolidate your PF balance into one single account. Any interest accrued on it will continue accrue until transferred or withdrawn; however having multiple PF accounts could make tracking and managing it more complex.

Does Payroll (PF) Automatically Transfer When Switching Jobs?

No. Employees have the responsibility of initiating this transfer when changing jobs by filling out and submitting the necessary forms to relevant authorities in order to initiate it themselves.

Should I transfer or withdraw PF?

When changing jobs, transferring your PF is usually recommended over withdrawing it as it allows your savings to consolidate into one account and continue earning interest for retirement savings. Withdrawing it early can have tax ramifications as well as potentially compromise long-term retirement planning efforts.

Can we claim our PF without transfer?

In theory, yes. Provident fund schemes in many countries allow partial or complete withdrawal according to their respective rules, making the transfer unnecessary in such circumstances. It may however be beneficial if changing jobs; as doing so allows for easier management of multiple PF accounts in one account and makes savings easier to track.

How long is the PF transfer process likely to last?

This depends on factors like country and efficiency of government authorities in handling it, but typically takes from weeks to months for completion.

Can I track the status of my PF transfer?

In general, yes. In India for instance, you can track it via either the UAN portal or contact with EPFO helpdesks.

Are There Any Charges or Fees Associated with PF Transfer?

Charges and fees related to PF transfers can differ depending on the country, its policies and the respective authorities involved. Therefore it is advisable that you consult the applicable authorities or your employer in order to understand any possible applicable fees or charges.

What will happen if I do not transfer my PF when changing jobs?

If you fail to transfer your PF balance when switching jobs, your savings may remain with your previous employer’s PF account and can result in reduced savings and investment management for retirement funds. Therefore it is wise to transfer it for optimal management and consolidation.

Can I withdraw my PF instead of transferring it?

In certain circumstances, you may have the option to withdraw your PF balance rather than transfer it when changing jobs. However, early withdrawals could incur taxes and penalties so it would be wiser to consider the long-term advantages of transferring instead of withdrawing it.

How can I transfer my PF funds to another type of retirement account?

Transferring your funds usually involves moving them from one PF account maintained by one employer to another with another employer, however transferring to different types such as National Pension Scheme (NPS) accounts may have specific rules and procedures; to understand your options it is advisable to consult the relevant authorities.

What documents are necessary for PF transfer?

The necessary documents to transfer PF will depend on both your country of residence and local laws; generally speaking, however, common documents include an PF transfer claim form, identity proof, address proof, bank account details as well as your previous and current employer details.

Can I transfer multiple PF accounts from different employers into one account?

Absolutely. By providing all necessary details about each previous PF account, it will allow you to consolidate their balances into a single one and transfer all accounts at once.

What should I do if there are discrepancies or issues with my PF transfer?

Alternatively, contact the EPFO or your employer’s HR department as soon as you encounter discrepancies with your transfer to ensure a smooth process and resolution of issues. They are there to assist and will work to help solve them as soon as possible.

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