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PJH portal: The PJH Partners Portal is a website that acts as a platform for PJH’s trade customers, who include suppliers of kitchens, bathrooms, and appliances in the United Kingdom. Access to product information, pricing, and availability, as well as online ordering and account management features, is available through the portal.

PJH is a major provider of kitchen and bathroom items to the retail and commerce sectors in the United Kingdom. Kitchen cabinets, worktops, sinks, taps, and appliances, as well as bathroom fixtures and fittings, are all available from the company.

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PJH portal

The purpose of the PJH Partners Portal is to make it simple for trade customers to access and order PJH products online. It streamlines the ordering process and enables consumers to check their account information, track orders, and handle invoices and payments.

PJH portal


The PJH Portal is a web-based platform that offers a variety of services and capabilities to customers of the PJH Group, the UK’s largest supplier of bathrooms, kitchens, and appliances. We will explain how to login, where to find the app link, social page connection, and how to use the portal successfully in this post.

Login Instructions:

PJH Group must first supply users with login information before they can access the PJH Portal. Users can access the portal after providing login information by visiting the PJH Group website and clicking on the “Login” link at the top of the homepage. Users can then access the portal by entering their login and password.

App Link:

The PJH Portal does not currently have a mobile application available for download. However, the platform is accessible through any web browser on a mobile device.

Social Page Link:

PJH Group maintains active social media pages on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These pages are a great way for users to stay up-to-date with the latest news and events from the company.

How to Use:

Users can access a variety of materials and tools designed to support their work with the company after they have entered into the PJH Portal. This contains product details, pricing, and availability, as well as order management features and a personalized dashboard.

The portal includes a configurable dashboard that allows users to quickly access the information and resources they require. The dashboard features widgets that display the most recent company news and events, as well as shortcuts to frequently used tools and services.

Users can also monitor and manage their orders and account information, as well as access extensive product information and specs.

Official Website:

The official website for PJH Group and the PJH Portal is https://www.pjh.uk/. This website provides information about the company and its services, as well as links to login and support resources.


If users have any queries or problems with the PJH Portal, they can contact the PJH customer care staff. The PJH website has contact information.

What Is the PJH Partners Portal?

The PJH Partners Portal is an online platform designed to give partners, clients and employees of PJH Partners access to resources they may require in their work environment.

How do I access the PJH Partners Portal?

In order to gain entry, login credentials provided by PJH Partners may be needed in order to gain entry. Usually these credentials will only be granted to authorized individuals.

What services can be found on the PJH Partners Portal?

Depending on PJH Partners’ offerings, specific services on their Portal could include accessing client data, project management tools, financial information and communication features.

Can I access client and project details via the PJH Partners Portal?

In general, yes. Your role and permissions may allow for you to gain access to client or project-related data in the PJH Partners Portal.

Are There Document Repositories on the PJH Partners Portal?

Yes, the PJH Partners Portal includes a document repository where important files, such as contracts, reports and presentations can be stored and accessed easily.

Are There Communication Tools Available on the Portal to Allow Interaction With PJH Partners’ Representatives?

Yes. The PJH Partners Portal may feature tools such as messaging or email features which enable you to interact with representatives of PJH Partners.

Are there reporting and analytics features on the PJH Partners Portal?

Yes, reporting and analytics features may be included within the PJH Partners Portal which allow you to generate reports, track project performance and analyze data.

Can I Access Training Materials and Resources on the PJH Partners Portal?

Yes. PJH Partners may provide training materials, resources, and guides that help partners and clients navigate the portal while remaining up-to-date on services provided.

Are there any support or help sections available on the PJH Partners Portal?

Yes, typically there is a support or help section where you can find FAQs, user guides and contact information for technical support or general inquiries.

Can I submit requests or inquiries through the PJH Partners Portal?

Yes. The PJH Partners Portal includes a feature that allows you to submit requests or inquires for assistance, information or any other reason directly through their online system.

Can I track the status of my requests or projects on the PJH Partners Portal?

Absolutely – there may be features in place on the portal which enable you to stay apprised as to their progress and ensure you remain up-to-date.

Can I access financial information or invoices on the PJH Partners Portal?

Yes, the PJH Partners Portal enables users to gain access to financial details related to their engagement with PJH Partners, such as invoices and billing details.

Can I view announcements or news updates on the PJH Partners Portal?

Yes. The PJH Partners Portal may feature a section for announcements, news updates, or notifications related to services provided by PJH Partners as well as events taking place or industry trends that impact them.

Can I manage my personal profile or account settings on the PJH Partners Portal?

Yes, the PJH Partners Portal may enable you to take control of your personal profile, account settings, and contact information for efficient communication.

Are there security measures in place on the PJH Partners Portal to protect data?

In accordance with relevant regulations, there should be sufficient protection of user privacy on the PJH Partners Portal in terms of confidentiality and privacy of user data.

Can I access past records or archives on the PJH Partners Portal?

Absolutely. The PJH Partners Portal may provide access to historical data for research, analysis or audit purposes.

Can I collaborate with other partners or clients using the PJH Partners Portal?

Collaboration features may differ depending on your specific setup and objectives for PJH Partners.

Can I access industry trends or research materials through the PJH Partners Portal?

Yes. However, these will depend on our offerings and partnerships with research providers.

Can I access performance metrics or reports related to my engagement with PJH Partners?

Yes, the PJH Partners Portal may offer access to performance metrics, progress reports or dashboards related to your engagement with PJH Partners.

Can I manage contracts or legal documents through the PJH Partners Portal?

Depending on your role and permissions, certain features in the PJH Partners Portal allow for contract and document management as well as related information management.


The PJH Portal is an extremely useful tool for PJH Group users. It gives you access to a variety of services and tools that are meant to make your interactions with the firm as efficient and productive as possible.

The portal, which includes features such as detailed product information, order management, and a configurable dashboard, assists users in staying on top of their orders and account information at all times.

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