Swift Driver Portal Login with Transportation Toll-Free Support 2023

Hi! Swift driver portal and also swift transportation driver portal, today we are sharing with you, It is the very well established organization in steel. The organization was found in the year 1996.

They initially started the cotton transports from ports of Los Angeles to Arizona and from Arizona to South California.

Jerry Moyes is the founder of the Swift entrepreneurial organization. The actual process was operated under the name of the Common Market.

Swift Driver Portal is an online platform designed for the drivers who work for Swift Transportation, one of the largest transportation companies in the United States. The portal provides access to a range of features and tools to help drivers manage their work and stay connected with the company.

Some of the features of the Swift Driver Portal include access to pay statements, load assignments, and delivery information. Drivers can also use the portal to update their personal information, view their driving history and performance, and request time off.

To access the Swift Driver Portal, drivers need to create an account and log in with their credentials. They can access the portal using any internet-enabled device, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The portal is available 24/7, allowing drivers to manage their work and access information at any time.

Swift Driver Portal


Operating authority was purchased from an issue of the Swift Meat Packing family, the name of Swift Transportation.

Jerry, with his father, brother, and a partner, develops the business, with typical start-up provocations, to $25 million annual revenue in 1984. With the passing of Jerry’s father, Carl Moyes, Jerry became the sole owner.

Topic Information
Portal Name Swift Driver Portal
Purpose Provide online services and resources for Swift drivers
Features – Access to load assignments and dispatch information
– Document submission and management
– Payroll and settlement information
– Training materials and resources
– Communication tools (messages, notifications)
– Performance and safety metrics
– Company news and updates
– Support and assistance channels
Registration Process 1. Visit the Swift Driver Portal website
2. Click on the “Register” or “Sign Up” button
3. Provide required personal and contact information
4. Create a username and password
5. Agree to the terms and conditions
6. Complete the registration process
Login Process 1. Visit the Swift Driver Portal website
2. Enter your registered username and password
3. Click on the “Login” or “Sign In” button
4. Access your personalized dashboard and features
Document Submission – Upload required documents (driver’s license, insurance, etc.)
– Submit paperwork (trip sheets, bills of lading, etc.)
Payroll and Settlements – View earnings and payment details
– Access settlement statements and payment history
Training Resources – Online training modules and videos
– Safety guidelines and policies
Communication – Send and receive messages from dispatch or support
– Receive notifications and alerts
Performance Metrics – Track miles driven and fuel consumption
– Monitor delivery performance and on-time percentage
Company News and Updates – Stay informed about company announcements and updates
Support – Contact support via phone or email
– Access FAQs and knowledge base for self-help


By 1990, Swift had developed to a $125 million carrier with 800 trucks. Its notable revenue growth is helping to internal growth of the company with existing customers as well as acquisitions. Since 1988,

It has acquired 13 various motor carriers. It produces over $4 billion in revenue and operates nearly 18,000 trucks at present. It’s the terminal network has developed to over 40 full-service facilities in both the continental USA and Mexico.

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Swift driver portal

Swift driver portal Login 2023

Swift holds 100% of a Nuevo Laredo, Trans Mex, Mexico based carrier. Swift offers border crossing services at all significant Mexican borders.

Swift maintains a presence in every Canadian province each day. Swift is unchallengeable, the highest full-truckload motor carrier in North America.

You can save the below table if you are returning users of the Swift driver portal. In the table, you will get complete information like official websites, a Toll-free contact number for United States users and also address to direct contact.

Main Contact 1-800-800-2200
Address  Swift Transportation 2200 S. 75th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85043 
US West Toll-Free: 866-902-2043
US East & US Central 866-902-0940
Website https://www.swifttrans.com/

Swift Drive Mission and Safety

Swift Transportation’s mission is to attract and retain customers by supply Best in Class transportation solutions and promoting a profitable, disciplined culture of safety, service, and trust.

Safety has been the highest important at Swift Transportation. Protection for swift employees, customers, and the public will always stay their primary focus in all the policies and programs that control their business.

Swift Transportation believes safety is the authority of every level of management, beginning with the Chief Executive Officer.

  1. Responsibilities of managers:
  2. Maintain a high level of employee selection.
  3. Provide a safe working culture.
  4. Provide starting and ongoing safety training.
  5. Eliminate insecure acts through corrective action.
  6. Observe Company safety policies and procedures.
  7. Stick to Federal, State, and Local safety, health, and environmental Laws and Regulations.

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Swift driver portal

Preserve on a commitment to the safety of all employees. Manage and work with a commitment to safety, which will give to the improved planning of our operation and protect future success and continued wealth of our company, employees, customers, and communities.

Swift Transport Customers

It is proud to be able to drag cargo for some of the most valued companies in the world. They enable us to provide the load and miles for their drivers to become financially successful.

In turn, their experience drivers have allowed us to win many Carriers of the Year awards from such companies as:

  • Walmart
  • Rite Aid
  • Ryder Logistics
  • Lowe’s
  • Target
  • Dollar Tree
  • Quaker Oats
  • FedEx

Swift driver portal Services

The costs of customer shipment are decidedly less compared to the values that could help domain customers if it doesn’t arrive on time.

Knowledge of the complex structures and shade of the Convention and Trade Show Industry.

  1. 24/7 dedicated compact resource team.
  2. Support of Swift’s extensive terminal network for fueling, maintenance, and driver services.
  3. GPS tracking via the internet allows you to check on your cargo and even secure proof of delivery from your laptop.
  4. Mileage diplomatic rates do not increase with added weight.
  5. Insurance is available to provide additional value protection of cargo.
  6. Special Tradeshow line gets you in touch with their network at any time, day or night (1-866-254-4826).
  7. Swift Transport offers an intermodal carrier. It includes
  8. CONTAINER ON FLAT CAR Shipment Mode
  9. TRAILER ON FLAT CAR Shipment Mode
  10. Light Weight Network (WEIGHT BRIDGE)
  11. Cross Border Product

Swift Transportation recognizes that your supply chain needs are unique, and that’s precisely why they’ve engaged the best experts in the industry to generate specific solutions customized to suit your ever-changing operating environment.

They had has various models of tractors, trailers, and refrigeration equipment for sale or rents at superior values.

Swift Transport sells directly to the end-user eliminating the middleman so that the customer can get a fair price.

Swift Temperature Controlled service unites the size, strength, and function that quality customers have come to expect from their national dry van services with the resourcefulness of temperature-controlled transportation.

Swift Transportation, Trans Mex, and Customs middleman Service allows them to complete the supply chain and offers the door to door transportation service in the industry.

They operate more than 550 Heavy cargo units in the Northwest and Canada. The large cargo units are mainly functioning to handle the needs of the customer for bulk transportation. It offers a wide range of support and service for customers.

Swift transportation driver portal

Swift offers a separate page for its employers to serve the needs of Swift staff. The page, http://www.swiftdrivers.com/wps/portal/driver, is designed for Swift employees. Let’s know more about swift payroll services and another dial-in.

Visit Employee Portal http://www.swiftdrivers.com/wps/portal/driver

Every Transport company has a Customer Services Team to Assist:

• Drive Portal

• Members Portal

• Customer Portal

Swift driver portal and Purpose

Swift is transporting imported steel through the ports of Los Angeles to Arizona and export cotton of Arizona for back through to Southern California, which is required for the site.

They could check the status of cargo transportation. The clients should register themselves for getting the cargo transits status update and the other related information about the cargo and another service there are seeking from Swift Transportation also check Lampton ekas portal.

Instructions for Employees How to Access the Employee Portal

1. Log in to the Swift Transport Website Official Page, http://www.swiftdrivers.com/

2. New Users: This is given at the time registration.

3. Username: set by the user himself.

How to Change Password of Swift Transport Portal:

Visit the Student Portal Home page of Transport Portal, http://www.swiftdrivers.com/wps/portal/driver.

  1. Log in with the username and password by entering the details like as above.
  2. After that, the employee page will open.
  3. Change Password Link will be visible on the screen, select that link.
  4. Enter Old Password, after that new password you wish to change and enter the new password again.
  5. And click on the Submit button.

Swift Transport Portal Contact Info:

Swift Transportation Company

Swift owner-operator login account

Here are some useful links of for all if you want to know more about this like swift transportation tracking or any other questions you can contact online via social media pages.

Visit the official Web portal http://www.swifttrans.com/.

Visit Driver Portal http://www.swiftdrivers.com/wps/portal/driver.

Visit Employee Portal http://www.swifttrans.com/employee-login.

Visit Member Portal http://members.swifttrans.com/Internet/Employee/EmpReg.nsf/Intro?Openpage.

Above all, links can help you to access swift owner-operator login account, visiting above official relations, and you can know about swift drivers’ pay and swift benefits now by comparing to others very quickly.

How much do Swift drivers make per mile?

May of customers also want to know online before contacting for service that how much they charging, Basic charge starting from  $0.25 to $0.41 per mile. It can little different for some time, But mostly this.

How much do swift OTR drivers make?

Might be it will be different for a different type of drivers, But basic Truck Driver salary is $48,972,  You amazed but is it. But basic start from $32,378 – $55,211. So you can join and can make good money.

Is Swift a good company to drive for?

Yes, This is really good company for transportation, Because in the busy transportation business, the company providing the latest tracking system also you can contact direct customer care with the tool-free number.

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What Is The Swift Driver Portal?

The Swift Driver Portal is an online platform specifically created to meet the needs of Swift Transportation drivers, offering access to various resources, tools and information related to their employment as professional drivers.

What services can be found through the Swift Driver Portal?

The Swift Driver Portal offers access to load assignments, trip planning tools, electronic logs and hours-of-service tracking as well as payroll information, driver training materials and communication channels within Swift Trucking Company.

Can I view my load assignments through the Swift Driver Portal?

Absolutely, the Swift Driver Portal enables you to keep an eye on all your assignments – pickups, deliveries and any other key details related to them can all be found there.

Does the Swift Driver Portal include electronic logs and hours-of-service tracking features?

Yes, typically, the Swift Driver Portal features electronic logs and hours-of-service tracking features to assist drivers in tracking their driving hours compliantly with regulations.

Can I access my payroll information via the Swift Driver Portal?

Yes, the Swift Driver Portal enables you to easily view your pay stubs, earnings statements and any relevant details regarding your compensation package.

Does the Swift Driver Portal contain a messaging system for communication with the company and dispatchers?

Yes, often included within its features is an internal messaging system or communication channel allowing drivers to engage with relevant departments within an organization such as dispatching.

Can I update my personal information through the Swift Driver Portal?

Yes, typically updating contact details, address details and emergency contacts is achievable using this platform.

Are training materials available on the Swift Driver Portal?

Yes, the Swift Driver Portal may provide access to driver training materials like safety guidelines, instructional videos and other resources to enhance your knowledge as a professional driver.

Can I access company policies and procedures through the Swift Driver Portal?

Yes, drivers may gain access to policies, procedures and other essential documents via this resource.

Can I submit requests or report issues through the Swift Driver Portal?

Yes, drivers often utilize this portal to submit requests, report issues or seek assistance for various matters pertaining to their employment or work.

Does the Swift Driver Portal include a fuel finder tool or features for managing fuel cards?

Yes, the Swift Driver Portal may include tools for finding gas stations and controlling expenses related to fuel purchases. These can help drivers quickly locate stations.

Can I access maintenance and repair information through the Swift Driver Portal?

Yes, the Swift Driver Portal may offer access to maintenance and repair information such as service centers, repair procedures and guidelines for handling maintenance-related issues.

Are there resources on the Swift Driver Portal that can assist with trip planning?

Yes. The Swift Driver Portal contains several useful resources for trip planning assistance.
Yes, the Swift Driver Portal offers trip planning tools and resources that can assist drivers with organizing their routes, estimating fuel consumption, identifying rest stops or amenities along the route, and planning their routes accordingly.

Can I access my benefits information via the Swift Driver Portal?

Yes, the Swift Driver Portal could provide access to information such as health insurance plans, retirement funds or employee perks depending on Swift Transportation policies. This feature may differ depending on which provider your insurance comes through.

Can I download the Swift Driver Portal as a mobile app?

Yes, Swift Transportation may offer a mobile version of their Swift Driver Portal available for download via an app store on your device. Please check its app store listing to determine its availability.

Can the Swift Driver Portal be accessed 24/7?

Yes, typically speaking, the Swift Driver Portal is accessible around-the-clock allowing drivers access information and perform various functions at any time of day or night.

How can I change the password for the Swift Driver Portal?

If you need to reset your password on the Swift Driver Portal, look for “Forgot Password” or “Reset Password” options on the login page – by following these instructions you should be able to reset it successfully.

Can I access my tax documents through the Swift Driver Portal?

Yes, drivers may gain access to tax documents such as W-2 forms or any other pertinent tax data through this platform.

Where can I find technical support for the Swift Driver Portal?

If you experience technical issues while using the Swift Driver Portal, contact Swift Transportation’s driver support helpline or their IT support team for assistance.


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