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Greenwich Student Portal: The University of Greenwich is a British, United Kingdom-based college. It has three grounds in London and Kent, England. These are situated in Greenwich, on the grounds of the Old Royal Naval College, and in Avery Hill and Medway. Past names incorporate Woolwich Polytechnic and Thames Polytechnic.

The Greenwich student portal has positioned well regarding understudy fulfilment over each of the 20 recorded colleges in London, continuously topping arrangements of 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

The University of Greenwich is a public research university located in London, England. The university has three main campuses located in Greenwich, Avery Hill, and Medway.

University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields, including business, engineering, health, humanities, social sciences, and more. The university has a diverse student population and is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

The university also offers a range of support services for students, including academic and career advice, financial support, disability support, mental health support, and more. The university has a strong focus on research and innovation, and its research centers and institutes work on a variety of projects and collaborations with industry partners and other institutions.

Attribute Details
Name University of Greenwich
Location London, United Kingdom
Type Public university
Established 1890
Chancellor Baroness Tessa Blackstone
Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane Harrington
Campus Urban
Student Enrollment Around 20,000 (approximate)
Faculties Multiple faculties
Notable Alumni Sir Steve Bullock, Gillian Clarke
Contact Number +44 (0)20 8331 8000
Email [email protected]
Official Website
Address University of Greenwich, Old Royal Naval College, Park Row, London SE10 9LS, United Kingdom


The University of Greenwich is a well-respected institution with a strong reputation for academic excellence, research, and innovation. If you are interested in studying at the university or have any questions, you can visit their website or contact their admissions team for more information.

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University of Greenwich

University of Greenwich

The college’s subjects incorporate design, business, registering, arithmetic, training, building, humanities, sea thinks about, regular sciences, drug store and sociologies. Greenwich student portal has a solid research centre and entrenched connections to established researchers.

The college goes back to November 1891, when Woolwich Polytechnic, the second-most established Polytechnic in the United Kingdom, opened in Woolwich. In 1970,

Woolwich Polytechnic converged with Hammersmith College of Art and Building to shape Thames Polytechnic. In the following years, Dartford College (1976), Avery Hill College (1985), Garnett College (1987) and parts of Goldsmiths College and the City of London College (1988) were joined.

The college surrendered its noteworthy primary grounds in the Bathway Quarter in Woolwich, moving to its present principal grounds in Greenwich. Greenwich student portal has two campuses: Avery hills campus and Greenwich campus.

Avery Hill grounds has Facilities that incorporate PC labs, a library and a TV studio, and games and showing focus with a games lobby and 220-situated address theatre. Southwood Site additionally has various clinical aptitudes labs. These repeat NHS wards, empowering learner well-being experts to pick up hands-on involvement.

The Greenwich student portal grounds is home to the Business School and the Faculty of Architecture, Computing, and Humanities. The grounds are likewise home to the college’s Greenwich Maritime Institute, an authority on oceanic administration, strategy, and history educating and exploring.

Offices incorporate research facilities, workshops, a PC-supported plan studio, and a preparation dispensary. The Drill Hall Library is a learning asset focused with a library, PCs, consider zones and instructing rooms. Social offices incorporate a games corridor, bar, rec centre and open-air tennis courts.

Critical zones of research and consultancy incorporate scene design, business relations, fire security, characteristic assets, informal organization investigation, instruction, preparing, instructive initiative and open administration.

 Greenwich student portal login:-

The University of Greenwich is a public university located in London, United Kingdom and was established in 1890. Since its foundation, this storied institution has offered academic programs across a range of disciplines since. Here’s some key information about Greenwich:

If you want to log into Greenwich student portal then you have to follow the below points-

  • First, visit the official login page by click on Link.
  • When you click on above link a new page will open which image shown above.
  • Enter your username and password in required fields.
  • Now click on login button and access your account.

Greenwich student forgot password support:-

If you want to change or reset your password then you have to follow the below steps-

  • First, visit the official login page.
  • Here you will see Change Password option.
  • Click on that option it will redirect to you on a new page.
  • Now select your username in 1st fields and then mention your old password.
  • After that type a new password and then again retype it for confirmation.
  • Now click on submit option and get your new password.

If you can’t remember your password, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Greenwich Staff login:-

For staff login, you have to follow all the above steps which you follow in Greenwich student portal login.

Greenwich student Email guidelines:-

Greenwich also provides email facilities to its students. If you want to use email facilities then you have to follow below points-

  • First, go to email advice page by click on Link.
  • now click on above link a page will open which advice to how to access your email account.
  • Here you can see an option which is Microsoft Outlook Quick Start Guide.
  • Click on it a PDF file will open.
  • Read PDF file and with the help of it register yourself for an email account.

Note:-You can also learn how to connect outlook/Exchange with a mobile device.

So finally you get to know about Greenwich University. This article has needful information about Greenwich student portal. It clearly defines all the points which are related to your queries.

What Is the Greenwich Student Portal?

The University of Greenwich’s Greenwich Student Portal is an online platform which serves as a central point for accessing academic resources, course materials and administrative data for its students.

Are You Wondering If University of Greenwich Is Expensive?

The cost of studying at the University of Greenwich varies based on program type, level of study and whether an international or UK/EU student. Tuition fees, living expenses and any additional costs should all be investigated on their official website before making your decision.

Are You Wondering If Greenwich University Is Right For Me?

Greenwich University is known for its academic offerings and research contributions, but whether or not this institution meets your personal requirements depends entirely upon which program is chosen and your personal preferences.

Which University Has the Highest Ranking in the UK?

Ranking systems and criteria may impact which universities rank highest, however as of my last update Oxford and Cambridge often top this list.

What grade point average (GPA) do I need for Greenwich University admissions?

Admission requirements at Greenwich University differ based on program and level of study, thus changing CGPA requirements depending on which program or level you wish to enter. Please check their official website for program-specific admission criteria.

Are You Wondering about Greenwich Acceptance Rate?

Greenwich acceptance rates can differ depending on factors like program, level, and applicant pool; it’s best to contact the university directly for more accurate details regarding acceptance rate estimates. For the latest data and details.

Why is Greenwich University famous?

Greenwich University is well known for its academic offerings and research activities as well as its historical location near the Greenwich Meridian.

Why Is Greenwich University Considered the Best?

What makes one university the “best” depends entirely upon individual preferences, program offerings, faculty expertise and research opportunities – among other considerations. Greenwich may be considered among the top institutions for certain programs or aspects.

What is Greenwich ranked globally?

Rankings can change annually, and Greenwich University can have various world rankings depending on different systems. For accurate and up-to-date information on their global positioning, consult reliable university ranking websites.

What Is Greenwich Ranked In the UK 2023?

Unfortunately, as of my most recent update I do not have rankings specific for 2023. For more information regarding Greenwich University’s UK ranking in 2023 refer to any current university ranking reports.

Are You Wondering If University of Greenwich Is Hard To Enter?

Admission difficulty will depend on your program of study and level of education; certain programs might be more competitive than others so it is advisable to review the specific admission requirements of your desired program of interest before making your decision.

Are You Wondering If the University of Greenwich Is Private or Not?

No. This university is public.

How much tuition do international students pay at Greenwich University?

Tuition costs for international students can differ based on their program and level of study; to get accurate fee information it is advisable to check the university website regularly for updates.

Does the UK Have University?

My last update showed that there were over 100 universities located throughout the UK; this number may change in time due to new institutions opening or changes in status of existing universities.


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