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DUT Student Portal: The Durban University of Technology (DUT) is a Leading University of Technology in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It was shaped in 2002 by the merger of Technikon Natal and ML Sultan Technikon and was already known as the Durban Institute of Technology.

It has five grounds in Durban, and two in Pietermaritzburg. In 2016, around 27 023 understudies were enlisted. It is one of 5 specialized establishments on the landmass to offer Doctoral Degrees.

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Durban University of Technology

The Durban University of Technology is a consequence of the merger in April 2002 of two technikons, ML Sultan and Technikon Natal. It was named the Durban Institute of Technology and later turned into the Durban University of Technology in late 2007.

This danger fortified grown-up classes in proficiency, and also a scope of business subjects, held in a mission school and a Hindu Institute, however, it was not until after the war, and on account of generous budgetary help from people in general, that M L Sultan College appeared.

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In 2015, the college utilized 577 Scholastic staff, 47 percent of them female and 50 percent holding experts and 22percent doctoral degrees.The DUT student portal offers contact adapting as it were. In 2015,

Attribute Details
Name Durban University of Technology (DUT)
Type Public university of technology
Established 2002
Location Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Vice-Chancellor Professor Thandwa Mthembu
Faculties Faculty of Accounting and Informatics, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Design, Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Management Sciences
Programs Undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields of study
Official Website https://www.dut.ac.za/
Contact Number +27 31 373 2000
Address Durban University of Technology
Steve Biko Campus
51 Steve Biko Road
Durban, 4000
South Africa


There were 27,023 contact understudies, 22,006 of whom were full-time and 5,017 were low maintenance. Of these, 26,400 were South African residents, 547 from other SADC nations, and 166 from non-SADC nations (real information, 2015).

The entryway furnishes the understudies with access to data and assets.

The segments inside the entry contain data identified with Noticeboards, Announcements, Document Library, and so on.

Peruse the important segment of intrigue and investigate what the entry needs to offer.

Durban University of Technology (DUT) is a university of technology located in the city of Durban, South Africa. It was established in 2002 through the merger of two previous institutions, the Technikon Natal and the ML Sultan Technikon.

DUT offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields, including business and management sciences, engineering and the built environment, health sciences, applied sciences, arts and design, and education. The university also offers diplomas and certificates in various fields.

DUT has a number of campuses located throughout Durban, including the Steve Biko Campus, the City Campus, the Ritson Campus, the ML Sultan Campus, the Brickfield Campus, and the Riverside Campus. The university has a student population of over 30,000 and a staff complement of over 2,000.

DUT is committed to providing quality education and research opportunities to its students and is constantly working to improve its facilities and programs. The university is also actively involved in community engagement and outreach programs, seeking to make a positive impact on the local community and contribute to social and economic development in the region.

Durban University of Technology (DUT), situated in Durban, South Africa is widely respected for providing high-quality education and driving technological innovation. DUT boasts a broad selection of academic programs across different disciplines to serve both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Durban University of Technology: What you should know.

Durban University of Technology (DUT), founded in 2002 through the merger between Technikon Natal and ML Sultan Technikon, boasts a rich history dating back to early 20th century when its predecessor institutions first emerged. DUT ranks amongst South Africa’s premier public universities offering undergraduate and postgraduate programs in engineering, business administration, health sciences, arts and technology disciplines.

  1. History: DUT was formed after the merger between various institutions – Technikon Natal and ML Sultan Technikon – which ultimately resulted in its founding as DUT in 2002.
  2. Academic Programs: The university offers a diverse array of academic programs in arts, engineering, health sciences, business and the sciences that provide both theoretical and practical training to its students.
  3. Campuses: DUT offers various campuses around Durban, each providing its own distinct set of programs and facilities. Examples of such campuses include Steve Biko Campus, ML Sultan Campus, Ritson Campus and City Campus.
  4. Research and Innovation: DUT engages in various research initiatives and projects across different fields. With its emphasis on innovation, this university aims to contribute towards the furtherance of knowledge and technologies.
  5. Student Support at DUT: DUT offers various support services to its students, such as academic advising, counseling, career development and extracurricular activities.
  6. International Collaborations: The university partners with various international institutions to enhance academic and research opportunities for its students and faculty.
  7. DUT is committed to engaging with its local communities by way of projects, partnerships and initiatives that aim to have a positive impact.

DUT offers online resources for its students, including portals that facilitate access to course materials, managing academic affairs and communication.

As with any educational institution, Durban University of Technology should always be consulted directly or via its official website in order to get up-to-date and accurate information regarding programs, admission requirements, campus facilities and any other pertinent details.

DUT student Portal login:-

Now you have to learn about how to log in to DUT student portal.Here I am discussing login procedure for DUT students. For account login you have to follow below points:-

  • First, visit the login page by click on Link.
  • When you click on that link a new page will open.
  • When you entered in this page you will see login details which are given above.
  • If you are a student then click on student and then enter your student number and Pin number to log in.
  • Now you are able to log in to your account.

DUT student portal login also provides facilities to Personnel, other and alumni member for login.They can also use this login link after selecting their identity.

Dut4life Email account login:-DUT student can also use email facilities.For access their email account they have to follow below points:-

  • For email, login click on the Link.
  • When you click on above link a new page will open.
  • With the help of above image, you can log in your Email account.

DUT mobile Apps:-Dut student can also use their account with the help of Mobile App.For use of mobile app, you have to visit the student self-services.

Note:-You can also use DUT Exam Result with the help of student self-services.

DUT student password support portal:-

With the help of password portal, you can change your pin or you can reset your pin.Please follow the below procedure:-

  • First, visit the login page.
  • Here you can see three option which is-

(a)Forgot PIN option

(b)Change PIN

(c)Request a PIN

  • If you want to reset your PIN then first you have to select your student number and then click on login button.
  • When you click on login button you will see guidelines for reset a PIN or Request a PIN.
  • Now you can set a new PIN according to your convenient.

DUT Registration procedure :-

Steps to follow before you can register:-

  • Made an application through the CAO and paid the application fee
  • Been accepted into the academic program you have applied for
  • Met the DUT’s minimum admission requirements (view requirements)
  • Filled in the Indemnity Form Download – if you are under age (younger than 18 years of age) this form must be filled in and signed by your parent/guardian.
  • Filled in the Surety Form Download – which must be completed by the individual responsible for the payment of all your fees, in compliance with the National Credit Act. The signature of the surety must be verified and stamped by a Commissioner of Oaths.


  • Original Senior Certificate or Statement of Results
  • Original I.D. document
  • If you are coming from another university – you must produce an original academic record/diploma / degree and certificate of conduct. If you require exemption of credits you must obtain an Application for Exemption form from the relevant Faculty Office
  • Indemnity and Surety Form Download Indemnity Form / Download Suretyship Form
  • Study Permit (international students)
  • Passport (international students)
  • SAQA Evaluation (where relevant)

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This is all about Durban University of Technology (DUT).With the help of above article, you can resolve your all queries.I described all procedure in this article.

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The marks for quizzes, assignments and exams as well as any practical work in labs or any assignment service required in school are all updated via the student portal. 

What Is the DUT Student Portal?

The Durban University of Technology (DUT), South Africa provides this online platform as a central point for its students to access academic information, administrative services and resources relating to their studies.

How Can I Access the DUT Student Portal?

In order to gain access to the DUT Student Portal, simply visit their official website and look for their student portal login page. Here you will enter your username and password and gain entry.

What can I do on the DUT Student Portal?

With this platform, you can perform many different tasks including registering for courses, reviewing class schedules and academic records, accessing course materials online submission of assignments online as well as communicating with lecturers and fellow students.

Can I access my grades on the DUT Student Portal?

Absolutely – the DUT Student Portal typically gives access to your academic records, including grades for courses completed. You can view grades for individual modules or overall academic performance.

Are there resources on the DUT Student Portal that will aid my studies?

Yes, the DUT Student Portal often offers access to resources that can assist with your studies, such as online libraries, research databases, study guides and additional learning materials tailored specifically to the courses or programs in which you enroll.

Can I edit my personal information in the DUT Student Portal?

Yes, typically you can update your personal details through this portal – including contact info, address data, emergency contacts and banking data.

Can I apply for financial aid or scholarships through the DUT Student Portal?

Financial aid and scholarship applications vary, however the DUT Student Portal can provide resources related to aid from external organizations or even internal universities.

Can I access career services and resources through the DUT Student Portal?

Yes, the DUT Student Portal may provide access to career services and resources designed to facilitate your career development, including job listings, internship opportunities, counseling services as well as workshops or events organized by DUT’s Career Services department.

Can I communicate with university staff via the DUT Student Portal?

Absolutely – often with messaging systems, email integration and online appointment scheduling with academic advisors or administrative personnel available within this resource.

Are You Wondering If the DUT Student Portal Is Mobile-Friendly and Responsive?

Accessibility may depend on its design and features; however, many student portals are designed with mobile in mind so students can use them from smartphones and tablets with ease.

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