EPF balance – EPF balance check on mobile number 2024

 EPF balance check: Good news. You could know pf balance by uan number at memebrs.uanportal.com or epfo services. In too. Today we are sharing for you EPF balance check on mobile number detailed guide.

Also, you can inquiry epf balance at employee provident fund organization epfo portal.epfindia.gov.in or epfindia.com epfo services.

EPF balance check on mobile number

In and other etc. Check Pf balance in 3 Steps: the simple way to check pf balance details by giving missed calls to epfo. But this not works until your profile is complete at the uan portal.

EPF balance refers to the total sum accumulated in one’s Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF). EPF is a retirement savings scheme mandated by the Indian government; both employers and employees make monthly contributions; the current contribution rate stands at 12% of employee basic salary and dearness allowance.


Attribute Details
Name Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF)
Managed by Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO)
Purpose Retirement savings for employees
Applicability Employees in the organized sector in India
Contributions Both employee and employer contribute to the fund
Investment Funds are invested in government securities
Withdrawal Can be withdrawn at retirement or under certain specified conditions
Official Website https://www.epfindia.gov.in/
Contact Number 1800-118-005
Email [email protected]


EPF balance check on the mobile number

Now uan number is mandatory for pf balance check. If you want to know uan number just follow the uan activation process by aadhar, PAN, pf number, etc. uan passbook or epf Passbook is the only one way to know epf balance by uan.

Just log in with uan number and password and opt for epf passbook download in below section.

check pf balance in the following ways

1 Download passbook at epfindia.gov.in

2 Missed call from registered mobile to 01122901406

3 send SMS to 7738299399

4 Monthly SMS alerts

5 checking Umang APP

6 epf pension balance

7 railway employees pf details

Inquiry of provident fund balance at epfindia.gov.in

  1. Visit the epfindia.gov.in,
  2. Click on service and employees,
  3. again click on member passbook,
  4. enter your uan number & password.
  5. Select the option like PassbookPassbook, click on view passbook.
  6. Then your pf details along with last credited, accumulated interest, and total balance available.

Are you checking epf balance 1st time?

Follow the same approach above, but if you don’t know uan & password. Visit the uan portal and there register for login details. Again come to epfindia.gov.in member passbook. Enter your uan login details to download the PassbookPassbook. Please read about uan registration here.

Checking epfo member balance by SMS & Missed call


  1. Your mobile must be registered with epfo.
  2. KYC should be approved by employer & pf officer
  3. UAN Number activation is necessary

SMS: EPFOHO UAN ENG 7738299899

Missed call service: call directly from your registered mobile, 011-22901406.

Monthly SMS Alerts: when your employer contributed to your epf account, you will get the message like “your pf account credited with the 15000 amount and total balance will be 1000000” as the bank account,

Check Epf balance by PF Number Or Member id.

  1. Log on to epfindia.gov.in check for employee services then select and epf balance.
  2. Or you can search on google for epf balance then click on epfindia.gov.in
  3. You can also directly visit from this uan login portal from this link http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/KYEPFB.php

Step 2 pf account balance checking online

  1. Enter your PF Account number, which included in your salary slip if you don’t know it. If you see the pf number, Then enter it on the epfo balance portal.
  2. Select StateState and then Regional pf office after that you have to get into the company code or establishment number if you don’t know the establishment number. Then you can search at the epfo services portal.
  3. Extension code: if you don’t have have any branch, leave this blank. I don’t know where it available in the establishment code or on the epfo balance portal.
  4. Finally, enter Your PF number. It contains a maximum of 7 digits.
  5. So your pf number includes 22 Alphanumeric characters, and this also called Your Member ID.
  6. Pf member id required for UAN registration, epf balance checking, filling epfo withdrawal forms.
  7. If you have two pf accounts, you have to check the balance on both pf accounts separately.

Enter your pf number, Mobile number, and the captcha code. You will get Pf balance details by SMS to your phone.

The process can happen in a couple of minutes. You may not pf balance details in case of your Aadhaar card; Pan Number may not confirm by the employer.

Download/know pf balance passbook uan here

How to Check Pf balance at the uan member portal?

Visit the uan member portal, log in to uan by entering the UAN Number and password. If you are not already registered uan, then check out the article on UAn status registration activation on our main website.

After a successful uan login, then navigate download click UAN passbook. It contains details of your pf balance along with closing contribution interest credit and total epf balance.

Download UAN Passbook @ uan portal

  • Downloading uan passbook same as checking epf statement on epfo members portal.
  • With the epfo login portal, you can view/download /check pf balance only monthly once. But the uan member portal you can check many times as you want. You can also watch a pf balance checking video demo.
  • Epf balance statement epfo members portal checking pf balance epf India. gov.in same as at epfo india.com, but if you want to download the epf statement you can view download from members download on epfo login portal. Not from the UAn Member portal.


pf balance on Mobile 3 ways:

Check pf balance on mobile by the epfo mobile app.

  • You can see pf account statements on mobile browsers like Chrome.
  • EPF Balance details without the Internet:
  • You can check epf balance by SMS and Missed call service. For this, you have to activate the uan number,
  • sometimes epfo members may get the pf balance details due to external application down. I guess epfo server uptime is 50%.

Check PF Balance with UAN Number

If you want to check your pf balance with uan number, then uan login is required for that, unlike epfo login portal epf balance by without login maybe not available.

Many ways check pf balance by UAN Number: On mobile, On Mobile App, By epfo call services, Epf balance by SMS.

Why members prefer UAN numbers instead of PF account numbers?

Simple UAN Number is 12 Digits and Its numbers, but PF Number contains all the info about StateState, regional pf office, company code, and branches finally, pf number.

It, not easy to read, remember. So UAN Number just like a phone number but two digits extras. So we can easily track epf balance with UAN Number.

How to check epf balance without login?

Before the uan portal exists, all epf members either login to the epf portal to download pf passbook.

But this involves registration maybe nobody interested in registering on the epfo portal for checking epf balance.

Most 90% of epfo members are engaged in checking epf balance by pf number on the epf India gov portal.

Here are the few methods to check pf balance without uan login or epfo portal registration. 

By sending an SMS, giving the missed call, and check epf balance with the member id epfo portal. 

Also, epf employees can enable SMS alerts on the uan portal.EPf passbook download by uan number. Like the official epfo Facebook page.

Check epf balance via mobile app:

Now, most of them are using for all-purpose (balance/transfer/update).

Some of the steps are given below to check your status of the epf balance by using a mobile application.

Check epf balance via mobile app

check-PF Balance-on epf app

  • You first open the app on your phone and click on members among pensioners and employers.
  • Below the member option, you see balance, click on balance or PassbookPassbook, and then enter your 12-digit EPF account pr UAN number. You can also register a mobile number to verify your details.
  • If your UAN number matches, then you could see updates balance details of your EPF account will appear on your screen.
  • If you want to see the last seven months of your EPF statement, you click on view Passbook, and it gives detailed information about your balance.

download pf balance app here

Employees Provident Fund (EPF) contributions that exceed more than 2.50 lakh per year will be taxed starting now, i.e., April 1st 2022. The limit was established for government employees with a maximum that is Rs. 5 lakh.

The new regulations that the center is trying to block high-income people from utilizing government welfare programs.

Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has issued the rules and stated that separate accounts inside the PF account must be maintained.

EPF pension balance with pensioner ID

Visit the epf india.gov.in and click on the pension portal https://mis.epfindia.gov.in/.

you will see four options like this

  1. Jeevan Pramaan Enquiry
  2. Know your PPO No.
  3. PPO Enquiry/ Payment Enquiry
  4. Know Your Pension Status

To check your last month’s pension credited to your bank account or not, then select 1st option, and other, etc.

What is EPF passbook balance?

The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) passbook balance shows the total balance in an employee’s EPF account. It includes the employee’s contributions, employer contributions, and the interest earned on the account.

The EPF is a savings scheme for employees in India, which is managed by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). Under this scheme, both the employee and the employer make regular contributions to the EPF account, which is a retirement savings account for the employee.

The EPF passbook is an online record of all the transactions made in the employee’s EPF account. It shows the total balance, contributions made by the employee and employer, the interest earned on the account, and any withdrawals made from the account.

Employees can check their EPF passbook balance online by logging into the EPFO member portal or by using the UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) app. The passbook balance can be used to track the growth of the employee’s retirement savings and to plan for their future financial needs.

How to check Railway EPF Balance?

Just like epf balance, the railway provident fund scheme also launched a unique ID, which is similar to epf uan.

Like uan portal registration railway employees self-service portal registration necessary,

register with aadhar, mobile number, date of birth. Or instead of aadhar, enter your pf & employee id.

To know your railway pf Unique id visit this and enter Either Emp No. Or PF Number Or PAN Number along with your name and department.

Bill unit (XXX) + PF Number (12345678) = employee number No. = XXX12345678


view your Personal details, Salary, PF, Income Tax Projections, and to download PaySlips.

Click here to view your railway provident balance and other details. Railway pf portal.

Here is some of the reason to check out the available epf balance on the PF account such as

  • It helps to gather all information on how much the employee had to save still knows.
  • You can be willing to have a loan out of the current PF balance, such as the house loan, marriage loan, personal loan, and much more.
  • If you quit your government job or else own situation, you just collect the PF money to meet all your finical needs.

You can check the epf balance from the official site too. But a bit lengthy http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/.

UAN Passbook Download, Check pf Balance and epf passbook

Most of the epfo members Download uan PassbookPassbook by sign into the uan member portal of epfo with uan number and password. The best way to check pf balance with full details by downloading the uan PassbookPassbook from the member portal. Also, follow the guidelines to download the uan PassbookPassbook.

Features of the UAN Passbook for the PF Balance

The new UAN member portal provides an Epf passbook many times for employee’s convenience.

The employee can download the universal account number card and PassbookPassbook in the official portal of the provident fund office. The uan passbook gives many facilities for the new provident fund balance checking.

Key features of the UAN with epf balance:

With the help of the portal, the employee gets the precise information about the Epf uan balance. Once the employee is a member of the epfo. 

The employee has to continue with the membership until the job lasts. The company will provide the universal account number to each employee.

The UAN number should be linked to every pf account. If the employee changes the job, then have to furnish the uan with a new employer.

With the help of the uan member portal, the employee able to transfer provident fund, make pf withdrawal, and know the pf balance a natural way.

Requirements to download the UAN passbook

  1. You must already know the UAN Number, and It should be activated.
  2. UAN Portal registration is compulsory.
  3. There is no way to check download pf passbook by pf number.
  4. To know pf balance by missed call uan, these KYC details required. Including aadhar, pan and bank details along with the registered mobile number.

Check epf balance by miscalling 011-22901406

Don’t forget to read other articles  UAN statusuan loginpf balance,

Direct passbook download with UAN & password.

 UAN Passbook download here


Download from epf passbook from epf

www.epfindia.gov.in >> our services >> for employees >> member passbook

Steps to download the UAN passbook:

The employee can easily download the PassbookPassbook in the unified UAN portal.

So Each member with the universal account number can access the centralized portal with the help of the universal account number dashboard.

Once the universal account number is activated, most of all the members to the uan portal to download the epf passbook.

  • First of all, the employee has to visit the uan number portal to see the details of the provident fund and other things in the portal.
  • If the employee is the first time user of the entrance, and he must activate the universal account numbers in the portal.if not activated yet.
  • Furthermore, To activate the uan number, the employee has to provide his uan number and mobile number.
  • After this uan registration process is completed, the employee has to set the password for the universal account number portal for the authorization purpose.
  • After the activation is completed, the employee has to login to the universal number portal using the uan number and password.Steps to download the UAN passbook
  • Once login to the uan portal, the employee reaches to the Unified Portal dashboard.
  • After this type of process is completed, the employee will see the three titles present.
  • 1. UAN passbook, 2. UAN CARD, Account Settings.
  • The first option is to view the PassbookPassbook, and the employee clicks it to download the UAN passbook for the future reference of the provident fund.
  • Finally, click on the download/ view option of the menu bar in the unified portal and select the PassbookPassbook from the list.

Check PF balance SMS with the uan:

  • now all the epfo members have uan number; therefore, the easily track employee provident fund status by sending the free message to the epf toll-free number.
  • Every employee can also make the call with the universal account number toll-free number to check the Provident balance with interest.
  • The employee can also download the provident fund application on their phone and then enter the UAN number and check the provident fund balance.

if you are getting trouble with uan activation or want to reset password and mobile, go to the uan helpdesk.

Now members can download uan PassbookPassbook either by the uan portal or epf Passbook option because epfo closed checking epf balance by pf number at present.

I know most of all here to know pf passbook details. Hence it is ready to Download your uan PassbookPassbook here at the end of the article.

Download uan epf passbook here

The UAN number facilities are available at the unified portal of the universal account number.

The provident fund amount is the most significant saving for the employee in the future.

It is an important one to manage the universal provident fund account, and the PassbookPassbook fulfills the employee’s needs.

The PassbookPassbook contains all the necessary information on the employee provident contribution. So the uan PassbookPassbook is the vital thing to know epf balance.

Download the epf mobile app from here.

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What Is EPF ?

(Employees’ Provident Fund) Employees’ Provident Fund is an employee retirement benefits scheme provided by the Indian government that caters to salaried individuals.


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